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by on June 12, 2021

When I was getting the home renovated, I was sure about one thing. I wanted a space that was filled with colour but at the same time aesthetic. So I got in touch with the interior designers at Dracon Construction - a team of house builders in Ballarat East.

They sat through the brainstorming process with me and we managed to come up with some fascinating ideas that were just what I was looking for. I thought these might be of use to you if you too are looking for something to spice up your home with.

A floor must-have colour!

I was cynical too when it came to the floor being vibrant. I mean, floors usually are supposed to have a somber vibe, right?

Anyway, pleased with the idea I saw reflected in the display homes, I opted to have it replicated in my space too by the house builders in Ballarat East.

Huge paintings and tapestries make the room look wider and bigger!

Whether you consult house builders in Brown Hill or house builders in Wendouree, they will tell you that paintings add a certain finesse to a room and amplify the space.

Get experimental!

Shiplap can work against pale or monochrome walls really well. So instead of a vertical position, place these horizontally so as to take up space.

Choose the colours of the shiplap wisely so as to not have it clash with the colour of the wall that is behind.

Artificial and real, bring them all!

Plants add a sense of belonging, comfort, coziness, style and give off the impression that your home is one with nature. It can be daunting to some people to have a bunch of greens in the home. But artificial is always at hand.

The house builders in Brown Hill will install curtain hooks and clasps once the positioning of the greens has been decided and you can go ahead and beautify the home with the freshness of the plants.

Why was Dracon Construction probably the best bet for my renovations?

To be honest, I think it was a wise decision to go in for a home builder form that was so versatile.

It was during the building renovations in Ballarat that I first saw their work and was thoroughly impressed. I mean, an entire building and there was not one mistake or fault in the style.

A few months after this, I decided that I had shortlisted my home renovation company and was going ahead with them.

They seemed to know their stuff!

The kind of builders you want is not easy to find

While looking for house builders in Ballarat East, you usually are looking for someone who will understand your style, but also tell you when you are going overboard. You are looking for someone who can mix minimalism with perfection and oomph.

House builders in Wendouree really have got this going for them.

Should you like any tips on home decor from the ones I gave, feel free to use them. Should you have any tips to share please let others know too.

Cheers, guys!

I hope this has relieved your stress and given you a reason to smile.

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