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The sphere of fitness market has been spreading it’s horizon for decades. The discussion is not primarily about the mere development in gym equipment or new inventories.

Of course they constitute a larger portion. However, we’re here talking about the development in the way people have started thinking about a healthy lifestyle. They’re no longer falling for mere ads that showed everyone slimmer and associated it with success.

People are now questioning the claims. They wanna know the real composition and how it works.

And readers like you are one of ‘em. Hence, how could we miss to impart you the same. You have all the right to get the right supplement, especially when it comes to weight loss.

2 Natural Fat Burners- PhenGold vs PhenQ Two such supplements serving the notion of RIGHT and a healthy weight loss is; PhenGold vs PhenQ

.Yes, they’re one of the best fat burners and hence face a tough competition. So, how about helping you choose the best?

Oh wait, you wanna recall more about them before that? Well, you got it! We in this blog are firstly gonna overview both the supplements. And then move to the face-off.

Firstly, what is PhenGold?

What Is PhenGold?

Curated using 100% scientific formula, PhenGold works effectively by igniting your metabolism rapidly. Now, because it’s rapid doesn’t mean that it is any less safe.

Moreover, proving 100% to its users regarding the composition backs all the claims. The key PhenGold ingredients like green coffee and green tea, gives amazing PhenGold results like boosting thermogenesis.

Subsequently, this makes PhenGold a promising brand in the fitness world.

PhenGold Ingredients

PhenGold does not undergo any harsh processes and is free from preservatives’ cruelty. Thus, it makes it a more promising fat burning supplement in the market. Some of its key ingredients are

● Green coffee: Imbued with antioxidants to aids in weight loss

● Vitamin B complex: To help convert body fat into energy

● Bioperine: To Help in the better absorption of the nutrients

● Caffeine anhydrous: To stimulate energy and focus

● L-Tyrosine: To prevent fat accumulation

● Cayenne pepper: For boosting up thermogenesis process

Phengold ingredients are free from GMO and thus 100% safe and natural. This leads to a faster body transformation, giving amazing PhenGold before and after results.

Now, moving on, we have a supplement that also follows the idea of thermogenesis and is one of the leading female fat-burning supplements. Yes, we’re now gonna talk about PhenQ

What Is PhenQ?

Extracted from naturally oriented ingredients, PhenQ is an amazing female fat-burning supplement, designed best to suit all body types. Therefore, no wonder how it gives quick and real PhenQ before and after pictures. That too within just a couple of weeks!

Well, this is all because of capsimax. Capsimax is one of the key ingredients used in PhenQ formulation, known for accelerating metabolic rates.

However, not only capsimax but PhenQ is composed of several other ingredients too, which makes a powerful formulation. Hence, let us have a look at the same.

PhenQ Ingredients

All the ingredients of PhenQ follow a natural yet safe extraction. In fact, the ingredient part is something avidly praised by its users too.

Hence, here are some of its key ingredients

● Capsimax: A blend of capsicum, piperine, caffeine, and niacin to aid in cutting down fatty acids

● Chromium picolinate: To Suppress cravings by making you feel full

● Nopal: Rich in soluble fiber, Nopal curbs appetite.

● L-Carnitine fumarate: Turns body fat into long-lasting energy

Okay, so now it is revealed. The composition is what sets PhenQ apart from its counterparts. So, this was all about imparting you the important facts on PhenQ reviews.. Now, without any further ado, let’s get into the face-off.

PhenQ vs PhenGold: Face Off

The task of comparing supplements when they’re the alternative of the same steroid becomes interesting as well daunting. However, we’ve made the analysis easier for you after an in depth research from our end. So, starting with…

Both the supplements contain some common ingredients like Caffeine, Cayenne pepper /capsicum, Vitamin B3/ Niacin, and Blackpepper/piperine. While caffeine is the most obvious one, the other changes their form a little bit, in PhenQ vs PhenGold.

Now talking about the dosage, in the case of PhenGold Customer Reviews

, it is recommended to take 3 capsules daily. On the other hand, you have to take only 2 capsules per day, if choosing PhenQ. Another major factor to consider is pricing. One bottle of PhenGold containing one-month supply capsules comes for $64. On the contrary, the same bottle of PhenQ comes for $69.

However, it’s the money back guarantee that gives us a winner. Yes, the winner is PhenGold with slightly more attributes. It extends its money back guarantee to 100 days. For PhenQ it’s 60 days only.

So, now you know why we chose PhenGold. Considering and covering every factor, it’s time we conclude the blog.


Final Words

We throughout this blog compared one of the natural fat burners for belly fat.

The comparison was foundational and on different parameters. Starting from ingredients they have in common to the attributes and the money back guarantee, we covered it all.

Analysing their credibility on each factor, we chose PhenGold as the winner of this face-off. It’s the best fat burner.

However, that doesn’t undermine the fact that PhenQ is still an effective fat burning supplement.

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