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Hearing loss that comes with age can affect anybody and approximately more than 25% of the people are suffering approximately 50% of the hearing loss and 50% of the people are suffering from 80% of the hearing loss. One of the most important tests to be conducted by the people in this particular case is the audiometry test. The audiometry test in Mumbai will always provide the people with complete testing about the hearing functions of the people. It will help in testing the intensity as well as the tone of the sounds along with balancing issues that are directly linked with the functioning of the ears. The doctor who is specialised in diagnosing and treating hearing loss will be known as the audiologist and he or she will be the person who will be administering the whole test. The unit of measure of sound is the decibel and the human ear will be Hearing the sound of 20 dB which will be known as whispering and the loud sound will be near about 180 dB, for example, jet engine sound. The tone of the sound will be measured in cycles per second and the unit of measure of tone is the hertz.

Why is the audiometry test performed?

The audiometric test will be performed to determine how well a particular ear can hear. This will be done as a part of routine screening or is undertaken in response to a noticeable loss of hearing among the people. The most common causes of hearing losses include the following conditions:

The ruptured eardrum

Regular exposure to the very loud noises

Inner ear problems or autoimmune problems which are affecting the inner side of the ears.

The injuries to the ears

The inherited conditions can lead to abnormal growth of the bone inside the ears and can disrupt its normal functioning.

The chronic ear infections

The birth-related defects

The damage to the ear or exposure to loud sound for a very long period can lead to hearing loss among people. All the sounds which are more than 85 dB can cause a lot of hearing loss after only a few ears which is the main reason that people need to indulge in proper protection of their hearing power by limiting their exposure to loud music or industrial noise regularly. The sensor neural hearing loss will occur when the ear cells will not work properly and the cochlear is the part of the ear that will translate sound vibrations into nerve impulses to be sent to the brain. This will disrupt the whole functioning of the ear and the proper signals will never be sent to the brain which can lead to different kinds of issues in the long run.

The best benefit of conducting the audiometric test is that there will be no risk and the test is non-invasive which further very well justifies that there will be no risk in the whole process.

How to efficiently prepare for this test?

The examination will require no special preparation on the behalf of people and people simply need to book the appointment with the audiologist and follow all the instructions provided by the audiologist. There are several kinds of for the test involved in the audiometry and the pure tone test will be the one that will help in measuring the quietest sound which the people can hear at different pitch levels. It will further include the utilisation of an audiometer which will be a machine that will play different kinds of sounds with the help of headphones. The audiologist will assist the people by playing a variety of sounds for example tone and speech at different intervals in two different ears at a particular point in time. This is the basic test to be undertaken with the motive of checking out the range of hearing and the audiologist will give the proper instructions for every sound. People need to raise their hand whenever they can listen to a particular sound to ensure that audibility is there. Another hearing test which the people need to undertake is to distinguish the speech from the background noise and for this purpose; a specific sample of sound will be played for the people and after this people will be asked to repeat the speech. The word recognition will always allow the people to diagnose the hearing related losses and determine if there are vibrations through the ears or not. For this purpose, the audiologist will put the metal devices inside the bone behind the ear that will further make sure that determination of the passing of vibrations will be perfectly undertaken through the bone to the inner side of the ear and this particular test will not cause any kind of pain or discomfort among the people. The normal duration of this particular test is one hour and people need to clear this test to ensure that there is no risk of any kind of hearing loss. After the audiometric test, the audiologist will also review the results with the people depending on how well they are capable to hear the volume and tone the doctor will suggest the right kind of preventive measures to the people which they should take for example hearing of earplugs around the Very loud noises and several other kinds of corrective measures which the people need to take for example hearing of a hearing aid.

The properly conducting of the audiometric test should be undertaken by hearing professionals in Mumbai city. This particular test will always help in making sure that identification of the risk will be undertaken so that there is no hearing loss in the long term and several kinds of employers must go with the option of implementing this particular test after regular intervals of time especially in the cases of industrial employees. So, going with the option of audiometric tests and hearing test in Mumbai is a great idea for the people so that they can diagnose the potential medical problems and can take the right kind of corrective actions perfectly.

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