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If you're just starting to fish, you may have some doubts about what equipment to use. The discussion about whether it is better to use reels or reels is permanent , but considering the great evolution undergone by the two equipments throughout history, we cannot indicate one only, as each one has its characteristics and each fisherman ends up choosing one according to his own. style of fishing and type of fishing that tends to participate, so we will not go into this debate further.

Today we're going to talk specifically about fishing reels and what you need to take into account to get the right equipment for the purpose you're looking for.

The thing which distinguishes normal rotating reels coming from best budget baitcasting reel is actually the existence of a braking unit in baitcasting one. That is actually just how it has actually come to be quick and easy to grasp in baitcasting reel fishing. The fisher may accessory prudently the free of cost mobility as well as expansion for spindles via the braking unit.

The reels are divided into two large groups, the High Profile and the Low Profile ; the former are used for more demanding fisheries and with the intention of catching bigger and heavier fish, the low profile reels, in turn, are used in fisheries that require less robust equipment, to catch lighter and smaller fish.

How about checking out some important tips to buy fishing reels without a mistake?

Rate The Price

Perhaps this is one of the most controversial issues related to the purchase of fishing equipment, as there is equipment of all different values ??and levels. But to know what to buy you must know your fishing style and how you like to practice.

There are reliable R$100 fishing reels , but they do not meet the requirements of those who already know about the trick. On the other hand, there are R$2000 fishing reels that can only be used fully if you have complete mastery of what you do, so don't waste money investing in what you don't know.

Asking your fishing companions for their opinion is always interesting, as it helps you learn and be able to know how to assemble your equipment.


Take into account the braking

The use of the fishing reels brake systems  is very important, as it is with this system that the line is launched and the fish is hooked. It is in the brake that the creation of the wigs in the throw is controlled and using the line and the wrong configuration of this line for the intended weight of the fish can make the fisherman's work very difficult.

The issue of fishing reel brakes also turns on the choice against magnetic and centrifugal brakes, as it has different characteristics, with the magnetic being the best for launching light baits and the centrifugal being better for launching low and medium rotations of the reel. But we still have equipment with mixed brakes that combine the advantages of these two types of brakes.

balance the weight

As we've already mentioned, the fishing reel is part of your fishing gear set. Therefore, it is important to understand that the fishing reel  must match the weight of the pole.

If you have a  very large and heavy fishing reel you will probably tire a lot more and this will shorten your catch. So follow the logic of thinking of a reel compatible with the intended fish.

Consider the bearings

One of the most sensitive parts of fishing reels are the bearings, elements responsible for handling the line in this material. The bearings must be made of a resistant material, as it is necessary that they really stand up to what is proposed, regardless of the weight that the package promotes. Therefore, always take into account the quantity and quality of bearings purchased.

Evaluate line management

In addition to the bearings, when buying a fishing reel, pay attention to the line retrieval rate and the depth of the reel, the reel's capacity to store line.

The retrieval rate refers to the ease that the fisherman will have to collect the line and the higher the rate, the faster a line is collected and the depth of the spool is important both to know the size of the line that can be used and its thickness.



Ensure comfort and durability

This is a point that is solely up to the user. Features such as the size of the fishing reel , the use of it in the left or right hand, preference for lighter equipment that is more comfortable in the fisherman's hand and the durability that the equipment will have are issues that you should evaluate to ensure your comfort when using it.

These points are close to the issues related to price, as generally lighter and more resistant fishing reels are more expensive, but on the other hand, the equipment lasts longer, and comfort is important for the fisherman, as it is like the activity. is practiced for a long time it is undeniable that the equipment must be nice.


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