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blood sugar monitor without finger pricks

Everyone knows diabetes isn't terrible. What is terrible are its complications. A large number of studies have shown that by effectively controlling blood glucose levels, the incidence of complications from diabetes can be greatly reduced. Diabetes patients use blood glucose meters to regularly monitor their blood glucose at home, which is the basis for guidance in effectively controlling blood glucose levels.

There are many blood glucose meters these days, which is dazzling. How to choose a reliable blood glucose meter? The following 10 points are the issues to consider when choosing a blood glucose meter.

When picking a meter, you may need to make a decision whether you need to have extra features or whether you need a glucose meter without blood that has actually evolved functions yet is actually less complex to utilize. Check out the process before acquiring as well as talk to as numerous peers and also professionals as achievable.

Test Principle

The photochemical blood glucose meter is similar to a CD player and has a photoelectric head. This type of blood glucose meter is relatively inexpensive, but the probe is exposed to air, is easy to pollute, and affects test results. The error range is plus or minus 0.8. The electrochemical blood glucose meter can prevent pollution, and the error range is plus or minus 0.2. Under normal use, no calibration is required.

Blood Collection Method

The blood glucose test strips used in blood glucose testing are especially compatible with blood glucose meters of various brands and cannot be used universally across brands. Currently, there are two blood collection methods for blood glucose test strips on the market: drip and siphon. A blood type blood glucose test strip requires more blood samples during testing, and a blood sample needs to be added to the test strip. Excessive blood droplets or inaccurate locations will affect the test value. The blood glucose test strip using the automatic siphon suction method requires fewer blood samples and the sample amount can be controlled automatically. The test strip has a confirmation point that can show you if the blood is the right amount. Operation is simple and the error of adding blood samples can be avoided to ensure accuracy of test results.

Test Mode and Button

The blood glucose meter test mode is very important. The fully automatic testing process means the blood glucose test strip can be turned on automatically, the blood sample is added to the test program to display the test result, the test strip turns off automatically and the test result is stored automatically. Glucose meters are simple to use and help provide more accurate test results.

Sometimes patients need to make the necessary correction code adjustments to the blood glucose meter, review stored results, and delete stored results. Therefore, it is necessary for the blood glucose meter to have an adequate number and size of buttons with clearly distinct functions.

Power Supply


When testing a blood glucose meter, a voltage large enough to ensure normal chip function is usually required. Therefore, your power source usually uses a button battery or even a special battery. However, it is difficult to replace the coin-cell battery and special battery, and some glucose meters cannot be used normally after purchase. Currently, some blood glucose meters may use an ordinary AAA battery, which is more convenient to use.

Memory function for test results

After the test, memory of the test results helps to understand the patient's blood glucose changes over a period of time. Therefore, adequate storage capacity is required.

Automatic temperature correction kinetic energy

Whether electrochemical or photochemical, enzymatic reactions are the basis of testing. The enzymatic reaction is greatly affected by temperature. Therefore, it is best to have a temperature sensor built into the blood glucose meter, which can automatically perform temperature calibration to ensure that test results are not affected by temperature during testing.

Packing blood glucose test strips

The blood glucose test strip is sensitive to the moisture stored environment and the test value will not be accurate when the strip is wet. Therefore, most bottled test strips require that, after opening the test strip vial, the strip be used within three months, and every time the lid is opened it will need to be done very quickly. Therefore, it is better for individual users to use test strips in single packages.

Screen size

The size of the blood glucose meter must meet the operating needs during testing and it is not desirable to be too large or too small. Hold it firmly with one hand and you can easily test the operation. At the same time, a properly sized blood glucose meter can provide a sufficiently large screen, even if middle-aged and elderly patients use it, there is no need to worry about unclear results.


Price is not the most important thing when buying blood glucose meters, the key is quality, but generally the best blood glucose meters are around 1,000 yuan, which is an extra burden for many families and requires a measurement. embracing. In fact, the price of test strips is more important. The equipment has a one-time cost, but the purchase of test strips is long term. Choosing a test strip that can stabilize supply over the long term and is economically priced can save you a lot of economic expense.

blood sugar monitor without finger pricks

After sales service

Must understand the blood glucose meter's after-sales service work, if the supply of test strips is in place, to avoid the "cooking without rice" situation.

After considering the above factors, I believe you will be able to acquire an accurate, simple, and cost-effective blood glucose meter that is suitable for your use.


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