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Kamado Grill

Sadly, Kamado Grill, like any other type of grill, has to be cleaned, fortunately it's relatively easy. But you have to remember the rules about what you can and cannot do so that you don't get damaged by things like ceramic elements. You need to remember some basic activities, especially after each cooking session, so you can grill your food clean for longer. If you need a knockout post about kamado grill, browse around this website.

First, let's introduce the kamado deep cleaning method. It is a solution for those who have been cooking in their kamado for at least several months and believe their grill doesn't look good.

Kamado deep cleansing method

Depending on the amount of your cooking, you need to thoroughly clean the Kamado grill 1-2 times a year to keep it clean. It wouldn't be a difficult task, however, because kamado is a type of grill that cleans itself in a way. Its solid construction and high temperature mean that if you close the lid after cooking, the grill will clean itself of food residues, grease and other stains.

Other basic maintenance activities

Ash removal

Cleaning Kamado Grill Grates


Cleaning the Pizza-Stone or Heat Deflector

So let's clean your kamado grill

We start cleaning by igniting charcoal inside the Kamado. Then we put all the components and accessories into it (grill grill, pizza stone, pusher, etc.).

Close the grill lid and set the vents properly to keep the stove warm to the highest possible temperature. When the temperature reaches a few minutes, close all the top vents and wait about half an hour.

After that time, you need to open all the vents and let the grill cool down. In the meantime, you can take care of cleaning the grill just by scrubbing and cleaning it with a brush. Remember not to use chemicals or oils as they create a risk of cracking of the ceramic element.

Is the grill already cold? You can go to cleaning inside. Remove all remaining elements such as the grill grate, pizza stone and other accessories. Remove the ashes from the drawer under the grill and remove any remaining coals inside and remove the light box, grill and fire ring.

Kamado Grill

Next, dispose of the ash, a mini vacuum cleaner will be useful here as it can quickly and easily remove ash even from hard to reach places. Check the grille if any holes are clogged, try cleaning them. If there are any more serious stains you can use a slightly damp cloth, but you need to dry them using a paper towel. Do not clean the Kamado with water, especially the ceramic elements.

Last but not least, clean the ash drawer again and you can get all the remaining elements back. There's a lot to do here, most thorough cleaning consists of removing any remaining food in the grill and then successfully removing ash from anywhere in the grill using a vacuum cleaner.

Why does the grill need to warm up in the first place? That is the “self-cleaning” element of the grill, based on preheating the grill to the highest possible temperature and then covering the lid and vents to allow air flow. That way, the high temperatures will burn off all the remaining food, grease and other stains, and all that's left for you to do is remove the ash and small stains.

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