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by on June 24, 2021

While renovating your home, you come up with ideas of how you wish for the final thing to look like and often you are reluctant to try out something new and adventurous.

The solution: display homes in Ballarat

When you venture into a display home, you can literally see ideas that have been transformed into brick and stone. Along with this, you get a new set of ideas that you can go ahead with and what’s renovations without being a little experimental!

Why you should check out display homes for house designs in Ballarat

When I was working closely with Dracon Construction, for the renovation of my new home, they told me about the display homes that they had and asked me to check these out.

I was not very familiar with the concept of the display homes and thought these were just another kind of renovation idea hub. But I still remember the first day when I walked into the display home in Ballarat, I was amazed to see that this was actually a house in brick and stone that had so many novel ideas. And I could just check and see which of these I wanted to go ahead with and which I did not.

House designs in Ballarat are so cool if you just are willing to blend styles.

What are the styles that I got in my home?

While checking out the house designs in Ballarat, some of the ideas I got are:

Wallpaper in the living room

While painting the walls obviously has a charm of its own, wallpaper in the living room has a beautiful effect. It gives the room that extra charm and having a mirror at the other end of the hall magnifies the room so much.

Art around the home!

I was always under the impression that having a lot of art around the home would give a cluttered effect but I now realise that on the contrary, it does not. It gives the space a lift and adds an ethnic tinge. The local Ballarat builders explained that a lot of modern homes were going in for art around the room in order to have a vintage feel.

Be minimalistic at the same time

Something I learnt while browsing through house builder blogs and even when I checked out display homes was that being minimalistic was the essence of having a good home. It really stands out.

If you have the time I would say please check out these local Ballarat builders as they have a great collection to offer. You will not be disappointed.

Making a home is something special. These guys will give your home that personalised touch and you’ll see just how pretty it looks. Add to that the comfort level and wow!

Thanks, Dracon Construction for being the pillar that helped!

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