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by on July 16, 2021
The world today is evolving. We are relying heavily on our smart phones for all our needs. With the help of the Gojek Clone app smart entrepreneurs all over the world are tapping into the potential of this multi service business model and raking in lots of money. If you have been wondering how you can grow your profits in the On Demand business sector with a minimum investment then this blog will help you a lot. But, before we get down to seeing how the Gojek Clone app really helps your business, let us first get a few highlights of the app itself, and what its nature and scope is.

Nature and Scope of the Gojek Clone app

The Gojek Clone app is essentially a multi service platform that can be treated as a market place. This platform allows service providers to make their services and expertise available for hire. Users can seamlessly hire service providers by going through their credentials, ratings and prices right from the app. The Gojek Clone app includes the following services within its purview:
A. On Demand Taxi Booking Service

B. On Demand Parcel Delivery Service

i. Delivery of parcel/ parcels to a single location

ii. Delivery of parcels to multiple locations

C. On Demand Store Based Delivery
i. On Demand Food Delivery

ii. On Demand Grocery Delivery

iii. On Demand Flower Delivery

iv. On Demand Bottled Water Delivery

v. On Demand Pharmacy Delivery

vi. On Demand Baked Goods Delivery

vii. On Demand Alcohol Delivery

viii. On Demand Medicinal Marijuana Delivery

ix. Any Type of Store Based Delivery that allows users to purchase items and then get it delivered to their doorstep

D. On Demand Service Provider

i. On Demand Doctor

ii. On Demand Plumber

iii. On Demand Electrician

iv. On Demand Beautician

v. On Demand Locksmith

vi. On Demand Babysitter

vii. On Demand Dog Walker

viii. On Demand Nurse

ix. On Demand Maids

x. On Demand House Keeping

xi. On Demand Window Washers

xii. On Demand Snow Ploughers

xiii. On Demand Tow Trucks

xiv. Other on demand services

How Does the Gojek Clone App Help your Business?

The modern times have made it impossible for any business to stay offline. Having an app and a website lend the brand credibility as a whole apart from providing the users the ease of access in order to avail the company’s services. Let us take a look at some of the key ways in which having the Gojek Clone can facilitate the growth of your business.
A. Bring Brand Recognition
The first thing that an app does for your business is to provide it brand recognition. When you launch your business with the help of an app, it allows users to see you as a brand. It becomes an effective tool not only to allow users to avail your services, but also opens up a direct channel of communication for you where in you can communicate with your users directly and understand what they need first hand.
B. More Services Easily
The Gojek Clone app is a super app. It allows users to hire over 70 different kinds of services just with the help of a single log in and a single download. This means that they can utilize one app for multiple services easily. Likewise, service providers too can now effectively find more jobs right from a single app. For example, a taxi driver can also make delivery runs without needing to register separately into a taxi app and a food delivery app. They can also make Dog Waking jobs and Babysitting jobs if they find that they are not making enough money through taxi and delivery.
C. Commission Across Services
The primary reason for conducting any business is to be able to make more money. With the help of Gojek Clone app, you as the app owner, will not only be able to make a boat load of money for a particular kind of service, but will have your fingers in the pies of every service. With an app that is basically a platform for 70 + services, this means that you will be able to make a whole lot of commission each time any user hires any service provider using your app. It is the fastest way to get profitability without actually rendering any kind of service that is available within the app.
D. Cost Efficient
Typically, an entrepreneur would have to build an app from the ground up when they think of launching a new business. However, with the Gojek Clone app, it is already in a ready state pre built by a reputed white label on demand mobile app Development Company. So, you don’t need to worry about spending a whole lot of money in creating the app. An app as complex as the Gojek Cone can be an expensive affair because you would be required to invest in the infrastructure, the development center’s physical space and the technology stack, not to mention the salaries and benefits of the development team. However, since the app is in a ready state, you will effectively only have to spend a fraction of the amount.
E. Quick Turnaround Time
Building an app like Gojek is not only an expensive affair but also very time consuming. With so many components within the app, such as Android and iOS apps for the Drivers, service providers, riders, other users, admin panel and the Website, apart from the multiple APIs that are to be added, it takes almost a couple of years to get the app created. However, if you purchase a ready app, the on demand Gojek Clone App Development Company will only take about 4 to 5 working days to white label the app with your logo and brand name and launch it over the Google Play store and the iOS app store for you.


The Gojek Clone app is regarded as the Super App of the 21st century because it caters to over 70 different types of services which can all be accessed with just a single download and single log in. If you wish to succeed with your multi service business, make sure that you purchase the right Gojek Clone app from a reputed and reliable n demand mobile app development company that offers white label services and has at least 7 to 9 years of experience in not just building but also launching your Gojek Clone app.
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