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by on July 19, 2021
The pandemic has seriously affected the level of knowledge of students and the quality of the educational process both in USA and in the world. Due to unequal access to education, lack or lack of computer equipment, poor internet and psychological peculiarities in the perception of information, students did not receive quality education.
Motivation of students for learning, persistence, ability to control one's time and ability to self-education are important for mastering educational material during distance learning. How to hunt a child, for example, writing an essay. It can be difficult sometimes, but with it is very easy. This resource will motivate you to write your essay.
At the beginning of the pandemic, the Education Ombudsman's Office conducted a survey for parents to find out how motivated their children are to learn about quarantine and self-education.
According to the survey, 8.1% of schoolchildren, according to parents, had no desire to learn at all, 26.8% had only some motivation, and 58.6% of students had a moderate desire to learn and only 6.5% indicated that their children showed excessive thirst for knowledge.
Parents used coercion, encouragement, reminders, promises, persuasion, praise, motivation, and even blackmail to keep a child in quarantine.
Another important aspect that affects learning performance is the ability to alternate learning and rest and focus. After all, when a child spends a long time in front of gadget screens and processes a large amount of information - it increases fatigue and defocuses attention. Therefore, when a child loses attention during an online lesson or distance learning in general, this is normal, but it is important to be able to deal with it so that it does not happen again.
International researchers in their research also draw attention to the importance of developing non-cognitive skills of the student.
The sudden need for children to adapt to uncertain, rapidly changing circumstances and to overcome new levels of trauma requires to immediately bridge the gap between the development of cognitive and non-cognitive skills. Children abruptly switched to online learning, they had to attend classes without direct teacher supervision or interaction with other students, which requires a higher than usual level of self-control and perseverance.
Unfortunately, in USA, general research on the level of children's knowledge and what knowledge and skills gaps remain during distance learning has not been conducted.
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