by on July 22, 2021

When you are trying to lose weight everyone comes up with different things you should do and tries to advise you like these are instant solutions. It is annoying. I will break down my journey for you.

What was my problem?

I had gained excessive weight during the last two years. I think the lockdown made everyone binge eat, laze around, sleep, work from home, and this idle lifestyle got us turning into lethargic people to whom exercise was an alien phenomenon.

What started to happen?

Due to the lethargic way of life that I had adopted, I began putting on weight and it did not stop at that. Several health complications too started. Now here’s the thing. Being on the healthy side is not a bad thing at all. But you should feel good about your body. I did not. This was because I had gained weight due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Hence with the weight and the added health issues, my body gave way.

I decided to try out the Weight Loss Health Retreat in Melbourne

My friends had often told me about a Melbourne natural medicine clinic and when I needed medical consultation for my weight issues, I decided to try this out.

My Vital Health Solutions - a naturopathy clinic in Melbourne was my choice. Natural, as I have heard, is the best way to go about things. It does not have any side effects as you are not doing anything above the ordinary. Plus, it really helps.

The Melbourne naturopath assisted me with how I should go about planning my diet, advised me that weight loss and detox go hand in hand and even helped me chart out a schedule for myself that I could follow.

All in all, I was thoroughly happy with my choice of a naturopath. My Vital Health Solutions did not ask me to adopt some glamorous hard-to-follow diet or climb mountains and hills. They simply asked me to continue doing the things I was doing but with subclauses.

For instance, instead of eating a pizza or burger every day, I was to limit it to once a week, then slowly one in two weeks. I found this very helpful and simple.

Are you looking out for a hormone specialist in Melbourne?

Weight does not always need to be because of binge eating or no exercise. Often hormone levels go awry and the body tends to be in a state of shock, causing you to put on weight.

My advice: go to the naturopaths and they will set you right.

As part of their services and consultations, they even help with hormone imbalance. You will learn to look more closely at your habits and lifestyle and understand what is setting off the cascade of imbalance.

The first step to getting better is reaching out to sound medical advice.

I hope you too are able to find it!
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