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If you are looking for affordable and cozy flooring, then you should consider carpeting. Carpets are soft on the feet, making them comfortable to stand and walk on. You can even lie on them as long as you clean them regularly. When it comes to style, your options are plenty in terms of designs you have to choose from. So, if you are feeling reluctant about carpet installation in Fort Collins, then here are some reasons why you shouldn’t be.


Hard surfaces can be hard on your feet. You may notice your feet aching after standing or walking around on hard surfaces. It’s because hard floors don’t act as shock absorbers for your feet. They give a jolt to your feet with every step. In contrast, carpets are good at absorbing shock due to their flexibility and cushioning.

So, if you want a material that’s easier on the body, look for good carpeting at a Denver flooring store.


If you are mainly concerned about the immediate installation cost, then carpeting may be for you. It’s generally among the most affordable flooring options, especially when compared to hard surfaces.


Interior design magazines tend to feature warm wood floors. But carpets can be stylish and appealing in their own right. In fact, you might’ve come across pages adding area rugs on the said floor to add to its appeal.

Carpets come in many colors and patterns that can help set the room’s mood. They are available in different types of materials or pile heights, which add to the texture. You can choose from many options to find something that suits your home.

You even have the option to choose between wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs or tiles. Carpet tiles are pretty versatile and easy to maintain.


Carpets are good at insulating the floor, much better than hard flooring materials. As per studies, thick carpeting provides more insulation than thin one. The underpad adds to your floor's insulation, making it comfortable to walk on. The added insulation can help you save on heating costs whether you use electricity or gas.


The sound of feet tapping against the ground can be annoying for some people. If this is true for you, then you might appreciate the quietness some carpeting can add to your home. Hard surfaces reflect sound waves, making them noisy. Carpets absorb sound waves, which is why they are quieter. The padding also absorbs the sound waves, making for quieter footsteps.


Carpeted floors are much safer than hard floors. Hard floors tend to be slippery because they have little or no traction. In contrast, carpeting is slip-resistant, thus preventing falls from occurring in the first place.

Moreover, carpets are soft. Combined with the underpadding, they can cushion the fall and reduce the likelihood of injuries. On the other hand, when you fall on stone or wood floors, you fall hard. Other items like phones are also more likely to survive falling on a carpeted floor than a hard floor.

Straightforward Installation

Installing carpeting can be labor-intensive, but it’s a straightforward process that takes a day at most. You can lay it over existing floors like laminate, wood, vinyl concrete and tile, provided they are in top shape. As long as you are handy with tools and have the right equipment, you can get the job done. You can refer to several DIY guides online for help with this project.

Ease Of Cleaning

These days, manufacturers produce stain-resistant carpets. This makes cleanup easy with a damp cloth. You can get rid of the dust particles with the help of a vacuum cleaner.


Notwithstanding complications, nearly all types of carpeting can be recycled. It’s because most of its materials are usually recyclable or reusable. They can be broken down to produce other products or even new carpets. You can search for carpet recycling centers in your locality on the Carpet America Recovery Effort website.

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