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by on July 23, 2021
Many people have a dream, a goal, something they really want to achieve, and they keep a fixed thought, a phrase in their minds, Something like this, for example- How to set up my hairdressing salon?

At this point, you need to stop asking questions and find answers, get your hands dirty and go for action because there is no way to set up a hair salon without planning it carefully.

So we have prepared this post that explains how to set up a hair salon without mysteries. Check it out!

Tips on how to set up a hair salon

Setting the location

There are a few factors to check. First, see if region zoning allows you to set up a beauty salon in the desired location. Next, consider whether the size of the property and its conditions are suitable and, of course, the rental price.

But this will only make sense if the salon is located close to the target audience. Normally, places with large movement of people are very good for this type of trade, such as commercial areas and malls.

Structure to set up your hair salon

Usually beauty salons have 5 main areas:

• Reception: where a computer helps with customer service and scheduling. In this same place the cashier can be.
• Waiting room: A pleasant place with sofas, tables, magazines and coffee. It can also have surround sound and a TV.
• Service room: Must be spacious to accommodate reclining chairs, sinks, mirrors and counters. Good lighting and beautiful decoration are essential.
• Bathrooms: Always spotless and easily accessible for customers.
• Small warehouse: To store materials and equipment.
• Office: If there is space, a small office to carry out administrative activities can be very useful and facilitates your work away from the service environment.

Equipment needed to set up a hair salon

Only Scissors, dryer and mirror are not enough. See this list and think about how to get it all:

• Administrative equipment: Computer and printer, telephones, cabinets and shelves, tables and chairs.
• Work equipment: Haircut chairs, benches, mirrors, assistance desk, support carts, manicure table and chair, Shampoo Chair, massage and beauty bed, tripod hair dryer and stove.
• Customer wellness equipment: Armchairs, magazine racks, jars and glasses, thermos and cups, air conditioning, ambient sound and television set.
• Work Tools: Dryers, scissors, brushes, combs, bowls, pliers, towels and straightening plates.
• Disposable items: Aprons, caps, lab coats and gloves.

Conclusion: Assembling the salon team

In many salons, the owner also has some operational role, whether as a hairdresser, makeup artist or any other. It is important to emphasize that if this is the case, you need to reserve a good part of your time for administrative activities, customer service and dissemination of your business.

The minimum staff required to set up a hair salon is: receptionist, hairdressers, makeup artist and beautician, manicure. Depending on the size of the hall, these numbers should be increased.

Now that you know how to set up a hair salon so keep these in mind and continue your business successfully.
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