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Giving birth to a baby and taking home your newborn from the baby hospital is a beautiful feeling. However, along with welcoming your baby home comes to the added responsibilities and daily activities for taking care of your baby. For a first-time parent, it can become too overwhelming and hectic. You have to learn to do everything from handling the newborn to feeding, changing diapers to making the baby burp. Here are some baby care tips that can come in handy for first-time parents. 

#1. Basics of Handling a Baby 

For a first-time parent, you could feel nervous and shaky about handling your delicate. However, following these basic tips of handling a baby will give you confidence and with practice, you will become perfect. 

Sanitize or Wash Your Hands: It is important to keep your hands clean and germ-free before touching your baby as his/her immune system is not fully developed and is prone to acquire infection.

Supporting the Neck and Head of the New Born: It is important to remember to support your baby’s head in an upright position or while laying him/her down.

Avoid Shaking Your Baby: Vigorous shaking is dangerous for your baby and can even cause brain haemorrhage or death. To wake up your baby, it is better to stroke or tickles your infant’s cheek or feet.

#2. The Importance of Swaddling 

Swaddling is an important technique for soothing your baby. It has an array of benefits. It not only comforts a baby but also gives him/her a sense of security and reduces startle reflex. It allays anxiety and helps in keeping his or her hands off his or her face and thereby prevents scratching. However, you must not swaddle your baby beyond the age of 2 months. Some babies roll over at this age and swaddling increases the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 

#3. The Basics of Diapering

Diapering is an important part of handling a baby. Many babies suffer from diaper rashes. To prevent diaper rashes, you need to be prompt in changing the diaper of your baby after every bowel movement. Clean your baby’s gentile area with mild soap and water and use a cream containing zinc oxide that can prevent moisture retention.  

#4. Basics of Bathing 

Make sure you bathe your baby no more than 2 to 3 times a week during his first year as frequent bathing can dry your baby’s skin. To help your baby’s naval to heal within 1 to 4 weeks, give your baby the sponge bath. 

# All You Need to Know About Burping and Feeding 

You should feed your baby when he is hungry and cries for food. However, generally, babies are fed in a gap of 2 or3 hours. Often babies gulp air while drinking milk and feel uncomfortable. Thus, burping is an important aspect of feeding your baby and try making your baby burp after every one ounce of consumption of milk from the bottle. 

Apart from following the baby care tips, you need to be aware of the child vaccination chart. Your paediatrician can help in getting your baby vaccinated within the required age. Vaccination of babies begins soon after birth with the vaccines of BCG, OPV and Hep B. 


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