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by on July 24, 2021

AAE is used to be the file extension for Photos from the Apple app on iPhone. However, now this specific format has been replaced by JPG and other formats like PNG that are being used for storing photos taken with iPhones as well as images downloaded from the Internet or other source. No matter how you get those photos on your device, it is quite likely that you'll get them in JPG or other format, and there is no need to convert the files. In case you come across an AAE file on your device, don't try to open it directly as doing so will result in a message saying that such file can not be opened unless it has been converted with Photo Stream. So, you need to convert the AAE photo to JPG format with some third party tool before starting an attempt to use the file.

How to Convert .AAE File Extension Photos on iPhone?

Generally we cannot open the photo directly in an Apple app without a special converter, but there is one way you can get it done and this method, in fact, will apply to most of the iPhone's Apple app files. It is replacing .AAE file extension with JPG or any other format that can be used for image storage through Photo Stream. You may open the Photos app on your device and then select a picture you want to open by tapping it once. After that just tap the … icon on the upper right corner of the screen and select "Use as Wallpaper". Then you'll be able to save the photo in JPG or other format.

How to Convert .AAE File Extension Photos on PC?

If you want to convert a .AAE file on your computer, you need to turn to a third party converter. There exist some converters that support this format, but if you try to use such programs without checking the whole list of supported formats, you may not have a good time trying to convert the file. For instance, there are lots of freeware converters out there that can help you with this conversion – Media Converter for Windows 10/8.1, File Converter and many others. Find a third party tool you like best and then use it to convert your .AAE file to MP3, AVI, or any other format that can be played back on the computer.

How to Convert .AAE File Extension Photos on Mac?

If you want to convert your .AAE file to JPG or any other format on Mac, you can use the program called iFunbox for Mac. The app lets you manage a lot of things on your device including transferring files and converting AAE photos to JPG with just a few clicks. This application is free; however, it requires that Apple devices be connected to your Mac with the help of a Lightning cable or any other cable you use for syncing.

How to Convert AAE File Extension Photos on Android and iPhone?

There are plenty of converters that can convert AAE file format into JPG and other formats, but they will not work for these devices because such files are no longer supported by Apple. These files are old, and it is not possible to get access to them without any help from third party tools or converters; however, there is one way you can convert the AAE file into JPG format on your Android device and iPhone. Just open the Photos app on your device, find a picture you want to open, and tap it once. After that you can tap the pencil icon at the top left corner of the screen and then select "Use as Wallpaper". This action will let you convert AAE files to JPG or any other format supported by your device. However, you need to have some technical skills for doing this conversion without damaging the photo in any way.

Hope this blog has cleared your doubts on what is an aae file and how you can use them.

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