fareedy shakir
by on July 25, 2021
Have you heard of proxy services? This was very new for me and the first time my friends were constantly jabbering about it I was quite alienated. However, curiosity brought the best out of me because they were speaking quite highly of this one particular service in Japan: “Personal Shopper in Japan”. They are supposed to be Japan’s best proxy service provider that offers customers access to purchase a range of best quality products from Japan. One of my biggest struggles today is finding Luxury Bags in Japan. Oftentimes people known to me make fun of me for my love for authentic bags. I hoard bags and sometimes I just go with collection after collection. But lately, it has come to my attention that there are so many fake products, duplicates out in the market. Some products are not far from the genuine and unless you are conversant in this area you will easily be fooled. It started with luxury bags because that is where my passion lies but then I discovered the platform offers many other product ranges such as electronic items, clothing brands etc. They connect you with multiple vendors (both online and physical) and they act as an intermediary to ensure a smooth transaction. Oftentimes language and financial transactions are quite a blocking point.
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