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A lot of people have complications when it comes to digestion. I never really took it seriously or delved too deep into the topic until I myself also faced the same.

Food intolerances are not uncommon and that is why it is so important to watch what you eat. You may think that finally, it doesn’t really matter but the thing is it does.

I started noticing that when I ate anything that was gluten-based, I would feel nauseous and pukish and whatnot.

So you could say I had developed gluten intolerance. But now the simple solution would be to avoid gluten, right?

I thought so too. Apparently, the problem was deeper.

The Naturopathy Clinic in Melbourne

I visited My Vital Health Solutions for the first time when I was experiencing a change in my hormones. This was a few years ago. A hormonal change can really wreak havoc in your life.

Adrenal dysfunction treatment is what they called it. It is a condition wherein the adrenal glands play up and the hormone levels go awry and your body collapses under the stress of it all.

At the time of the adrenal dysfunction treatment, the naturopaths had helped me a great deal in coming back to health and this is why I approached them again.

What exactly was my experience at the naturopathy clinic in Melbourne?

As I said, gluten intolerance cannot simply be solved by stopping to eat gluten. Over time, while you continue to consume it, it damages the stomach lining and then the filters that actually keep away toxins get damaged and now toxins can enter and it is a very messy situation.

Naturopath food intolerance testing involves getting to the root cause and then beginning from there. Instead of just treating the symptoms with pills, the main issue is addressed.

Once it is determined what are the problems to tackle, then a focus is laid on how to get the gut lining to health once again and how to help healing take place.

I am so grateful!

To have a naturopathic doctor near Melbourne, and one as good as Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli is something I am so thankful for. These days people think pills are a solution. One pill and recovery. But that is not it.

These pills have damaging and lasting effects on the body and it is very difficult if not impossible to later do damage control.

Naturopathy can help you without side effects. I mean look at me. Amazing, right?

If you are experiencing dyslipidemia signs and symptoms or stomach pain, weight loss, diarrhea etc. it may be time for you to start thinking about your body and how you can help it.

I would never praise something that I did not truly believe in and you can rest assured the naturopaths can help!

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