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Plastic surgery isn’t every healthcare organizations cup of tea, that’s why usually plastic surgery centres are separately found and some plastic surgeons have their own centres.

For plastic surgeons to be successful, they need customers. It’s not easy to find or attract because plastic surgery already is a niche market.

Now you, the plastic surgeon, might ask why would you need SEO in the first place?

It’s completely fine to believe that patients should be coming to instead of you going to them. But this is true if you’re the only plastic surgeon in a 100-mile radius. If there are other plastic surgeons in the area where your services are offered, you need to have a competitive edge over them.

This is a clear indication that you need to focus a lot on local SEO.

When you devote your time and resources to your plastic surgery SEO, you can try to get on top of the search results when people look for any plastic surgery services. If you know that there are other plastic surgeons in your geographical area, then investing in SEO is a no brainer.

Targeting New Patients

In every business, acquiring new customers is tough. Your first few patients might return to you after you provide them with a great surgery. But in order to stay relevant in the cosmetic surgery field, you need to attract new patients.

Keep in mind that it can take as much as 5 times to acquire a new customer as compared to a returning customer.

You need to reach your potential patients and have them book appointments with you ASAP. These are some of the SEO tips that you’ll need to make your plastic surgery business succeed.

Short-Tail Keywords

You need to know what your future patients might search for. As far as plastic surgery is concerned, future patients search for which plastic surgeons are near them, the types of surgeries that are offered in the plastic surgery clinic, how much do they cost, and the recovery time of the surgeries.

You need to ask yourself what are your customers searching for and what kinds of services they want. You need to search for those keywords and optimize your content accordingly.

When a patient decides to go for plastic surgery, they usually know which services they need. So specific short-tail keywords and their alternatives should be the priority. Examples can be “liposuction in tampa”, “nose reshaping near me”, “facelift surgery clinics”.

Long-Tail Keywords

Having a focus on short-tail keywords doesn’t mean that you can neglect long-tail keywords (such as “plastic surgeon in oklahoma city”). You should plan for them too because technically they don’t fall under any specific category, but for customers who need to search for whatever plastic surgery is available near them, they will use broad terms in their searches.


Now that your keyword research is done, you need to implement those keywords in your content. For great content, you need to understand the patients’ intents and how your services will solve their problems.

When your patients search, their searches should show that your pages come in the first page of search results. Next, your content should lead them to book an appointment with you.

This is possible when you create valuable and unique content, providing the necessary information your customer needs. Your content should be unique enough to outdo your competition, and it should be engaging enough to keep them hooked to your website and ideally towards a booking of an appointment.

But don’t use stock photos in your content or your advertisements. Make sure that the photos are of your clinic and the people of the clinic. Use keywords in the alt text for better optimization.

Effectively Use Your Google My Business Account

Using Google My Business to create an effective online presence is key to inviting patients. It’s a key component in local SEO for plastic surgeons.

Make sure that your clinic has a claimed physical address that can be used on Google Maps. Post photos of your clinic so that future patients know what kind of setup they should see before visiting. Photos of you performing surgery and your staff doing their duties can also go a long way.

All Of Your Contact Information Should Be Present And Linkable

Great website

If your website looks unattractive, your future patients might even go back to search results and search for some other plastic surgeon.

Your website needs an attractive and professional design to portray that your clinic will best serve the patients’ needs. It should be mobile-friendly because mobile is where the majority of the searches happen.

Social Media

There have been many plastic surgeons who have gained a following using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Some have even streamed their procedures live causing many people to be attracted to their content whether they are future patients or not.

There have been many plastic surgeons who have gained a following using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Some have even streamed their procedures live causing many people to be attracted to their content whether they are future patients or not.

It’s also easier to interact with people, especially your patients, on social media as well.

Email Marketing And Follow-Ups

You can use email marketing to keep in touch with your potential patients. You can have a mailing list created through your website.

However, you don’t need to be too frequent with emails because if customers receive too many, your emails might end up in the spam folders or they might end up unsubscribing from your mailing list.

You can use that same mailing list to follow up on your patients if they have ever visited your clinic.

Inorganic SEO

Last but not least, inorganic SEO can be a great starting point. These are paid SEO methods to drive traffic to your website. This can be done in the form of paid ads on search engines.

They may not be cheap on search engines but they drive a significant amount of traffic to your website in a very short amount of time. Organic SEO, on the other hand, takes time.

You can even leverage the use of paid ads on social media. Facebook ads can be very effective and cheap, costing as little as $1 per day for a specific audience.

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