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Table tennis is one of the most dynamic sports. Draws are fast and games are short. Bettors actively use live betting tactics so as not to predict the result in advance, but to be guided by the course of the match. There are also betting secrets that give a slight advantage over the bookie.

Betting on the outcome

As with most sports, in table tennis you can bet on the outcome. There can be no draw, so a bet on the outcome always has 2 options - the victory of one of the tennis players. And the advanced players often bet not on the outcome of the match, but on the outcome of the set: that way you can catch more favorable odds.


Betting on the handicap

Betting with handicaps on can be done before the match, but bettors more often use the tactic of betting on the handicap during the live broadcast. The behavior of tennis players is easy to guess: they may not finish the end of the game at full strength if they feel that they have already lost it. In such a case, the pass rate of betting on the handicap with tasty odds is high.


Betting on total points

The most common type of betting in table tennis is total betting. Bettors manage to guess not only the total points in a set, but even in a match. In order to hit the ranges of totals correctly, you need to dig into the players' statistics and identify the average for each: separately for won and lost games. The average will be close to the truth.

Martingale on totals

Martingale is a betting strategy that is great for table tennis. There are several games in a match, there are many matches in a tournament. Tournaments take place frequently. So, you can catch similar outcomes, and in case of failure - just increase the bet.

The essence of the betting strategy on totals is that if a clear favorite and an outsider meet, the total points in each set with a high probability will be less than 18.5. Bookmaker offers such a range almost always. If in the first set the bet was not played, in the next set it is necessary to take the same total and increase the bet, to repulse the previous one and guarantee yourself a growth of the bank. And so it must be done as long as the bet is not played.


Bets on the undermartingale

The secret of outsider betting strategy is simple. It is necessary to make a bet on the outsider, while insuring her bet on the favorite. For example, you can bet that the outsider will win in the first or second set with high odds. When the outsider starts to approach this goal, the odds on the overall victory of the favorite will go up - this is the right moment to make an insurance bet.

The insurance bet winnings should repel the main bets in case of passing, and the insurance bet amount should not exceed the winnings on the main bets, otherwise there will be a minus.

It is important that the advantage of the favorite is not unconditional. The outsider should have a chance to take at least one set. Otherwise, the strategy of betting on the outsider makes no sense.


Win with a handicap

In order to bet on a victory with handicaps, it is necessary to find a match with more or less equal opponents. One of them should have an advantage, but not a strong one, otherwise the bookmaker will offer too low odds and the bet will be unprofitable.

A handicap of 2.5 points on the favorite is the minimum possible handicap. If the bookmaker gives such a handicap with odds of 1.5 or higher, it should be taken. In the case of defeat, you can play upon the same bet in the next set.


Even / odd

In table tennis, a set is played until one of the players scores 11 points. If the score is 10-10, the game will be played until the difference of 2 points. The secret of Odds / Even bets in table tennis is just the difference.

If the scoreboard is 9-9, then any odds from the bookmaker on even will be profitable, because in this set even is guaranteed. Usually bookmakers block betting on even when players reach 9-9. But no one prevents you from predicting the score of 9-9 at an earlier stage. For example, when the score is 8-8, 8-7 or 6-7. If there is a feeling that the fight will be hard fought, you should bet on even.



Betting on table tennis is popular not only among beginners, but also among professional bettors. The appeal of these bets is quickness: the result can be obtained as in an instant lottery, not waiting for hours or days.

Even in table tennis random outcomes are very unlikely: there are practically no set penalties, players are very rarely injured, and the referee cannot influence the result by his decisions.

Analyzing table tennis is simple: it is enough to look at the statistics of two players and there is no need to take into account the weather, teammates and other complicating factors.


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