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Biathlon bets are not in demand among beginners. It is much easier to find forecasts and statistics for betting on soccer or tennis. And to follow the competition is not always possible in full: there are few broadcasts, they are hard to find. To keep interest in biathlon, bookmakers offer high odds. The main thing is to understand how to use them correctly to make money.


Types of bets on biathlon

Winner of the race

As a basic bet on biathlon bookmakers offer a bet on the winner of the race. From the name it is clear that to pass the bet, you need to guess the athlete who will cross the finish line first. Any other outcome is a loss. The winner is difficult to guess, so bets on this outcome are encouraged by the highest odds.


The Top Three Winners

For players who are not willing to risk betting on the winner, bookmakers like offer a safer option. All a player has to do is name the athlete who will take the podium spot. The odds are slightly lower than in bets on the winner. But the probability of passing such a bet increases many times over.


Who is higher

Bookmakers also offer a simpler betting option. Athletes are divided into pairs. The player needs to guess who of the pair will be higher at the end of the race. A little knowledge of biathlon is enough to distinguish the favorite from the outsider and make a successful bet.


Number of misses

In order to guess the number of misses, you need to dig deeper into the statistics. There are athletes who are better at shooting standing up. There are those who prefer to shoot lying down. There are also biathletes who can afford to miss, and compensate for the misses by going very fast over the course.

Misses can be affected by the weather, the pace of the race and the condition of the rifle. Therefore, this type of betting is more on luck.


Overall leader

The overall race leader can be guessed by a player who follows the season and is aware of the latest developments. It may be that the current leader is confidently going through the season and won't let his pursuers near him. Or it may be that the athlete has become the leader by accident and is about to drop in the table. So it is better to read the predictions of experts before betting on the overall standings.


Advantages of betting on biathlon
High odds.

In biathlon, it is impossible to confidently name one favorite. Several athletes claim to win. In addition, an occasional slip or poor ski preparation of the favorite can make him the outsider in the race.

Bookmaker offers high odds to attract bettors. And if the bettor has a good understanding of biathlon and betting strategies, it is a great opportunity to earn.


A lot of underestimated events

The bookmaker is not always able to study every race and every athlete. The odds in the line are formed with a certain margin of error. This margin of error can and should be used. Suffice it to study the athletes and statistics.

To more accurately assess the likelihood of an event, you need to pay attention to nuances. Knowing the course is half the battle. Austrian in Austria will show better results than the Russian or Norwegian. Climate and altitude affect the speed of adaptation of athletes: if the athlete is acclimatized, he will not show good results. The athlete's results also depend on motivation. If the race is crucial, the athlete will give his best. And vice versa.

All of these nuances must be taken into account to have an advantage over the bookie.


More chances to fork

In biathlon, you can catch sudden changes in odds in the line before the race. The bookmaker can put out a universal line long before the race, and just before the start start start changing odds based on the latest news. These are suitable conditions for catching forks.

It is possible to fix high odds and then insure them just before or during the race.


Disadvantages of betting on biathlon

Biathlon races are held from November to March. There are no competitions in spring and summer, which means there are no events in the bookmaker's line. It is profitable for professional gamblers to study a sport in depth, if they can make money on it all year round. With biathlon it will not work. At the end of the season, you will have to switch to another sport, and that is atomization.


Not enough broadcasts

It is profitable for big TV channels to buy "hot" broadcasts. These are soccer, hockey, and tennis broadcasts. Biathlon will not provide a mass influx of audience, so these broadcasts are shown at an inconvenient time or not shown at all. To keep up with the latest events, you have to watch broadcasts on the Internet or read text reviews.


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