Rachel Blindauer
by on August 23, 2021
Honey does more than just sweeten up your toast or your tea. It has impressive healing properties that make it well-loved worldwide. From bug bites to split lips, it’s been offering superior healing qualities for many, many years. However, not all honey is going to be the right call. That’s what makes the right choice so important! What makes manuka honey better than traditional honey? The ringleader of honey is going to be therapeutic manuka honey. Manuka honey is considered the most substantial option, specifically around antibacterial activity. According to The Journal of Bacteriology [1], it outperforms all other honey when put through the same antibacterial test. Less was needed, and it still worked better at cleaning and protecting wounds. Choosing New Zealand raw organic manuka honey offers the best pure manuka honey right from its native pristine environment for even more benefits.Read More
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