Healthcure Botany
by on August 25, 2021

Mondays are tiring no matter how much you rest on the weekend and how much you try not to think about the blues. Ever since this lockdown and pandemic has taken over, I find it so difficult to just focus on what it is that I have to do. Every day feels stressful.

When I was younger and I would feel this way, my mother would give me a nice head massage and I would feel better. So this time too, I thought, why not get a full body massage in Botany?

HealthCure Massage Botany did a fab job

The massage centre that I chose was HealthCure Massage as that was the first one that popped up on Google and to be frank I am not very picky about these things. All I wanted was something affordable and something that would relieve the stress and anxiety that I could feel in my bones.

A therapeutic massage in Auckland that exceeded my expectations

Now, the massage that I got simply made me feel incredible. The therapist was so gentle and yet firm with the techniques. The muscles felt like they hadn’t been exercised in years and pains were relieved in areas I didn't even know I had any.

It was such an enjoyable experience the effect of which even lasted the next day!

How can you experience the same?

The HealthCure Massage clinic is open to all and is a space where relaxation knows no bounds. If you are in Flatbush and need a massage, it is advisable to drop in here and explain to the massage therapist the kind of massage you are looking for. Also, tell them what aches and pains you have and any specific medical advice that you have been asked to follow.

Then the therapist will tell you which therapy is suitable and also explain what will be done in the course of the massage.

You can then sit back and have the best therapeutic massage in Auckland! Just like I did, leave your worries at home when you have the massage. De-stress yourself completely and just let rejuvenation take over.

A massage is meant to relax you and you will be able to get the full benefit of this when you sit back!

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