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by on August 27, 2021

(Aug, 27, 2021): happens to be a financial simulation where participants control the market. The players are entrepreneurs who operate, start, and own companies. You trade in these businesses' stocks as well as other assets. The pricing of the securities are set by the players' trading. is a self-contained exchange where market players may exercise direct control.

In 2016, the developer was riding the train when he got an idea. He drew up a mindmap and started sketching out what a financial market simulation for him could look like, one that was accurate but yet fun. Many thoughts gathered since he was free of any constraints, and it took another train trip before he rapidly shared the mental map in a WhatsApp group with AG-Spiel pals.

Since 2010, the solo developer of alpha trader, KM has been a component of the AG game, first as a player, then as an admin part of stock market oversight, and last as the CEO of the game's biggest AG, Solid Profit AG, for a long period. He was in constant touch with Rady, the game's operator. KM had three distinct viewpoints on the game: that of the player, the stock market supervisor, and the creator. KM had to take a break in the spring of 2016 and did not quit the game without crying. The web game can be played via android app also.

However, the market's infatuation with gamblers did not entirely dissuade him. Soon after, he began building an order matching and settlement engine in response to his AG gaming buddies' euphoria. The core of the exchange was already in place two weeks later, and testers were busy trading on it.

About Klaus-Martin

He is the developer who was came up with the idea in 2016. With the use of a mindmap, he began sketching out a realistic yet entertaining financial market simulation. His is a financial market simulation in which players have complete power over the market. To get more info please visit

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