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Carpets add warmth and comfort to any room you add them to. The wide variety of colors and patterns attract many to the Best Place To Buy Area Rugs from. You can also find complete floor carpeting or carpet tiles as well.
Though a few myths and misconceptions could make some buyers reluctant or lead to improper maintenance. Let us debunk some common myths and misconceptions to prevent this.
It’s Hard To Maintain Carpets
Carpets are fairly simple to maintain. Properly maintained carpets simply need to be vacuumed twice a week. Periodic hot water extraction may also be needed. This is comparatively easier than the sweeping, mopping, stripping, waxing and buffing that hard surfaces may need. Some studies show that hard surfaces need more cleaning than carpets.
Carpeting Is Outdated
Carpeting is neither outdated nor boring. You can find plenty of new styles and designs that can match the type of interior you have in mind. There are many options when it comes to the carpeting material, pattern, style, etc. You just need to think about your requirements when going for a Carpet Installation in Fort Collins.
Cleaning Is Only Needed When It Looks Dirty
Waiting for your carpet to look dirty is not a good idea. Even when it looks clean, it may have collected millions of dust particles and even dust mites. Regular vacuuming and periodic professional cleaning are necessary.
Carpets Emit Loads Of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
Most interior furnishings and building materials emit some amount of VOCs for some time. New carpets are among the lowest emitters when it comes to indoor furnishings. Most VOCs dissipate within 24 hours or faster if you have good ventilation. You can find many low-emitting carpets in the market with the CRI Green Label.
Among the many VOCs, many people seem concerned about formaldehyde. But this compound is not used in the modern carpet manufacturing process. It hasn’t been used since 1978. Even before that, only a small amount was used in the resin hardener. So don’t worry if you’ve got a pre-1978 era rug. Any formaldehyde it may have had is gone.
Carpet Itself Allows Mildew And Mold To Grow
Any surface can form mildew and mold with enough moisture. Carpets by themselves are not responsible for their growth. They are not associated with any particular surface but rather the presence of moisture. To prevent mold and mildew on carpet, keep up with maintenance and remove excess moisture from the room.
Sources of excess moisture may include leaky pipes, high humidity, etc. Ensure that your plumbing is in order and the room is properly ventilated.
Latex In Carpet Causes Allergic Reaction
The latex used in the carpet is synthetic. It’s different from natural latex associated with the allergic reactions caused by certain proteins they contain. Carpets are largely made of materials used to make clothing and other fabrics like nylon and polyester.
It’s Not Eco-Friendly
The carpet industry has become a big part of the push towards greener flooring products in recent years. Synthetic carpet materials are often reused and recycled to manufacture new carpets. You can find many natural carpet materials like wool.
Frequent Vacuuming Is Bad
It’s completely fine to vacuum your carpet as frequently as you want. Carpets are made of sturdy materials that can handle frequent hoovering. It’s recommended to hoover at least twice a week to remove dirt from the rugs. Areas where people walk a lot should be vacuumed every other day.
Bleach Is The Best Cleaning Product
Bleach should not be your top option for cleaning rugs. It may get rid of the stains but may also cause discoloration, ruining the rug’s design.
Bicarb Is Great For Stains
Bicarbonate of soda is a popular household cleaning product, that may not be as great as you think. It has a high alkalinity that can chemically burn the carpet. Using the water and towel method may be your best bet for fresh stains.
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