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by on August 31, 2021
Our world presently is internet-dominated; we receive push notifications, use apps, manage chores with these tools and love what the internet has given us!

There are applications for almost everything. For the activities for which they don’t exist, the work is in progress. Apps have given us so many choices with regards to entertainment, infotainment, fun, health, lifestyle, work management, life skills, learning and what not!

Another interesting option came to the fore – Cameo App – and got everyone talking! Businesses want to develop a clone application just like it. The reason – Earning higher and better revenues and reaching as many people as possible!

Let us learn about Cameo App, how you can develop an application like it!

What is Cameo and what are “Cameo-like” apps?

So, the titular app is a platform that connects B-list and C-list celebrities from different industries – music, sports, film, etc. – with their fans who wish to receive video messages from such celebrities.

The application allows its users to send personalised video messages from a (yester-year) celebrity to their friends or kin. These messages involve payments and every different celebrity has a different range starting from $15 going up to $3000.

For example, if you are a Cameo user, you can send a birthday wish to your dear one from Snoop Dogg. Of course, you can choose from a number of veterans from the sports, music and film industries. A fun trivia, Snoop Dogg is one of the investors in the parent company!

The app has a number of celebrities – musicians, athletes, actors, models, comedians, etc. To book a celebrity Cameo, users have to press the Book button on their favourite celeb’s profile. Them they have to answer a few questions about their name, why they intend to make this video, what they would like the person to say, etc.

A majority of video messages on the app have been for birthday or anniversary wishes; a few have gone viral too! Now the platform also has a category for the COVID-19 relief campaign – all the proceeds from this go to charity.

How is this app able to mint money?

25% of each purchase is what the application takes. Till now, users on this platform have paid for more than 560,000 videos which included over 20,000 celebrities! So, it seems as if everyone’s favourite famous person is available here! The videos recorded here are called ‘Cameos.’ They are of a few minutes and are delivered to people via email or messages.

So, if you wish to develop a similar app, here’s one simple and crucial tip for you to keep in mind for monetization purposes!

Why building such a platform is lucrative?

Let’s keep this brief, exciting and to the point! The following are some of the reasons for you to consider building something like Cameo! It’s related to show business – it’s bound to get the results fast, as people are obsessed with show-biz!

You will get a chance to enable celebrity-fan engagement!

It won’t just be about those artists or stars who are trending presently but about those who have contributed immensely and are now veterans! People must get the freedom to choose their favourites for interactions, right!

An app like this is a fresh concept. It can be made further interesting with new additions! The benefit? Users are always looking out for new and more interesting domains to explore!

A platform like this, without a doubt, is one excellent industry niche!

In a fast-paced world, this kind of an application can cater to people’s nostalgia – make them feel happy and enable you to earn enormous!

The present generation will get to know about older movies, sportspersons and other legends!

There are so many shows, movies and matches, which are years old, but people are still in awe of such performers. Why not give them a chance to connect with their favourite artists and relive the joy they had while watching them perform!

All this will enable your business to get notches higher, with regards to engagement, reach and revenue streams and it will all be sustainable!

To bring the discussion to a conclusion

It is evident why video messaging platforms, especially involving celebrities, are popular among people! Who wouldn’t like a sweet message from their favourite artist, whether they belong to yesteryears or not, right!!

So, now is your chance to explore this domain and make the best out of celebrities-fan engagement. It is the hottest new trend and it is here to stay. Thus, while it is still expanding, make up your mind to enter this domain.

There are so many celebrities who still haven’t sent messages to their fans or some yesteryear artists that fans want to interact with – give people that chance with your project. Earn high and become larger than life!

Don’t stop based on what others have to say. If you believe in the potency of your idea, connect with field experts to develop a celebrity app like Cameo today!! Get moving already!!
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