by on September 2, 2021
While other digital marketing strategies are evolving, one question keeps popping up: "Is email marketing still important?" The answer is an emphatic “yes”. A strong email marketing strategy can help you connect with your target audience and increase sales. Email marketing tools allow your business to reach customers in a way that is easier than ever. All thanks to the technological tinkering we are witnessing left, right, and center. Email marketing services in Canada have started heavily relying on the latest software to get concrete results. Do you want to come to terms with the upsides of email marketing in detail? Well, we have you covered:

Personalized And Targeted Content

Nobody wants to read content that does not sound relatable. For example, if your content does not address the readers’ questions including what's the point? who is it helping? etc., no one will connect with them. Email marketing lets you segment customers based on their preferences and subsequently allowing you to send highly customized copies. Over the years, studies have proven that email marketing is the ideal channel for delivering personalized messages. It enables you to create subject lines, images, stats, videos that resonate with your customers. Personalization is one of the biggest reasons why online marketing agencies in Canada are steadily gaining ground.

Inexpensive Solution

Email marketing is also becoming popular because of its cost. Several email marketing experts in Canada provide their services for as low as 9 dollars per month. The flexibility of price makes it easier for decision-makers at companies to invest. What’s more, it is also less risky than other strategies like an advertising campaign that could cost several thousand dollars without worthwhile results.

Increase Sales

Email marketing has the capacity to increase your sales to a great degree. To entice customers to purchase, you can include your products and services in your email marketing campaigns. Emails can contain information such as discount codes, short-time sales promotions, and much more. Apart from that, leading email marketing services providers in Canada also depend on emails to remind users about the completion of their purchases, such as if they have added items to their cart but didn’t complete the transaction. You can automate informative messages to users who have expressed interest in your content. This will allow you to send them content that sparks their curiosity and encourage them to do business with you.

Nearly Everyone Uses Email

Are you aware of an adult who doesn’t use email? There's a good chance that your answer would be “no”. It is because as many an overwhelming proportion of the human population uses email. Talking about the United States, a whopping 92 percent of the adults in the country use email and 61 percent of them use emails on a regular basis. Let's face it, email marketing is essential if you want your message to reach younger generations. Email is no longer an obsolete method of communication.

Email Marketing Provides Opportunities To Communicate In-Depth Information

Although social media, television, radio, and print are great ways to communicate information, they can often be limited in how detailed that information can be. Emails on the other side offer a lot of space to communicate your brand's message. All savvy digital marketing agencies in Canada make it a point to capitalize on this feature to increase the conversion rate.

You Can Reach People At The Right Moment Or In Real-Time

Email marketing tools enable you to schedule emails. Back in the day, it was difficult to send emails to customers across multiple time zones since most medium-sized to large companies have many customers. But the modern-day sophisticated software have taken this problem out of the equation. As a result, email marketing services companies in Canada are at their pinnacle at the moment.

The Wrap

Email marketing is everywhere these days. If you have bought anything online recently, then there is a good chance they sent you an email containing the information about that product. It is a popular assumption that emails have become outdated. To be honest, it can’t get any further from reality. As time goes by, email marketing is only becoming more and more popular and there are many stats to back the claim.
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