Ivan Petrov
by on September 6, 2021
How frequently do you lose touch with your inner self while listening to music? I heard a minibus song in the morning and sang it all day. It's possible that it's only a passing ailment. Why does music have such a powerful effect on our minds and how can we break away from our compulsive ideas? Psychologists and scientists conducted the inquiry. To describe the phenomenon, the term "cognitive itching" was coined. As a result, in 2003, James Kelaris identified significant issues, researched the audience, and made several connections. When we look at the neurological activity of the brain, the sensation of music falls under the category of sound. You can retrieve but not rebuild music if you don't listen to it. I, too, am afflicted by the "music interests me" syndrome. A variety of remedies have been proposed by neuropsychologists. Music that the artist appreciates or finds peaceful can be taught. What if you have an emergency and need to silence the music right away? All lyrics: teksty-pesenok
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