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by on September 8, 2021

Students of the best Richmond secondary school need to be on their toes preparing for tests and exams. For this, they need to study well ensuring they have understood the concepts and are able to answer questions asked in exams. Studying requires focus and a lot of effort. Many students face problems while studying. In this blog, there are some study hacks for students that will help them study well and perform well in the exams. These study hacks ensure they study in the best possible way so they remember everything that they studied.

The best study hacks to practice

1. Teach what you learn

To learn more effectively, teach what you have learned at your Richmond secondary school. You can teach to a friend, who can teach you back on other subjects. When you teach the subject, you are able to comprehend it better. You can even practice teaching to the furniture in your room.

2. Read aloud

Instead of reading silently, reading aloud is a good study hack. When you read aloud, you can remember things better than when you read silently. Of course, don’t try it in the library of the Richmond secondary school where you would study, as it would disturb others.

3. Write as you study

As you study, write down notes in the form of points. When you write down something, you tend to remember it better. The additional benefit is that these points can act as a quick refresher that you can go through just before the exam.

4. Treat yourself

Have your own reward system where you treat yourself with your favorite snack or sweet. Make a plan and when you complete studying as per the plan, reward yourself for it. This acts as a good motivator to stick to your study schedule.

5. Walk before the exam

Some studies have shown that a student who takes a walk or does light exercise 20 minutes before an exam will do better than others. Physical activity boosts your memory power and helps you recall all that you studied better.

6. Make mind maps

Mind maps are a good way of learning topics. You create a mental association between different topics that you learn under a lesson. The mind map helps you associate relationships between different topics. It helps you remember better.

7. Make flashcards

Flashcards are small cards that contain key concepts, formulae, definitions, etc. in brief. You can use these flashcards to refresh your concepts. They are easier to read than detailed notes. You can get together with your friends and make flashcards and use them to quiz each other.
8. Take proper breaks

Take study breaks so you don’t get bored of studying. Take a 5-minute break for every 40 or 45 minutes you study. The break will refresh you allowing you to be more focused.

The eight study hacks explained can help students of the top Richmond secondary schools study well so that they retain all that they have learned. They can remember what they have learned when they require it the most during the exams.
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