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by on September 14, 2021

The pandemic has accelerated the shift towards health-conscious consumption. As people increasingly become mindful of what they consume, they are also waking up to the impact of water on our health. Health-conscious individuals are fast realizing that good health isn’t just about drinking adequate quantities of water, but also about drinking water that is healthy. They are accepting the fact that while traditional practices such as boiling water at home have their merits, they are not 100% effective in making the water healthy. Moreover, certain at-home purification processes such as RO can actually be harmful and strip the water of its health benefits. Hence, they are making a conscious shift to drinking water that isn’t just safe and pure, but also healthy.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding everything about mineral water, how it impacts your health, and the best ways to make it part of your daily consumption.

The definition of healthy water

Unlike what first comes to mind, healthy water isn’t just water that is clear of any impurities. Truly healthy water is mineral drinking water that includes essentials salts and minerals that are required by the body for smooth function of several processes and organs. However, not all drinking water can qualify as mineral water. This is because while water tends to carry various TDS along with it owing to its innate nature, the levels of the same may not be adequate, depending on the source of the water. Secondly, purification processes such as RO and distillation end up robbing the water of such essential minerals along with harmful solids. Hence, while such water may be pure and safe for consumption, it isn’t necessarily healthy.

Health benefits of mineral water

Now that you have a clear picture about what qualifies as mineral water, it is important to understand why it makes sense to pay and purchase such mineral drinking water. Mineral water offers a host of health benefits. Right from good physical health and smooth functioning of vital organs to playing a role in ensuring sound mental health and well-being, minerals such as sodium, calcium, and manganese offer several health benefits. A lot of these benefits tend to go unnoticed because the effects of the same aren’t visible in the short-term.

But when we deprive our body of such minerals and salts on a consistent basis, the effect on our health is visible in the long run. Mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression, as well as physical health issues such as blood pressure, and smooth functioning of the heart can be addressed to a certain extent by minerals present in drinking water. In fact, there is also a link between good immunity levels and minerals such as zinc and calcium.

Buying mineral water

Since there is no way to audit the presence of minerals in unpackaged drinking water or tap water, health-conscious individuals prefer buying packaged mineral water. This is because the minerals should be present in adequate quantities in your drinking water – in the range of 50 to 150 PPM. Higher levels of minerals can have a negative impact on your health while lower levels would make the water fall short of addressing your mineral intake requirement.

Considering these factors, packaged mineral water brands such as Bisleri ensure TDS and minerals don’t cross the 120 PPM range. Further, they invest in processes where requisite minerals are added to purified drinking water to ensure it delivers on your good health goals. Hence, when you buy packaged mineral water, it is akin to buying a health product or nutrient-specific product.

Ordering mineral water

A major benefit that health-conscious buyers are leveraging while buying mineral water is that they are choosing to order it online. This is because brands such as Bisleri offer doorstep delivery of mineral water across major cities in India when you choose to order from their official website. This takes away the hassle of buying from a local store and carrying heavy bottles or cans all the way home. Additionally, it gives you a wide range of choice with regards to sizes basis your lifestyle needs. Most importantly, you are assured about the authenticity of the packaged mineral water delivered at your doorstep. Unlike when you order from ecommerce marketplaces, you can be confident that no malpractices have been involved and you are consuming an original product.

Types of health-conscious people who are shifting to mineral water

  • Health industry professionals and wellness experts
  • Actors, models, and influencers
  • Stressed working professionals
  • Families with young children
  • Individuals and senior citizens with lifestyle diseases
  • Pregnant women and lactating mothers



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