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by on September 14, 2021

Does water splash all over your bathroom when you shower?

Shower though soothing and j the right thing to do after a hard day's work, is annoying. Annoying because the water splashes around, making you want to wipe it away after every shower. That's one additional chore for an already tired and aching body.

Keep your bathroom dry even after a shower by restricting the water from splashing around. For beautiful squeaky-clean bathrooms, buy bathroom curtains online.

Know the 6 simple ways to make Your bathroom beautiful.

  1. Make the Most Neglected Room the Most Beautiful

The latest trend in bathrooms is to make it looks less like a bathroom. A great way of achieving that is by doing it up to match the rest of the home decor. The colors, designs, and style- blend them well with that of the whole house. Pick and match tiles, fixtures, decor, and furniture tastefully. And the primary concern - choose bathroom curtains that are in tune with the whole bathroom design.

To know how to choose the right one, continue reading.

  1. White Waterproof Shower Curtains that Reflects your Persona

Shower curtains keep the bathroom floor dry, making it easy to keep clean. However, the water that splashes around from your shower could leave some potentially dangerous areas that could cause accidents. It could also breed unnecessary bacteria and fungus. 

The practical thing to do for a clean and fresh bathroom is to buy waterproof bathroom curtains online.

Save yourself from sickness and injury with waterproof shower curtains and isolation curtains. 

We have just the ones to appease the love of nature in you. So get into the botanical mood with our Green and white bathroom curtain that is of PVC material.

  1. We Have Sky Blue Bathroom Curtains to Match your German Themed Bathroom

Are you looking to buy a bathroom curtain with Bravian Alps print?

We have just the one for you that will transport you from wherever you are to the serene tranquility of the scenic Geman Mountainside.

Our Isolation Curtains will give you the privacy that you so much need as you shower. Install our Blue isolation curtains with the Alps print to match the blue in your bathroom. 

Our bathroom curtains serve as dividers as they enhance the decor.

  1. Dress up your White Bathroom with Parrot Green Bathroom Curtains 

Does your bathroom look too plain?

Add a splash of color to make it look attractive with our bathroom curtains in parrot green and white. Then, add a few accessories in similar colors for a beautiful bathroom.

  1. Inexpensive Bathroom Makeover with Maroon Bathroom Curtains

Give your bathroom the much-needed makeover with our budget-friendly bathroom curtains. First, if you're looking for one in dark colors, try the one in maroon. Then, order bathroom curtains online and put them up to liven up the interiors of your bathroom.

Watch your bathroom transform from plain to royal in seconds.

  1. Spruce up your Bathroom Decor with Red Waterproof Shower Curtains

If you want to cut out all pretense and go for a simple but, sophisticated decor go for our Red waterproof shower curtains. They blend with the existing scheme of colors to renovate your bathroom. 

No one will ever know that your only renovation move was the addition of a shower curtain.

The Final Word

Buy Story@Home Bathroom curtains online made of PVC for a classy bathroom. The shower curtain is available in size (200 cm X 180 cm) or (78 inch X 70 inches), provides privacy, and keeps the water from splashing all over your bathroom.  

Available in white with nature prints, sky blue with Bravian Alps, parrot green, maroon, and red. The curtains are shipped with plastic hooks for convenient installation. 


How do Bathroom Curtains help?

They restrict the water from flowing out of the showering area, keeping the rest of your bathroom dry. More than anything, it does wonders to the interior.

Are Bathroom Curtains expensive?

At Story@Home, we have showers curtains to suit your budget.

How to buy shower curtains?

Buy them online at Story@Home.

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