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by on September 17, 2021

Jupiter is considered to be quite a powerful planet. This planet is known to bring rich and fame to a person. When it comes to yellow sapphire, this stone is powered by the Jupiter planet and when one wears them as an astrological gemstone, then firstly they need to get their birth chart examined by an experienced astrologer to be sure whether they need to wear it or not.

This is not just the case of yellow sapphire but when one decides to wear any gemstone, then they need to take advice from an expert astrologer first. This stone is only advised to be worn by a person whose Jupiter position is not so strong as per their astrological chart. If one is asked to wear this stone, then they need to find an authentic store or site from where they can buy it.

Yellow Sapphire is popularly known as the Guru Ratna and it is the third hardest gemstone after diamonds and rubies. This stone is primarily yellow in colour but they are also available in other similar shades. This variety of stone is abundantly found in Sri Lanka and Brazil and they are said to have the best quality ones. India also has some good quality Pukhraj stones and these stones as per astrological studies are supposed to be worn by people who are born in the month of March and December.

 General benefits of wearing this stone:

  • If one wears this stone then it can keep their mind calm. The unmarried people who want to settle down can take some right decisions regarding that and for their child happiness.
  • Those who want to go for higher studies, it is a great idea for them to wear this stone because this can keep the concentration and focus more on their studies.
  • This particular stone can keep the heart and mind clean and so people can take some thoughtful decisions in their lives.
  • By wearing this gemstone one can always stay away from a lot of mental health issues. Not only that, they prevent some physical ailments as well.

When it comes to real pukhraj they look a bit transparent and they also feel a bit heavy when taken on hand. If one can put the stone on the white cloth under the Sun then they can see some yellow rays coming out from the real gemstones. As per many expert astrologers, the yellow sapphires should be of at least 4 rattis when they are worn.

One has to put yellow sapphire in a gold ring before wearing it. The best day to wear this stone is on Thursday and that too on the right hand and on the index finger. The stone should touch the skin of the finger and from there one can get benefits. If one wants to buy Bangkok yellow sapphire price India, then they can check Khanna Gems. Here, qualified gemmologists examine all the stones before they sell it to the customers.

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