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Getting a wireless printer is very convenient. Today we are going to discuss three methods through which you can know how to connect canon printer to wifi. We are sure that you are going to find one of the easy and will follow it in order to canon Wi-Fi printer.

The canon printer can be connected with the wireless connection by using the smart device in order to send the information of the router to the printer. You can connect to the printer using the canon printer inkjet app, by pressing the WPS button, or by entering the WPS pin code.

You must make sure that the Printer is plugged in and is powered up in order to connect with the wireless network successfully. Well, when you connect a wireless printer, it might seem confusing if you have never done it before. This is a guide that will help you learn more about connecting the printer with the Wi-Fi to print the photographs.

Let us now see that how will you be able to Connect a canon printer to wifi:

There are a few different methods through which you will be able to connect the canon printer with the wireless network.

Here are the options you can follow:

  • Make sure that you use the smart device in order to send the router information for the wireless network to the printer. This can be done either by using the network capability on the smartphone or by using the canon printer inkjet app on either iOS or the Android Device.
  • Make sure that you press the WPS button in order to sync the nearest wireless network with the wireless printer.
  • Or by entering the WPS Pin Code
  • The methods mentioned above that you end up using are going to depend on the model of the canon printer that you have been using. When the wireless printers were new, there are some new CDs that are required sometimes to install the connecting software that must be used with the wireless connection.

    Smart device method:

    In order to set up the canon printer with a wireless network, you need to have a wireless device. If you see that the computer has been used, then it is necessary to download the software installer. This will send the wireless network information to the printer without a direct cable connection.

    When the is a smart device such as the smartphone that is used to connect the printers ith the wireless network, then the users can download the free app in order to connect the wireless canon printer through the iOS or the Android Device.

    WPS Push button method:

    There are some wireless routers that are going to have the WPS push button. This is a very important button for the wireless printer sync. This is not the case with every router as some of the wireless routers have this technical feature and some may not. Having a push-button makes it easier to connect it with the Wireless printer.

    In order to connect the Wireless printer with the wireless network, using the WPS button, then you must follow the step mentioned below:

  • Make sure that you hold the W-Fi button on the router till you see it flashing.
  • Then you need to press the start button and then press the Wi-Fi button again.
  • After that wait for the Wi-Fi router in order to begin the flashing. The moment you see that the Wi-Fi router is flashing, and the ON button is lighting up, then press down the WPS button.
  • The wireless router is then going to indicate the sync with the wireless printer as the ON button lights up. This is also the Wi-Fi indicator at the same time.
  • If you see that the wireless sync fails, then you need to press the STOP button. After that try the Sync option again.

    You must know that this is not the option that is present for all wireless routers. But you must know that is worth it when you take a look at the router in order to see if it is available when you get ready to set up the wireless printers. This option can end up helping you save a lot of hassle in the future.

    WPS Pin Code method:

    Using the WPS pin code in order to sync the Wireless printer and the wireless network is one of the most complex ways of pulling it off. But this is going to get the job done when you see that the other methods have been failed.

    Let us see how you can make the connection using the WPS pin code:
  • The first thing that you need to do is to load two sheets of standard-sized paper.
  • Make sure that the printer is powered up, then you need to hold down the button of Wi-Fi until the on light flashes on the printer.
  • After that, press the Wi-Fi button again. This is going to cause the printer in order to print the required wireless setting information for the printer. This includes the WPS Pin Code.
  • Well, you need to hold the stop button on the printer till the movement you see the Alarm light flashing sixteen times. After you have seen the sixteenth flash, then release the button.
  • At this point, the wireless printer must be prepared in order to make the connection.
  • Make sure that the router’s internal setting using either a wireless smart device or the computer with the wireless capability. The moment you have access to the internal settings of the router, enter the WPS Pin Code in order to start sync between the network and the printer.
  • Well, did you see that the Wi-Fi light on the wireless printer is On? Well, if it’s ON, then this is the indication that the wireless connection has been made successfully. It is very easy for the users to get confused when they are trying to set up the Wireless printer for the first time as there are various syncing methods.

    When you follow the steps mentioned above, then you will be able to Canon printer connect to wifi. There are at times when you will not be able to make the connection.

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