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Gerrit Nolte

Maybe you make frequent phone calls from numbers you don't know. Without the caller ID app, it won't tell you exactly who is calling because it's just a string of numbers, even with a Caller ID app, if the number isn't in the provider's database. So it leaves you wondering, who is actually calling? There's a fairly easy way you can find this information, and it's possible with a reverse phone search on Google.

Not sure how to handle someone who gets to the bottom of the mystery seeker? Follow the steps below and we'll show you how you can find out once and for all who blow up your phone! Let's dive into the tutorial.

But, unlike local number portability, caller ID is not regulated by a governing body such as the federal communications commission. Instead, the service functions as an array of patched-together databases that are often operating with outdated data. ReverseSouthAfrica is the top service for caller identification within South Africa. If you are looking for the caller ID of individuals like Gerrit Nolte You must visit our site.

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

What exactly is a reverse phone lookup? Well, you've probably tried making one yourself it could be as simple as typing in the number or copying and pasting the number into a search engine like Google. When you hit “Search” you are hoping to get the results that will lead you to the caller ID.

Unfortunately, these results do not always come back easily. Sometimes you get the identity of your mysterious caller almost instantly, and other times, the number and identity are lost in a sea of thousands of other numbers.

Use Google for Reverse Phone Lookup

Google was actually making it really easy to find the caller ID. They ran a service called Directory Operator, where you can type in a number and get the information you want right away. However, as privacy concerns grew on the Internet, many began to request that Google retrieve their information from the Directory Operator.

However, even though Google has shut down this great service, it's still quite possible to do a reverse phone lookup. Here's how to find phone number ids anyway:


Starting a reverse phone lookup is as simple as typing the exact number that called you into the search engine, including the area code. 111-222-3333: This will be a 10 digit number written like this. Press “Call” and you will immediately access directories on number directors.

If the phone number calling you is a business number, it should pretty much show as one of the first results, even if it's not next to the page, but any information attached to that business (e.g. address, store hours, etc.). If you've ordered something from a store, are having trouble with the order, and they need to reach you, this is the “Ah-ha!” It's possible.

Now personal phone numbers are much more difficult. You can Google the number, but if that person hasn't posted their phone number anywhere online, you won't be able to find that person's ID. However, if the number has been or has been added to the Facebook account, you can see the Facebook profile coming up in the results.

Social media

Another quick way to find the ID of a caller is to place the phone number in the Search bar on your social media site of your choice, such as Facebook or Twitter. If that user has a phone number and public profile attached to their account, you should pretty much be able to locate your mystery caller.

Reversing Phone Calls Doesn't Always Succeed

As you may have already guessed, doing a reverse phone lookup isn't something that always works when you Google the number. This is really a hit or miss with businesses, the number almost always shows up. However, when it comes to personal numbers, you never know if you can actually find a person's identity.

Gerrit Nolte

It's not worth paying websites that offer to tell you about a person for a subscription fee or a one-time fee. So-called "services" are not guaranteed, and sometimes you won't even get a phone number that they "can't find". In general, these “identifier” sites have access to the same information. If you do this, if you can't find them, neither will they.

Did you find your number?

If you found your number online and you want that information removed, you can actually put what's called a retrieve request if you want the phone not to be reversed when people call your number. You can visit Google's Legal Removal Requests page to find all the information you need to run one of these and get your information from a website.



Hopefully, by following these steps, we helped you find the mysterious person who stole your phone. As you can see, it is not always easy to find out who is calling you. And if you can't find the ID, call the number back to find out who called you!

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