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Crowdfunding to help people start various projects, nonprofits, or even businesses has become a rage in recent years. However, it seems that crowdfunding can even reach the open source real estate market, which has a significant impact on investors.


An example of this is Fundraisingscript, which creates opportunities with their open source real estate crowdfunding software. The company is a joint investment fund, which is mainly based on the ability of local investors to meet the opportunities in the local market. Although crowdfunding in the country is problematic due to the risk of borrowing, this local approach eliminates some concerns.

Rise in Crowdfunding

Part of the crowdfunding growth is in line with investor interest levels. Many investors are hoping to improve their portfolios. This can mean up to a few hundred from a building with a few dozen units, and this is often in the form of a 1031 exchange, resulting in these investors looking at vendors during open hours.

Crowdfunding Platforms

Some have speculated that the potential for over-saturation is strong, even though crowdfunding is new to the open-source real estate market. According to some experts, there are many crowdfunding platforms entering the open source real estate market today, but there is still much room for growth.

Focus on Different Needs for the Open Source Real Estate Market

With the growth and development of crowdfunding platforms, they can focus on the different needs of the open-source real estate market. These can be investors, types of income, geographical locations, or even types of open source real estate. As more platforms enter the market and strive to be competitive in the landscape, they are expected to specialize and succeed in serving a specific segment of the market.

Commercial Open Source Real Estate Crowdfunding 

The average crowdfunding commercial open source real estate investor is someone who earns a lot of money this year. Although many consider it a steady income, it is the right level of income, so investors are reluctant to risk their money too much. Therefore, crowdfunding attracts a group of investors if they find the right crowdfunding platform for their needs.


Many investors believe that high-level investment opportunities for those who make a profit are very large in a year, which precludes attracting investors with lower returns to the market. However, crowdfunding has the potential to change all of this and make open-source real estate investment more convenient.
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