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by on October 7, 2021

There is a growing interest among businesses in leveraging the benefits of cloud computing, Efficiency, Scalability, Ease of Management, low cost being few of those benefits. Over 100 products from Amazon Web Services are built on Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) architecture and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that allows you to create dynamic, scalable, automated computing environments. AWS has helped companies reap the benefits of cloud computing by migrating from the legacy systemsthat were once used. However, during the migration process, businesses may often face many challenges. Let's take a closer view of what challenges businesses face and how they overcome those challenges.

Analyze Business Objectives

Businesses face the most significant challenge in deciding which features and functionalities to concentrate on during the AWS migration process. At the same time, new AWS applications should be measurable that meet the brand's objective. Therefore, a company has to continually check the KPIs and evaluate the cloud application to ensure its effectiveness and ROI.

A willingness to accept new technology

Users' adoption plays an essential role in how smoothly the integration of applications with AWS occurs. AWS is a potent tool that businesses should use and demonstrate to their teams across all levels. To ensure smooth operation, it is important to understand the know-how and to pay attention to the details.

Therefore, the whole team must undergo this paradigm shift to utilize the cloud service and integrate the new tech into the business environment.

Cost Management 

Several businesses migrate to the cloud without identifying their Key Performance Indicator on expenditure and saving on and after migration. Hence, it will be challenging to determine whether the migration will be successful,and cost effective. Furthermore, the cost can be rapidly changed due to the dynamic cloud environment if we scale up the applications.

In such cases, BizCloud Experts always advise businesses to understand their KPIs. We know your business better and create an economic model to identify how much you will invest in AWS so you can plan your budget accurately.

Data Security and Compliance Risks

The major obstacle to migrating to the cloud is data security and compliance risk. Many companies and organizations are reluctant to give data to a third-party cloud despite the cloud environment being totally secure.

If a company's data is exposed to cyber-attack in the migration process, it could lead to severe obstruction. Weak controls in the use of information or systems managed by enterprises lead to the most significant risks in maintaining data sensitivity. Poorly designed applications and uncontrolled access to information and systems pose the most significant threats to data sensitivity.

How BizCloud Experts Helps Resolving Migration Challenges?

In today's cloud environment, cloud platform security is fully integrated, and BizCloud Experts have advanced security systems to provide comprehensive AWS cloud solutions. During the secure AWS migration, data is transferred through a preferred routing path, and all data is secured within the firewall at all times. Hence, third parties are prevented from seeing confidential data during the migration, which endangers compliance and data theft.

Planning and expertise are needed for AWS cloud migration, and shifting the right way will save the company money and meet its business goals. Thus, it is essential to seek help from experts like us who offer AWS migration services and take advantage of their experiences. BizCloud Experts is an AWS migration expert, and we are an authorized AWS Advanced Partner Company. We help you develop an AWS infrastructure, manage your cost adequately, and provide SLA on all the essential AWS migration and cloud services.

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