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La Navidad es una gran celebración de alegría y felicidad. Se celebra cada año el 25 de diciembre en la temporada de invierno en todo el mundo en el cumpleaños de Jesucristo. Es la fiesta cristiana más importante. En este día van a la iglesia y ofrecen una oración especial. Los cristianos decoran sus casas, oficinas, calles e iglesias con luz de colores. En este día el árbol de Navidad está decorado con material de decoración artificial como estrellas, luces, flores, globos y juguetes, etc. El hombre de Navidad es un símbolo para el amigo de los niños. Dibujos De Navidad Él viene a cada casa durante la noche y da regalos a todos los niños. Los niños esperan ansiosamente este día y los regalos de Santa Claus. Todo el mundo disfruta de la Navidad cantando, bailando, celebrando y conociendo. Desean a sus amigos y familiares una Feliz Navidad. El día de Navidad es un día de placer y alegría. La Navidad es una gran celebración celebrada por la gente durante la temporada de invierno. Todos disfrutan de un día de fiesta cultural en este día. Todos los centros públicos (como escuelas, colegios, universidades, instituciones educativas, centros de formación, oficinas, etc.) y organizaciones no gubernamentales permanecerán cerrados ese día. La gente celebra esta fiesta con gran entusiasmo y con muchas preparaciones y decoraciones. Se celebra cada año el 25 de diciembre. Es conocida como la fiesta de Cristo y celebra el nacimiento de Jesucristo al nacer. Es un día de gran importancia para los cristianos.

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iCloud storage services is Apple’s handy tool that is needed for backup and restoring the documents, photos, saving passwords and even for finding a lost and stolen iPhone. iCloud securely stores your videos, photos, documents, music, apps and much more. It allows you to easily share locations, calendars, and photo with friends and family. If you are having a Windows computer and do not have a Mac or iOS device, you can get iCloud web-only access to use Contacts, Notes, iCloud Drive, Pages, Numbers and Keynote from the browser. If you have Apple devices then you are already blessed with an embedded iCloud, You just need to turn it on. But if you have mixed devices and you want to use iCloud on your PC, you can do it by following these step by step guides. Step One– If you want to sign up to the service, you need to have an Apple ID which means that you need to have an Apple device such as iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch. Once you have set up iCloud on your Apple devices, you can start using it on your Windows PC too. Step Two– Now you need to download the iCloud Control Panel for Windows. Step Three– Once you have downloaded the control panel, open it and Enter Apple ID. It should be the same you have used to create your account. Step Four– Select the services you want to enable in the iCloud Control Panel such as the bookmark, mail, and photos. Click apply. Step Five– You are almost done now, but if you want the iCloud to automatically download the new books, music or Apps, then you need to open iTunes and sign in with the iCloud associated account. Go to the Edit menu, choose preferences and tap the store tab. Now tick the boxes beside Music, Apps, and Books. You are now ready to go. Stephen Strange is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at Source :

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The NTLDR missing error is not an uncommon error for Windows users. When the Windows system is turned on, you will see it is working correctly. You wait to log in to the computer but, end up with the black screen displaying a message which says NTLDR Missing error. The never-ending black screen shows a single message every time you turn on the computer with a hope that the problem might have been resolved, but the error stays where it was. It could be a horror for the users but there no need to feel dismayed. The guide offers the correct steps to resolve error occurring continuously with a black screen in Windows. Here’s how to solve NTLDR missing error Unplug the Removable Media Maybe the error is emerging due to the BIOS trying load form an external derive. If the non-bootable device or drive is attached then try to unplug it and remove the storage accessories like CD-DVD, pen drive, USB device or memory cards. When you remove the external non-bootable drive, the BIOS from these drivers will try load consequently resolving the problem. Modify the BIOS Boot Order In Windows, it is possible to inspect the BIOS boot order to make sure that the computer will load from the internal drive first. Restart the computer. When the system is booting, you need to bring the BIOS with a specific key. Unfortunately, the key to open BIOS depends on the manufacture of the computer system. Your system must have one of the keys from the following so keep pressing one of the keys depending on your computer – Esc, F2, F8, Del, F10 or F12. Now, use the arrow buttons to navigate to BIOS, setup or BIOS menu. Select the Boot tab from the top and move HDD drive to priority. Replace the NTLDR Files The Windows users are allowed to replace the files for NTLDR so that the files could load correctly using Windows Installation Disc. Insert the Windows install CD. Restart the computer. Boot the computer from CD. Press any key to boot from the CD. When Windows Options menu is loaded, then press the R button. It will let you access the Repair Console. Press 1 to log into Windows. Now enter the Administrator Password. Open the command prompt and type the following commands to copy the NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM files. Type copy D: \i386\ntldr C: \ and press the Enter key. Again type D: \i386\ C: \ and hit the Enter key. Now the files will copy in the designated destination. Remove the Windows Installation Disc from the driver and Restart your computer. Change Bootsector Code In Windows, the error can be resolved by using the BOOTMGR related boot sector code. Inset the Windows install CD and restart your computer. Boot the computer from CD. Press any key to it from CD. Click on the Repair your computer after selecting proper language, time and keyboard input. Select the Windows installation drive. Click the Next option and wait until the System Recovery Option box appears. New, select Command Prompt. Type bootcfg /rebuild and press the Enter key from your keyboard. The program will find Windows Installation. To confirm the addition, press Y. Now, remove the CD and restart your computer. The NTLDR missing error will no longer appear if you follow the methods to troubleshoot the error. Hopefully, you have removed the error from your computer and begin to work again. But if you find the problem again, then try the same methods to troubleshoot the error, or you can see the support as well. source:

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Apple recently introduced its latest desktop operating system in MacOS Mojave. The new operating system has new cool features and old features as well. But a thing which should be noted is that the old features have been improved in the new desktop operating system. FaceTime and Continuity Camera are one of the best features that Quick Action has in Mojave. The new desktop operating system on Mac allows the users to customize the Quick Action. If you have switched to MacOS Mojave, then you must be trying to customize it. If you encounter any struggle, then follow the steps mentioned in the guide as it is providing the best way to customize the Quick Action in MacOS Mojave. Here’s how to make a customized Quick Action in Mojave 1. Open Spotlight and click to launch the Automator app on your MacOS Mojave. 2. Click the New Document tab. 3. Click the Contextual Workflow/ Quick Action Workflow. 4. Select the Choose button. 5. Now, click the Action tab from the left panel of the window. 6. Select Photos and Scale Images action. 7. Now, click the Add button. 8. Click the “To:” drop-down button and select Downloads. 9. Go to Scale Images, select To Size. 10. Now, type in 1000 as the number. 11. Click Files & Folders and select to Rename Finder Items. 12. Ignore the Copy Finder Items action dialog box. 13. To add text to the file name, go to Rename Finder Items. 14. Now, click the Add Text option. 15. Go to Add field and type resized. 16. For automation, go to Finder. 17. Now go to Service receives selected and select Image files. 18. Click File and select Save option. 19. Now name the action like resize 1000. When you right click on an image, a menu appears with options where Resize to 1000 is one of them. It will not show the Quick Action as our choice but, it appears under the “More” button. Let’s see the steps to add Resize to 1000 in the Quick Actions. 1. Click the Apple logo to open the menu box. 2. Select System Preferences. 3. Click the Extensions and go to Finder. 4. Ensure that Resize to 1000 is enabled. 5. Now, click the More button to view Resize to 1000 in the Quick Action. Remember Quick Action only works with image files so you can use images only in Quick Actions. Still, the Quick Actions will provide the users with more power and control to customize the device according to their needs and desires. Edward Lewis is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites. Source :

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Apple keeps releasing the new versions of Mac with new features frequently. The Apple enthusiasts cannot resist themselves from buying the new Mac products. Are you planning to sell your Mac system to buy the latest version of it? Well, before selling your Mac you should Reset it to factory settings and leave no data of yours in the system so that the new owner cannot access it. Here is this guide providing the proper steps to reset the Mac so that you can sell it and buy the new version of Mac. Just follow the guide so that you can remove every data from your Mac and reset it to factory settings. Here’s how to reset your Mac system Create Backup of your Mac While planning to reset any device, it is always recommended to create a backup of the device. A backup keeps all the files and data of Mac which can be used anywhere anytime in any Mac system. So before resetting the Mac, let’s create the backup of data stored in your system. Connect an external hard drive to the system. Go to System Preferences and turn on Time Machine. Click on the Select Disk tab. Now you will be asked to select the drive to use the Time Machine. Time Machine will prompt you to use the disk as a backup location. Select to encrypt the backup with a password. If the drive is not formatted, then Time Machine will prompt you to format the backup. Click the Options button to exclude volumes from backups. Now, the Time Machine will automatically create the backup in regular time. Deauthorize This Computer Up to 5 computers are authorized to run the content of your Mac. Thus, selecting Deauthorize, This Computer will disconnect the link with iTunes account. Open iTunes on your Mac. Click on Account option present in the menu bar. Go to Authorize and select Deauthorize This Computer. Now, enter your Apple ID and password. Finally, select Deauthorize. Turn Off FileVault Disable the security feature, FileVault responsible for encrypting data on the disk from unauthorized access. Click to open Apple menu and select System Preferences from the menu. Select Security & Privacy tab. Click the FileVault tab from the upper bar. Now, select the Click the lock to prevent further changes. Enter the login credentials of the administrator. Click to turn off the FileVault. Sign out from everything If you have planned to sell your Mac, then you must sign out of the services like iTunes, iCloud in order to avoid the complication with the new owner downloading the software which was licensed by you. Signing out of iTunes Open iTunes and click Account from the Menu bar. Select to Sign out. Signing out of iMessages Open the Messages in your system. Now, go to the Menu bar in the top left corner and click Messages. Select the Preferences option. Now select iMessage account and click Sign Out. Signing out of iCloud Click Apple icon and go to System Preferences. Click on iCloud and go to Find My Mac. Uncheck the box and enter the system password. Click to Sign out and then select remove data from this Mac. The resetting might take some time to, but the methods are accurate to wipe out all the data from your Mac. But before that, it is a bit of advice to create the backup in order to keep the data safe so that you can restore and access it in your new Mac system. John Martin is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Samuel has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as Source:

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Instagram, which previously was a photo-sharing social media app, added a feature which allows the users to communicate with each other. The direct message option provided the ability to send the text message on Instagram. The app kept releasing the new features especially when the social media giant bought it. Recently Instagram has added a new Nametag feature. The Nametag feature will make it easier to connect with Instagram users. It is like an identification card allowing people to find the specific Instagram user account. Like on Twitter, the Nametag is also a unique name which can be used to search a particular account instantly. Let’s see the process to use the Nametag. Here is how to use Instagram launched Nametag feature 1. Launch the Instagram App in your phone. 2. Navigate to your profile. 3. Now tap on the hamburger icon from the top of the display. 4. You must Nametag is listed at the top hence tap on it. 5. Now, it will open a new tab displaying the nametag with your Profile’s name. 6. Your nametag is visible to the other Instagram users to follow you. 7. Navigate to customize your nametag option at the top of the tab. 8. Here, you can customize your nametag by choosing the color, Emoji, and selfie. 9. Once you choose for the modifications, these will become the background of the nametag screen. 10. The scan a nametag option below your Nametag will allow you to scan the nametags of Instagram users. 11. You can share your Nametag as well. Just tap the share button from the top right corner of the screen. 12. Tap on the Scan a nametag option to scan the nametag using the camera. 13. Now tap on the right corner to access your camera app. 14. Another method to scan someone’s nametag is just swiping right to open the camera and suspend your phone over the nametag and hold right there. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing app is working on Instagram to make it better and better. Recently the developers reported that it is looking forward to supporting the students of US by launching another feature in Instagram enabling the students to connect with other students. The developers are testing the student universities school communities, where the users have to enter the school information which similar to Facebook. Emma Justine is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Emma has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as Source:

In the recent posts by Microsoft, the company revealed that it would remove the iconic Disk Clean Up utility from Windows 10. Additionally, the company released that it will not be the part of Windows 10 from October 2018 updates. Due to the compatibility reasons, the company has to let go of the disk cleanup utility for Windows. It would not be wrong to say that disk cleanup has remained with the Windows users for the past two decades since the release of Windows 1998. Microsoft developed and made the utility more useful with every improvement. From removing the temp files from our Windows system to removing the unnecessary files from the C: drive, the Disk Cleanup utility always worked to create and save the storage space when the hard drive is running low. The method to get and use the disk cleanup was easy, and it always worked in every version of Windows operating system. You just need to right click on the drive and select Properties. Now, click the Disk Cleanup to launch the utility. There is a shortcut way to open a cleanup tool, which generally people know. Press the Windows key + R key combination to open the run program. By typing cleanmgr.exe in the run program, the disk cleanup tool appears on the screen. Undeniably, the Disk Cleanup Utility is the best closest solution to create some storage when the hard drive is almost full or at a low level. It remained significant in removing the log files, cache files, and other junks files and data from the computer. Not only in cleaning up the system, but also in creating the restore points, the disk cleanup tool helps to save the system files which can be referred further when the system crashes. As we all have seen that Microsoft replaced it signature web browser Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge, the company also heading to replace this iconic cleanup tool with a new version which is also capable of performing all tasks of Disk Cleanup. Microsoft has deprecated the tool instead of completely removing it, which itself indicates that there would be another tool to perform the same and additional tasks in Windows. Not now, but in time Windows will have a new tool to take care of the operating system. Disk cleanup tool has been deprecated, but there is a way to use the other feature replacing cleanup utility. Press the Windows key + I, the settings of Windows will open. In the Settings, click to System and go to Storage. There, Free Up Space Now option is available. Use the option and free up space in your Windows system. The Utility will automatically scan the system in the same way the Disk Cleanup tool used to do. This version is advanced providing an excellent chance to free up the additional space in the computer system. Hence there is no reason to feel disappointed as the new tool also developed to work in the same manner as Disk Clean Up tool was developed for. James Thomas is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for McAfee security products at . source url :-

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While preparing the Mac for sale, the new owner should not view any of your data and details as it could reveal your information. Resetting the Mac to its factory settings is an option to prevent the threat on the information. Hence you must try to the methods before selling your Mac to Factory reset your system. Here’s how to Factory Reset your Mac. Create Backup of Data Before wiping everything and restoring the Mac to its factory settings, it is advised to create a backup of the data stored in Mac. The backup will keep all the files which you can access later in the new Mac system. The Time Machine facility will let you create the backup of data. Hence before resetting to the factory settings, you must create a backup. Deauthorize iTunes Since the company has provided an option to run the data on up to 5 other Mac systems, it is required to deauthorize the iTunes. Open the iTunes and click the Account option. In the Authorizations option, click Deauthorize This Computer. The system might ask you to enter the Apple ID and password. Reformat Hard Drive You created the back up of your device and chose the Deauthorized This Computer option, now it is time to reformat the hard drive. Reboot your Mac system. While the system is starting, long press the Command + R key combination. The system will boot into MacOS Recover. Now, select the Disk Utility and click on Continue. Select the Startup disk and click the Erase tab from the top of the Disk Utility. Now, go to Format and click to open the drop-down menu. Select the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) option. Now go to Scheme and click to open the menu. Select GUID Partition Map and click Erase. Click Disk Utility drop-down menu and select Quit Disk Utility. Erase Touch Bar Data When you are logged out of all the accounts in Mac, you can clear the Touch Bar information of your Mac. Restart your Mac. While the Mac is booting, press the Command + R keys from your keyboard. Select Utilities and go to Terminal. Type the xartitil –erase –all terminal command in the Terminal. Press the Return button. Now type yes to confirm and the press Return key again. Click Terminal and select Quit Terminal. Reinstall new Mac Operating System Once the reformatting of the drive is done, it is required to reinstall the Mac operating system. Restart your Mac system. Press Command + R while the Mac is booting. Mac will boot into MacOS Recover. Click on the Continue button and select Hard Drive. Click on the Install to receive the operating system. Once the installation is complete in Mac, the system will restart. Now, press and hold the Command + Q buttons. Do not follow any instructions and shut down your Mac. AS you have followed the methods, now your Mac is ready to use from the beginning. With a clean operating system installation, the new owner can begin to use it from the default basics of Mac. It means the Mac will start with the instructions for a new owner and there would be no previous data stored in the system. John Morrison is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, John has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as Source :

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Many lovers of hog roast are, unfortunately, not skilled in the art of making it. A few have almost destroyed both their equipment and even their body in the process of trying to prepare one of their most loved edibles. If you unashamedly (or otherwise) fall into this category and you want hog roast present at your next event/gathering, you can search for a hog roast hire Kent. Kent has quite an array of companies that major in providing you with fresh and quality made hog roast for your upcoming event- a wedding, a birthday, a family get together, other public (and private) events. There are many reasons for you to consider a hog roast hire Kent. 1. Hog roast companies have menus that are appropriate for all of your occasions. For those who would like to try a DIY, some of these companies can have the equipment delivered to you, providing you with guidelines on how to operate it. 2. Their level of professionalism and quality of delivery is completely independent of the size of your event/gathering. It is also independent of seasons/times of the year. 3. Making a hog roast provides you with duly trained master carvers who will deliver to you, your delicious meat and cracklings. What you need to do is find the hog roast catering services closest to you and make your choice on your most preferred one. Some of these catering services offer you a variety of menus for you to choose from. These options could range from turkey to chicken beef, and for vegetarians, they also provide vegetarian-friendly options for them. Some take a step further by providing waiters and tableware for your event if you want them to. They take off as much stress from you as possible. Making a hog roast hire Kent could also relieve you of having to take care of leftovers and other trash from the event. They do all that dirty business for you. You see how stress-free it could be for you to enjoy your greatly loved meal? This is why you should consider making hog roast hire Kent for your next event. It's a win-win situation as you would get to enjoy your delight. Also, you are relieved of stress, you are happy, and you would sure want to repeat the process all over again.

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It is the dream of every individual to feel energized every other time, but that comes with a price, which is the dedication and hard work towards things that boost the same. The athletes and other people in sports would do anything to get back their energy and bodies in good condition free from injuries and sprains, so that they can be ready for the next similar activity. In the case of people who led busy lifestyles that involve participating in strenuous activities, it is only wise to eat right and live healthy so that one can enjoy the benefits of having a constant supply of energy. Therefore, they should consider a product like SierraSil Joint Formula 14. SierraSil Joint Formula 14 boosts recovery when the sprains and other injuries occur. It is endowed with the necessary minerals for example silicon, iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium, zinc, copper and manganese, which serve the purpose of reducing stiffness in the joint as well as pain, while at the same time preventing the breakdown of cartilage and ensuring that the muscles and joints are eased out for efficient movement in the field. The supplements also promote endurance in athletes and people involved in rigorous exercises. Vitasave is one of the fastest growing companies in Canada that sells premium quality supplements such as Vega products, along with many other top class supplements. Vitasave is renowned for selling supplements at the most affordable prices, providing higher discounts and many other perks such as free shipping on purchases above $69. Visit now and take advantage of the lucrative deals on world-class supplements waiting exclusively for you. One can find SierraSil Joint Formula 14in the largest online shop in Canada, and while at it, other products that are of the same caliber can be found on the platform for example Vega One Bar among others.