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HP Printer Support HP Printers are famous for their smart built and design, they are developed according to the latest advancements in the technology. Be it the interface or the features, everything with these printers is best. But sometimes the new users come across glitches in using certain features. If you are not able to use scan to email wizard with HP Printer then you are advised to get in touch with HP Printer Customer Care without any delay. • Admin access to the printer • SMTP Server • SMTP port number • The printer and computer must be connected on the same network Setting Up Scan To Email Wizard To Use It – • It is to be noted here that this feature is available in the Windows 7 operating system. • Click start and click on programs • Click HP and then the name of the printer and select scan to email wizard • In the outgoing email profile dialogue box, click the new button. The scan to email setup dialogue opens • On the start, page enter the sender’s email address in the field • In the next field, with the heading of the display name, enter the sender’s name. The same name will be displayed on the printer control panel • Before the printer can proceed further in sending an email, a four-digit PIN needs to be entered in the security PIN field. • On the authentication page, fill in the SMTP server and the port number • Select the maximum size of email from the drop-down menu • Lastly, review the information and verify that all the settings are correct. You can click the back button to rectify the mistakes Once you have successfully set up the scan to email wizard with your HP Printer then you can use it effectively and there will be no more problems. You can get in touch with HP Printer Customer Support if you faced any hassles in the process. Source URL : - Not Able To Use Scan To Email Wizard With HP Printer

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For most people, Halloween is all about distributing candies amongst the trick or treaters or unwinding in front of the TV screen while watching a scary flick. However, the most stressful part about Halloween revolves around decorating and making your place scary enough to give others the heebie-jeebies. In fact, the annual Halloween decoration has turned into something of a contest amongst people. It is no longer just about hanging fake cobwebs or plastic skeletons; it revolves around going all out to give a hair-raising experience to the visitors. Here are some creepy decorations that you can add to your home for a high-tech twist to the popular holiday! 1- Halloween Soundtrack Featuring Alexa Sure, Alexa can update you on the weather and play your favorite tracks. But did you also know that Alexa’s hidden skills also include being able to play spooky, scary sounds on loop that will leave you frightened right out of your wits! Just place your Echo device near the door or window and use the command “Hey Alexa, start spooky Halloween sounds,” and she will be all set. Bonus points if your Echo device is hooked to your door bell, you can then configure Alexa to play the sounds every time a trick or treater rings your door bell! 2- Haunted Portraits Picture frames that display slideshows of your family vacations are old technology. Haunted portraits are the newest addition to your room’s décor. A little pricey on the wallet, it does true justice to the cost. The ‘painting’ is basically a HD display panel with a built-in video player, cast into a stunning frame. You can choose what video plays on your portrait. You can was witness a gorgeous woman turning into a chilling ghoul or a sweet child transform into a blood-thirsty killer! 3- Drone Clown Even before Stephen King’s IT sent down ripples in the literary circles, clowns had been creepy right from the start. All you need is a drone and a clown’s head. If you are a DIY freak, you can even build your own drone! Securely mount the clown’s head onto the drone and cover up the body by draping cheesecloth over it. Let some shredded pieces hang over for effect. Additionally, you can also install lights and audio player to really amp up the scare factor on your drone clown. 4- Project Ghosts and Ghouls Do you have an HD projector lying around your house? Dust it off, grab some window projection components and get working to set it up near any window for a scream fest. You can choose your favorite scenes from gore and horror films and load it on your projecting device. The random projections of terrifying clips on your window or a similar eerie location will have any visitor jumping in fright! Use some of the tips given above to have a technological edge while decorating your home for Halloween. From trick or treaters to close family and friends, everyone deserves a good scare for Halloween. We hope you have an enjoyable and an eventful Halloween! Aida Martin is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Norton security products at . Source:-

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Edge, the Microsoft’s browser to replace the Internet Explorer, is the default web browser in Windows 10. Microsoft has rolled out a number of upgrades to the Edge browser. With the help of additional extensions support, and high running speed, this browser has become the browser of choice for users. Let’s explore the different advantages offered by Microsoft Edge. 1- High Speed Speed is amongst the most crucial aspects to put into consideration while picking the default browser. As per Microsoft, Edge is the fastest amongst all other browsers. Edge is the default browser in Windows 10 and is also available for iOS and Android. Before Edge was launched, Chrome ranked first in the speed race. 2- Annotating the Web Microsoft Edge is the first web browsing app that comes with webpage annotation. This feature lets users add notes to pages that they are browsing. While studying, you can annotate web pages that you want to add in your class report; cooking enthusiasts can make adjustments and modifications to recipes and share it with others, etc. 3- Reading List While Windows 8 came with the Reading List feature, it was not very popular, and only a handful of folks knew how to access and use it. However, in Microsoft Edge, this feature is easy to locate. Users can utilize the Reading List to maintain a record of stuff they wish to check out later. In order to insert an item, just hit the Favorite button located in the toolbar. Now, you can decide whether you wish to add it to the Bookmarks or the Reading List. 4- More Secure Web browser protection is very important at present. While some browsers such as the Internet Explorer were a goldmine for cybercriminals and hackers, Microsoft Edge is exceptionally secure. In a browser security test conducted at NSS Labs, Edge came out to be the most secure browser. It is more secure than its competitors: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 5- Minimalistic User Interface Users often criticized that the Internet Explorer browser was very cluttered and complicated to use. In Microsoft Edge, all the features and functionalities are integrated well. The UI is organized and easy to navigate. A number of functionalities concerning the OS are in-built. The main page is very minimalistic, and a number of redundant tabs and features have been gotten rid of entirely. All the other not so essential options can be found in the Advanced Settings. 6- Cortana Cortana is one of the best things about Windows 10. This voice assistant is also integrated with Edge. When you open web pages, Cortana may pop up and make suggestions. In order to enable Cortana in Edge browser, just launch the menu and select Settings. Click on the View advanced settings option and turn Cortana assistance on. Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites. Source:-

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Microsoft Office Exchange Online is a hosted messaging application that offers suitability to the organization. Users can access the email, contacts, calendars, and task for any endpoint device. As we all know, how time-consuming the exchange server is when it comes to support and manage. Therefore, businesses are turning to hosted servers (Offline Exchange) and it is a part of MS Office setup suite. Sometimes it is needed to change the contact information or impose limits for the users in Exchange Online due to some reasons. Steps to modify the contact information: Log in the Outlook Web App Now go to the Settings Select “Options” Hit “Account” from the left navigation pane Now select “Edit Information” Do the required changes, and “Save” by clicking on Save button Note: It takes minimum 24 hours to Offline Address Book to update Steps to update users’ contact information by administrators As an administrator, log in to the Office 365 website Select the “Admin” Now, hit the “Exchange” Hit “Recipients” in the left navigation pane Now go to the “Mailboxes” Now choose the user by double-clicking it who do you want to change the information Go to the “User Mailbox Window” Hit the “Contact Information” Do the required changes, and then “Save” it Guide to how an administrator can make the restrictions for users’ to update their own contact information As an administrator, log in to the Office 365 website Select the “Admin” Now, hit the ”Exchange” Hit “Permissions” in the left navigation pane Now, select the “User Roles” Now, choose the role that has been assigned to the user By Default- All users are assigned to the Default Role Assignment Policy Now, select the “Edit” Please ensure that “MyContactInformation and the MyProfileInformation” checkboxes are unclicked in the Role Assignment Policy window, under Contact Policy Now “Save” it For more information on how to update the contact information or guidance on Office setup or how to get it from call the MS Office customer care phone number. Source:-

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Digital transformation is essentially the art of adapting and changing your leadership tactics to improve the reach of your company by a vast degree. As the world becomes more and more technologically aware, it makes sense to utilize a digital transformation strategy. Without this, you are in grave danger of becoming obsolete. To transform in a manner which is risk-free and safe, it is important that your employees understand all aspects of digital transformation leadership, and how it will change the world in years to come. One of the most important ways you can ensure that your employees become an advocate for digital transformation leadership is by ensuring that they know how to work with the technology. Listed below are a few pointers by which you can understand how to best work with the technology at hand. Early involvement: One of the biggest overlooked options in the digital transformation leadership is that employees do not get acquainted with technology early on. Once people get used to working the ground of working without technology, it gets difficult to help them integrate with it again. Integrating with technology will help in both teamwork and their everyday job, exemplifying their work by about 75%. Become part of the change: One of the best methods of a successful digital transformation strategy is making the employees feel like they are part of a change. With digitization, you are ensuring that your employees understand the change which is currently taking place and that they know the exact ways by which this change will make them alter their work- this is usually for the better. However, sometimes it may be possible that the employers themselves are not ready for this change. It may lead to them giving a mere lecture or presentation about a technology development strategy, but they will not want to create an actual change in any way. This leads to the company becoming obsolete in its ways, and slow in approaching the requests of its clients. Thus, it is extremely important for both the employee and the employer to accept the changes which come about with the advancement of technology. Understand how to interact with the customer: It has become extremely important for any company to realize that as the world has become more digitized, customers are moving online to register their thoughts. The most important way to do this is by social media. As a company, if you are not active on the major social media sites, you are losing out on a lot. With social media, you can easily interact with most of your customers, if not all. If there are any issues that they have, they can address your social media account directly, without having to physically come to you. Globalization: The most important facet of digital transformation leadership is understanding how to deal with customers on a global scale. As everything has become online, companies have expanded tremendously, reaching depths with were deemed impossible even two decades ago. It is natural that to ensure that all your companies all over the world are working on the same page, you would have to employ the help of technology in some form or the other. You can shift production and supplies from one country to another in a matter of hours with technology.

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One should never take any chance with the TV antenna installation. Stay away from DIY projects when you are in need of a TV antenna installation. We say this because many homeowners do attempt DIY projects only to end up with broken antennas. It would help if you always relied on skilled professionals for your antenna installation needs in Bel Air MD. They have the requisite experience and can cater to your needs without breaking a sweat. What follows is a list of basic tips that can help you find the best HD antenna installer in Bel Air MD; Inquire About The Company’s Experience Let’s start off with the experience of the antenna installer in Bel Air MD. You want to hire an antenna installation company that has ample experience under its belt. An experienced antenna installer professional is far more capable of catering to your antenna installation needs as opposed to an amateur antenna installer. Not to mention that thanks to the experience, such companies can provide you with custom solutions based on your budget and needs. Find Out About The Warranty Does the company claim to offer professional TV antenna installation in Bel Air MD offer warranty on its work? If so, what are the particulars of it? How long will the warranty period last? What nullifies the warranty and what does the warranty cover? Asking such questions can help you ascertain if you want to hire this particular company or not. Does It Provide Written Quotes? When you are hiring an antenna installation service in Bel Air MD, it is crucial that it provides you with a written estimate for the antenna installation. Any company that seems reluctant when it comes to giving a written quote charges for this service, or prefers providing estimates over the phone should not be hired. Besides, getting a written quote helps you save yourself from getting overbilled and enables you to compare the cost of hiring different companies for your antenna installation. Check With Previous Customers If you want the best possible digital antenna installation in Bel Air MD, then it is imperative that you hire the antenna installation service that enjoys the customers’ seal of approval. You can check this by going through the reviews submitted by previous customers or getting a customer referral list from the company and contacting individual customers for information on the company. This simple exercise can help you learn a lot about the company including the various pros and cons of hiring it. Is The Company Licensed? Before you hire an HD antenna installer in Bel Air MD, make sure that the company is properly licensed. In other words, get its paperwork checked by relevant authorities. By relying on these tips, you can easily find the best antenna installer in Bel Air MD for your antenna installation needs. We wish you the best of luck and would love to hear about your search and subsequent experience. #Technology #Antenna #Tv #USA #Tvantennainstallationtips

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With the increasing competition in the business industry, it has important to enhance the employees’ productivity for the better outcome. You must be ready to adopt the new technologies to stay ahead. Microsoft Office suite is technology-driven business software that offers multiple versions to the users. In MS Office 2016, you can automate your business tasks like doing analysis, making presentations and pie charts etc. It can be downloaded from for your Mac. Follow these below -given steps to install MS Office 2016 to Mac: After downloading the Office 2016, go to the “Finder” Then go to “Downloads” and double-click the downloaded file (Microsoft_office_2016_Installer.pkg) When installation screen appears click “Continue” in order to begin the installation process Check the Software License Agreement and click “Continue” Click “Agree” to confirm the Software License Agreement Check the space in your disk and then select “Install” Note: Instead of downloading the entire Office suite, you can select the specific app according to your requirement. Press the customize button and uncheck the other apps. Fill your Mac password, select “Install” Note: It is your usual password which you use to log in to your Mac After finishing the installation process click “Close” Go to the MS Excel in the dock When you click the icon “MS Excel” the” What’s New ” window will open and select “Get Started” for activating process” For more information on how to install the Office 2016 to Mac or how to download Office 2016 via, you can call the customer care phone number. They will be happy to assist you with the best possible way. Source:-

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f you are trying to go to some other websites through your Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird browser but you are unable to do that, then it might be happening due to the certain restrictions imposed by Kaspersky antivirus. And the main reason is to install SSL certificate in your browser in order to proceed further. So, what do I need to do to fix the issue? You just follow some simple steps in order to overcome the error: Installation of certificate for a browser with a centralized password Fix the numerous browser accounts problem Enable 8dot3name format problem Installation of certificate for a browser with a master password Go to your browser settings and remove your master password Now, restart your browser Once again reset your master password Now, the browser certificate has been installed Fix the multiple browser account problem On your keyboard press Win+R Type firefox.exe-p and click OK Now delete all the supposed account apart from the real one which you use Restart your Mozilla Firefox Enable 8dot3name format name First, verify if 8dot3name short URL format is enabled in your operating system Now, Run the command line as an administrator Run the command: “Fsutil 8dot3name query’” You will see the short URL name option In case you find value 1-disabled then enable it: Uninstall the Mozilla Firefox Now, Run the command line as an administrator Run the command: “Fsutil 8dotname set 0” Now, restart your PC Reinstall Mozilla Firefox For more information on how to fix secure traffic control error or how to download Kaspersky via you can call the customer care support number. They will give you the best solution in no time. Source:-

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With an increasing number of threats in the world, small and mid-sized businesses are facing numerous issues. They are keen to find security services which fit their budgets and yet provide proper security services. An important problem that SMBs (small and mid-sized businesses) face is lack of personnel to build and function their own SOC (Security Operation Center). Due to this, the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) process is out of reach. Eventually, many such organizations are turning towards the way of outsourcing SOC as a Service which can suit their organization's needs and improve the security posture. Several small to mid-sized companies face the "trio of the cyber security troubles" as follows: · Recent ransomware like Petya and WannaCry caught the world in their evil grip but in a more modern way. · With the increasing number of cyber threats, there is an increase in the security expertise scarcity creating over 3.5 million cyber security openings by 2021. · As per the Verizon’s DBIR report, hackers are targeting on small and mid-sized businesses and creating a havoc in them as they lack proper SOC (Security Operations Center) services. As a consequence, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are finding ways on how they can deal with so many upcoming challenges. Therefore, they are going to the reputed security service providers who can implement SOC as a Service. Although, this is a right decision, yet exploring and choosing the correct SOC service provider is not that easy. If your vendor lacks proper and mandatory amenities for the effective SOC with a plain focus on managed detection, then this can turn to a bigger loophole in your security posture. If you too are stuck on how to choose a smart security provider, then you can follow the below checklist. It guides you to search for a comprehensive SOC service. The checklist includes: Complexity level A recent Gartner study identified that MDR (managed detection and response) is a fast-growing market. The detection is obviously used to recognize the threats, but the SOC should also provide prevention and IR (incident response) in case of a disaster. A comprehensive security package like decisive and effective IR, protection from DDoS attack, ransomware, data breach, and disaster recovery is all you need when you consider a SOC. If the vendor doesn't provide 24/7 SOC and IR services, then it should not be termed as SOC. Real-Time Threat Analysis Monitoring the threats in real-time with the use of detection services and forensics is a crucial task for SOC. It should be for all the security incidents on the basis of 24/7. The scanty staff in the security team can't handle the noisy and complex SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tools. They can't strain out the false alarms and hence the performance level doesn't stay up to the mark for vital security matters. You have to make sure that the SOC provider has the abilities of smart detection of the threats round the clock so that you can sleep peacefully. Armed Threat Hunting With the burgeoning techniques of hacking and hackers getting smart, it is very tedious to detect every single type of attack. Staying armed means, the network has to stay prepared in advance and search for the threats proactively. This would result in auto-adjustment of the network as per the latest cyber-attacks which could be just a few hours ago. This is a huge responsibility of the security specialists. It calls for learning the different and unique requirements of the client's network and hunt down the threats which can still pass on through the detection process. For this method to work, we need relevant and efficient threat-intelligent sources, machine learning techniques, and choosing everything which can help in one or the other way to find valid security incidents impacting the consumers. Compliance Control Compliances are a vital factor while implementing the SOC. Every SOC should compulsorily have some compliances like PCI DSS, HITECH, HIPAA, GLBA, FFIEC, and some other standards that high-quality industries must bind to. The compliance organizations must provide templates for recommended security checks and vulnerability assessments and see whether the businesses are abiding by the given regulatory measures. Not just hackers can cost you big bucks, but not having required compliances can lead you to pay penalties as well! You must make sure that all these things are handled by your SOC service provider. Strategic Advising After monitoring the network and hunting for the upcoming threats, the security engineers will get an in-depth understanding of your company's network. This knowledge of network topology, places of the vital assets will help them to protect those with a proper defense strategy. You should demand this from the outsourced SOC provider as this contributes to designing and improving the security posture. Instead of having a just scalable cloud-based technology, an outlined IR (Incident Response) process and a team of well-trained security specialists shall persuade the clients to get insights into their organization's security posture. Further, this helps in improving and running the business processes more effectively. Defined Pricing Pricing is the issue which everyone faces. Make sure that your prices don't fluctuate every single time because this would deteriorate the trust of your consumers. The SOC service provider should make fixed pricing plans. The rates shall vary on the number of sensors and users instead of log data's volume and servers monitored. Such predictable and defined pricing models are essential for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). These organizations struggle with the fluctuating costs and can't afford highly expensive managed services. Therefore, the SOC providers should not have unpredictable costs. To summarize All these factors are important to consider while choosing the SOC provider. This checklist will guide you to know which things you should not compromise when you want to outsource the SOC provider. You can further read why SOC is important here.

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The digital transformation may be a massive endeavor for any size company, however, it may be significantly arduous for an over sized enterprise. Digital transformation impacts the complete organization, and needs a big quantity of change from all quarters in keeping with higher business school, digital leaders generate higher gross margins, and higher earnings and profit than organizations that are digital laggards. Given the need of enterprise a digital transformation for organizations of all sizes to stay competitive, here’s a roundup of some articles to assist you discover your manner through your next digital transformation. 1. The way to Navigate a Digital Transformation It’s no surprise to anyone at now that heritage organizations are coping with digital transformation, however, navigating that digital transformation may be difficult, due partially to the actual fact that this endeavor can look a bit totally different for every business that undertakes it. Below are the assistance businesses organize their undertakings: Pinpoint your starting place Inventory all of your organization’s assets Visualize a brand new future as a digital network Operate a pilot of your network business Track the progress of your network initiative Read additional about the PIVOT method and the way it will help you navigate your digital transformation here. 2. Seven inquiries to raise Before Your Next Digital Transformation One of the most necessary takeaways from this text is that digital transformation isn't simply a 1 and done reasonably a deal. It’s a current method for organizations to undertake. The queries explored here transcend assessing the resources required to implement new technology and challenge readers to assume critically regarding the modification they’re enterprise they start with a matter that several may not assume to ask: are you enterprise a digital upgrade or a digital transformation? Learn a lot of regarding each of the seven queries here. 3. To guide a Digital Transformation, CEOs should grade In this content piece, author posits that changing into a digital leader isn’t merely a matter of understanding technology. He advises that CEOs take a holistic read of the changes their organization must endure and undertake three key steps to guide that transformation: outline wherever the change is most required, choreograph the modification, and empower individuals to undertake the steps you’ve choreographed resolve however prioritization will facilitate your method here. Point to debate As every of those authors point out, leading a digital transformation isn't any tiny task, and it'll look completely different to different organizations – even to constant organization at different times a big piece of this puzzle is managing the modification that comes with a digital transformation – a subject deserve several articles in its title successful leaders won’t regress from these changes, however do their best to navigate the waters of digital transformation so as to maneuver into the digital realm.