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We all know that selenium is an open source software testing automation tool. It became best software product in quality assurance. It supports many programming languages and operating systems. At present it used by Fitbit, Hub-spot, Google, and Netflix. The total suite offer a wide range of answers for different testing problems and requirements. Pros of Selenium Unlimited Plugins Selenium can enlarged beyond on its capabilities, with a big range of plugins that are more similar. In this appium and selendroid are two tools. Here you can see the third party plugins that are somewhat officially implemented by Selenium. However, you can find many unsupported ones in Github. You can also find your latest and easy product like eclipse and Jenkins with selenium training. Big community If you see a data Driven Company, it provide an interesting result. Into the software, testing tools place. You can see selenium take unstable 40 % of market share of every software testing tools. With its competitor UFT, taking just 12 % it is amazing statistics. Supported by many languages The best thing that selenium supports is test automation. At the starting, we have only ten languages that is supported by Java, ruby, C, Java script, Perl, C#, PHP. However, today it supports many languages. It is the main tool that which cover Linux. Best for Mobile testing With selenium, you can test old, new, hybrid, web and mobile applications. Even though if you need additional software we have two options that is selendroid and appium. These based on Selenium so that developers apply the same principles when they test the mobile apps. Both this tools are open source tools and have best community support. The main difference is Appium. It supports both the iOS, android and windows versions. While Selendroid mainly focus on android. Selendroid connected with Appium. By that when you test the android versions 2.3 and 4.3. The program will be exactly switched to selendroid with selenium online training. It may look that by using Appium, we have much logical choice and option, that is not a limit you that only one OS. However, it designs more sense to use Selendroid if you are planning to test the android more exclusively. It has some important features like hot plugging. So you can plug in and un-plug devices that can be tested at one time. We have other niche tools like Robotium and iOS driver that is a selenium web driver API for iOS testing Integrated with Selenium Grid options. Continuous workflow and Integrated with Devops and Agile Selenium following the DevOps and Agile before these words were in practice. The total nature of selenium will go perfectly into the main principles behind Continuous delivery, DevOps, Agile and many more. As we know that it is portable on all platforms and every time it does not, need learning, latest languages like selenium, which known for unmatched flexibility? Selenium easily Integrates with many development platforms like Sauce labs, Qmetry, testing, maven and Jenkins. Parallel testing with selenium grid, that which allows developers to get feedback as much as faster and work on modifications right away. Instead of waiting overnight for an exam. Selenium is free Selenium is not only an automation-testing tool in the market. Not only free one compete with other type of paid products. You seen in our Automated, testing tools comparison. Katalon Studio is only alternative it does not offer more than language. It does not work on Linux OS. Cons of selenium It do not have reporting capabilities Project managers, Developers, testers, they do not need to get access to test results. Which is most visualized in the forms of tables, charts and they supported by Screenshots and do not have reporting. Tech Support If you have any error in that, we get support from the community but. If you want to contact them, there are no more companies for the commercial support and guidance. It offer a short list of companies in their eco-system page. No-In-Built Image In the QA method, it have difficulties in automating the image Verification. The best way to decide an image id displayed correctly on the screen. Is that they have to check it manually. While it is only normal many productions to implement a combination of automated and manual testing. Straight learning At present codeless testing, is the fashion? It accepts that anyone who has no deep programming language allowed to do the tests. Some testing tools like Ranorex, tricentis, testcomplete option by designing a user. A friendly UI on top of the code layer will start switching between only two types of modes. Testers write scripts and they get feedback. However, they have to skip the coding part if it needed selenium online training in Hyderabad.

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There are many tools for business data analysis and planning are available in the market which aim at improving the business in terms of growth. Whether the business is small, medium or large, it holds the data which needs to be managed in an efficient way, otherwise the business may face many problems. However, with the right tool, businesses can overcome many data-related problems. Data handling is not a piece of cake but it requires appropriate training to store, analyze, and view the data. But with the help of ExistBI, you no longer need to worry about it. Our team has expertise in several aspects of business intelligence and provides trainings as per the requirements of different businesses. One of them is SAP businessobjects training. Among several tools for the reporting and analysis of data present in the market, one of the most used solutions is SAP business objects. Two companies named as BusinessObjects and SAP AG merged in 2007 and established SAP BusinessObjects, an enterprise that is specialized in business intelligence. There are various applications for data analysis, for which you need appropriate training, our experts of ExistBI can make the SAP business objects training easy for you. What are the benefits of SAP business objects: As mentioned earlier, SAP business objects is a reporting and analysis platform, consists of several applications to discover data, perform thoughtful analysis, and create a report based on the analysis. One of the major benefits of SAP business objects is the simplicity it provides to the users which facilitates them to access the required data and perform predictive analysis process without the need for any input. It is a cost-effective solution for businesses as it provides single, highly available, and scalable platform of business intelligence that greatly helps to make better decisions for the growth of a company. Another benefit that makes the overall process of data management and analysis easier is the efficiency that ensures the delivery, analysis, and reporting of the data in less time. It provides the complete framework for data extraction and analysis, reporting, and sharing which helps the managers to make an insightful decision that will maintain the efficiency and operational stability of the business in the long run. Why ExistBI is the best option? To remain in the competition, it is imperative to adopt the strategies that can help you in flourishing your business and for this data analysis is inevitable. Our experts can provide you the best training of SAP business objects. ExistBI aims at providing the training services for the businesses of all sizes. Choosing the ExistBI will facilitate you in business success and ensure that your data will aid you in devising strategies which work to improve the profits. If you want to get a clear idea about what we do, visit our Youtube channel:

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Many Canon Printer users ( especially the MX series) gets Error 5C20 while using the printer. This error restricts the users from printing anything from the device. The error is usually accompanied by the annoying rattling sound when the user tries to print any document. Fortunately, a user can contact Canon Printer Support and discover the most effective solution to this problem. Below, we are sharing the most effective methods which can help you to fix the Canon Printer error 5C20 by yourself.

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How to Uninstall the Norton Setup?If you are having the older version of Norton setup and you wish to get the latest updated version on the system, then you do not have to worry about it’s uninstall procedure. Just follow the uninstall procedure mentioned below to get more improved protection from the antivirus. Ensure that you have completely uninstalled the Norton setup from the system by going to the “Control Panel.”• By going to the menu, click the “Windows key and R key” together and after that, tap on the “Enter” button on your keyboard.• Below the “All Programs” or “Programs or “Options” column, choose the Norton product which you wish to uninstall it from the system.• Once you had decided right-click on the selected “Norton product” and after that, tap on the “Uninstall” button.• Let the uninstallation procedure get completed. More to read5 Human Jobs That Have Been Taken Over by Robots5 Best Privacy Settings in Windows 10Top 5 Best URL Shorteners in 2019

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McAfee offers real-time protection against threats(new and old), malware, and other cyber insecurities.Steps of activating McAfee security program McAfee products need to be activated to check the originality. With their product, every user of McAfee program gets a unique code. That code helps to activate McAfee. Go through these steps to activate your McAfee program. To get protected, login or make an account at, redeem the product using the product key and download the McAfee antivirus setup.  More to read5 Human Jobs That Have Been Taken Over by Robots5 Best Privacy Settings in Windows 10Top 5 Best URL Shorteners in 2019

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Enhance your Chromebook experience by downloading apps.Want to get Android apps on your Chromebook? Stick around and go through this guide. How to View the Chrome OS Current Version? You have to click on the toolbar located at the lower right column of the screen. In case you wish to know the current version of the Chrome OS, then you have to follow the steps mentioned below: •    Tap on the “Settings” option. •    Tap on the “Google Chrome” pull-down menu located on the top left-hand column of the display. It resembles the “three lines” icon. •    Press on the “About Chrome OS” option. •    In case you do not have the Chrome version 53, then tap on the “Check For Updates” option to get in case the computer is already in its updated version. •    After confirming that you are using the right Chrome version, then go to the “Google Play Store.” In case you have already updated the Chrome into its latest version, then you will not get the update option on the screen. How to Find the Google Play Store App? You have first to follow the steps listed below to find the Google Play Store app: •    Tap on the “Start” option. Type the Google Play Store in the search box or click the “Up” option for displaying the other applications. •    Press on the “Google Play store” symbol. •    After that, you will get the list of applications to start installing it on the Chromebook. How to Install Apps From Google Play Store? Click on the checkbox which indicates “Google Play Store” located at the upper side of the display. You can search for the applications by going to the search bar. Here are the steps given below to install applications from the Google Play Store: •    Take an example, in case you wish to search the sketch application. You have to enter the sketch name in the search bar and after that, tap on the “Enter” button. •    You will get the similar name suggestion as the drop-down list. Press on the name of the application which you wish to install and go through the description of that application given at the end of the Google Play Store and read the reviews of it. •    After you have decided which app you wish to download, you have to press on the “Download” option. •    You will get the “View Now” option which will display the application is completed its downloading, and you will get the progress box which displays that the app is completed is installation or not. •    After completing the installation procedure of the selected application, then the application window start showing the “Open” option rather than “Install” option. Additionally, return to the applications pull-down list and after that, tap on the symbol. Now, you can start using the application. Eleanor  is a jack of all trades : an experienced IT technicians, writer, researcher, and a self-professed Software expert. As a single software engineer, she has in-depth knowledge of Webroot Antivirus  and she likes to write tutorials, reviews, news, and reports about the same under webroot support Source: Android Apps on Chromebook

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Scribd is a platform that allows authors to share books or documents with their readers and viewers. It also offers protection from plagiarism and privacy and permits the paid readers to print the document from the Scribd official website. Here’s how to download and print a Scribd document. How to Log In into the Scribd Account? •    Open the Scribd official site. Type the website link in the text field by using the systems browsing software. Click on the “Enter” button on the system keyboard to open the official site of Scribd. •    Sign in to the Scribd account. You will get the “Sign in”  option located in the top right-hand side of the screen, and you will get this option in the main webpage of Scribd. Press on it so that you can get the sign in the display. You can select to sign in to the Facebook account by entering the email ID and password associated with it. •    In case you opt to type the Facebook email ID and password, then you have to type all the sign in information in the given box located on the left-hand side of the display. •    After typing all the information required for sign in, then click on the “Sign In” option given at the end of the display. How to Print a Scribd Document? •    Find the Scribd document on the folder where you have to save the document. After signing in to the Scribd account, you can easily view the Scribd document and start downloading the document into the system in case the author of the book permits the readers to download it on their system. You can open a Scribd document by entering the title on the search box given at the upper side of the webpage. After typing the name, click on the “Enter” button. •    Open the Scribd document. Once you have entered the title of the document, press on the Scribd document or the image of that document. After clicking it, the preview webpage will open on the screen where you will get only a few portions of the Scribd document, and it depends on the authors who will decide how many portions they wish to share with you. •    You have to start downloading the Scribd document. Press on the orange color download option located in the upper right-hand side of the webpage. It will open the download webpage on the desktop. •    Go to the document which you have downloaded earlier. You need to press on the downloaded document, and it will be in the PDF format located at the end of the default browsing application. •    Go to the Print option to start printing the downloaded Scribd document. Aurora is an engineer by day and writer by night. Previously, Aurora worked as a certified technicians for a tech hardware startup. In her free time, she likes to write about printers, routers, web browsers, and other technical stuff. She majorly writes for canon, brother, lexmark printer support etc. Source: Scribd Documents

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The new line up of Readynet router is an amazing device because of the feature it gives to their users of connecting the internet with multiple devices at the same time and enjoys the internet by connecting the devices with wifi. The reason makes millions of users over all the world to pick and switch to Readynet router is the speedy internet connection without any disconnection in between your important work process. Although after having many features, technical device sometime comes across with the problem and the most common problem with the router is connectivity whether with wifi or any source. Therefore, we are providing guidance for resolving your router and their connection problem with wifi or for quick solution contact Readynet Router Support Number. Otherwise, you need to follow the instruction carefully to complete the process to fix the problem. First of all, perform the update of router firmware and require to install its latest version of router Readynet firmware into a computer device. Now unplug your system with Internet connectivity. Then users require to connect a system device to its LAN port of a Readynet router and then logged into its interface of a web page Drive to the option called Management and proceed to upgrade it and tap to a web browser into a field of a selected file. Now you require to go to a firmware file which a user has already downloaded as specified above and then select it. Give one tap to upgrade the button. At once you have uploaded a firmware file, a Readynet will now restart and then run out a new router firmware latest version. Record, not to remove the Readynet router’s power on when it gets reflected along with new firmware or if a user is using a laptop device. In case you are stuck while doing the half of the steps then without wasting a second just contact Router Support Number +(1)-888-846-5560 toll-free to avail the support service by the certified professionals and get the instant solution in a short period of time. Article Source- Our Website-

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Whenever you visit any website, you leave your trace in the form of a unique IP address that helps in identifying your system, its locations and other related aspects attached to it. Businesses these days are using professional IP tracker tools in order to know about their visitors and their issues so that it can further be used to improve their customer's experience and the return of investment. A strong IP tracker tool or software will let anyone know the ISP as well as the country of the IP address. Even though it does not tell about the user’s personal information but linking the IP address to the user is definitely possible. IP tracker tools often help market researchers and advertisers for commercial uses and there are various sites that have user’s personal details linked to their IP address in their database. Thus, hackers may anytime access the information for the malicious purpose and one needs to be carefully aware to keep their IP address protected from such trackers. Some major advantages of IP tracking tools 1. It helps in generating leads Lead generation is one of the most major uses of IP tracking tools. Businesses, these days are constantly looking for different ways to find more leads to fill their sales gap. Not only does IP tracking provide leads for monitoring and following up, but it also helps in capturing potential prospects which your business would never have been aware of. 2. It improves the sales process IP tracking also offers value to existing business leads which are in your sales bucket and can also have a large impact in progressing leads throughout your entire sales process. With the use of IP tracking software, you can immediately know about the return visit of an interested party and further can use that information to your advantage of going forward. How to protect your IP address from IP tracking? As a business owner, you should always be cautious while sharing your personal information on the internet. Besides this, there are also some tools and techniques to cover your IP address that you may opt for. Some of these tools and techniques are free while others are available at an affordable price. Also, you may choose to get a dynamic IP address for your business that changes automatically from your ISP. Use of virtual private network (VPN) is also another technique with the use of which you can secure your IP address. However, if you wish to protect your business completely then you may hire some professional services providers for the same.

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If you are going out for a vacation, you must plan things accordingly. It includes taking care of the home that you are leaving for a while as well. When smart home devices are installed in your home, you don’t have to worry much about your home as they take care of it entirely. But many smart home devices such as Google Home hub and Nest thermostat come with a kind of vacation mode feature that you need to enable when you are going out for a vacation. You can find various devices in the market that have the same vacation mode type of features. Source : Here are a few of them: August smart lock You get the option to set up a guest account in the August smart lock so that a known person can enter and take care of your house. Wi-Fi security cameras Most of the Wi-Fi security cameras have motion detection feature that alerts the owner whenever any movement is detected on the camera. So, if you place the camera on the entrance gate, it is possible to identify thieves quickly. Make sure you set the security camera in this way. Nest Thermostat You can save energy while you go away from home through the Away mode in the thermostat. As you don’t have to either keep the house cold or warm. Adjust the same setting accordingly before leaving your home. WeMo Plugs and Switches There is an option to configure Away Mode in WeMo plugs and switches also. They allow you to turn them on or off on a schedule while you are not present. Hence, don’t forget to configure them too. D-link leak detector Water pipe damage can cost you a lot. Through the D-link leak detector, you can save that cost. When you configure it accordingly, it alerts you, and you can let your neighbors know about the issue. For betterment, even if the devices don’t have a vacation mode or type of features, you need to adjust their settings accordingly while you are leaving. Use IFTTT applets As it is hard to program all the smart home devices in your home correctly, you can choose to control them with the help of cloud services. IFTTT comes as the perfect solution as it integrates with most of the smart home devices present in the market and comes as free cloud service. It also has a mobile app that will be ideal for using while you are away. If you don’t own an IFTTT account, you will have to create one first. Here’s how you can set up IFTTT: 1. Open IFTTT and go to My Applets. Then, hit the New Applet option. 2. Now, choose the ‘this’ option and enter ‘time’ in the search column. 3. Move ahead with the process by selecting ‘Date & Time’ and then ‘Every day at’ option. 4. Set the time accordingly and click on Create trigger once you are done. 5. Click on ‘that’ button and type in the brand name of the device you own, for example, WeMO. 6. Choose the Turn on option now. 7. Then, select the switch that you desire to turn on and click on Create Action. 8. Enable the applet by clicking the Finish button. After you implement these steps correctly, the selected lights will turn on every day at the same time. For turning off the same light, you will have to repeat the same process and select turn off. If you wish to create an illusion are that someone is there while you are on vacation, you can create various applets for turning lights on and off. Billy Mark is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at