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You could be writing the best blogs or tutorials but somehow, you do not get the audience that you deserve. What could be the reason for this? Visibility! What sets blogs apart from each other is how visible they are to their readers. Thus, if you want more readers and more traffic, you need to rank your blog over Google. Here are a few tricks that could help you: Tricks to Rank your Blog on Google’s Search Engine 1- USE KEYWORDS FOR OPTIMIZATION An important component of your SEO strategy is optimizing your blog with the appropriate keywords. Conduct a thorough research and locate the keywords suiting your content. Additionally, ensure that these keywords are incorporated in your blog in the most organic manner. This ensures that the readers can easily comprehend your blog without the keywords sticking out like sore thumbs. Also remember to keep an eye out for keywords that rank and use them to boost your blog. 2- WRITE AN ATTRACTIVE META DESCRIPTION Your Meta Description is a snippet of what your blog/website contains. Ensure that the content of your meta description is compelling so that more readers will click on it. If you write an attractive meta description, more traffic will head towards your website. Furthermore, you can even include the keywords in your meta description. 3- BUILD LINKS Link building is important if you want to make your blog more visible. Apart from using readable, keyword rich URLs, it is also important to improve your links. Create contacts over the virtual world so that you can acquire backlinks from other pages. Some websites and blogs offer paid links redirecting to your blog. Another easy way to back link to your website is through promotion of your content over various platforms. Internal links are also an effective SEO strategy if you are unable to convince other webmasters to give you a link. 4- CREATE AN EASY LAYOUT Your website’s layout also needs attention if you wish to rank your blog. The site layout needs to be reader-friendly so that they can comfortably navigate through the pages. According to recent studies, a mobile version of your blog could actually help it feature highly on Google. Thus, making a mobile-friendly website may be quite effective if you wish to rank your blog. 5- OPTIMIZE YOUR MEDIA Optimizing the on-page media could boost your blog’s ranking. The two tried and tested methods to optimize images are: through the inclusion of alt-text, and changing the filename to include keywords. Alt-text could contain a brief description of what the image is and how it is related to your content. 6- REMOVE BROKEN LINKS Broken links could spell death to your blog. Moreover, broken links could hamper the reader experience as they navigate through your website. If a link on your blog points to a webpage that no longer exists, you need to update it. Crawl through your website to identify the broken links or use any tool to locate them. While you update the link, you could also work on updating the content, which could give you an advantage over your competitors. With these tips and tricks, you can make your blog rank highly on the Google Search Engine. Include them in your SEO strategy to give a boost to your blog and gain more visibility to your content. You would not only be attracting more traffic to your website but also saving on your SEO budget! Source –

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(Please note that the information given in this article applies to Microsoft Excel 365, Microsoft Word 365, and other applications in Office 365. If you want to apply the same to other applications in different productivity suites then contact Office customer support team for the immediate guidance.) Microsoft Office 365 (Download available at offers the consumers and business, a set of applications to help in creating documents, spreadsheets, and more without any hassle. Moreover, you can customize the features available in those applications to access them quickly. For instance, if you have to create a table frequently in a document then you can simply add its shortcut by placing the icon in the ribbon. This ribbon is placed on the top of the work space in a document or spreadsheet. Furthermore, you can personalize this ribbon for: Organizing tabs and commands Hiding or un-hiding the ribbon Hiding specific commands Exporting or importing a ribbon Reducing the size of your ribbon How to hide or unhide a ribbon? Hide Open MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint that you have installed via office setup Hit the ^ option available in the top-right corner of the ribbon Unhide Open the Office application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) Go to any tab such as Home, Insert, Page Layout, or more When the ribbon expands to display the sub-options, select the pin button to keep the ribbon pinned In the Read mode, simply press the Esc key from the keyboard to display the ribbon. How to reset the ribbon to its default settings? Move the cursor to Customize the Ribbon window Hit Reset and then Reset All Customization However, to reset a select tab to its default settings, do the following: Go to Customize the Ribbon window Choose the default tab you want to reset to its factory settings Hit Reset followed by Reset Only Selected Ribbon Tab It’s done! For further information on Office 365, visit the official website of Microsoft Office.

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If you ask the smartphone users whether their smartphone is safe and whether they have taken adequate security measures, they will immediately respond saying ‘yes’. Upon questioning further you will learn that they have set a strong password and that they have also installed antivirus software in their phone. This is what smartphone safety for most people mean. However, when we are talking of smartphone safety, we need to think beyond the device. This is not necessarily about device or hardware related safety that we are trying to grapple with even though they too are important. We are trying to address security beyond the smartphone. You will appreciate it better when you understand how things work. When you send an email or have a chat conversation or share a photo, the information leaves your smartphone and passes through several servers before it reaches the recipient. In this process, what happens is the message leaves a trail. You might have the most expensive smartphone or iPhone but this is communication cycle is common to all. The data sent out from your phone could be intercepted at any stage after leaving your device and it can be reconstructed. There is no use having a strong password to limit the physical access to your mobile phone because everything happens only after the data leaves the device. If you want to secure your data then the approach should be lot different from your current approach. Encrypted phones are used to deal with such situations. When you use an encrypted phone even if the data is intercepted by the hackers it will not be of any use to the hackers because the encryption software will scramble the information when it is transmitted and it will be descrambled at the receiving end. Similarly, the same security risks are present with chat messages that you send out too. These messages also leave a trail and not all chat software tools encrypt the messages before sending. It is therefore best to have your own encryption tool which will secure the messages before they are sent. SkyECC proves to be one of the most dependable security solutions for email and chat users. All your data is safe now with Sky ECC. There is yet another risk, which 90% of the mobile phone users who use encryption services are aware of and it comes from the security companies. When you use a security service the service provider generates the encryption key at their end. If you are not dealing with an honest service provider they could even sell your data to third parties without your knowledge breaching your privacy. Those who have opted for Sky ECC do not have to worry about this issue because the advanced security architecture of ECC creates random encryption keys at the user end and thereby providing you with the highest level of security. The access codes are never leaked and the company itself will not have access to them. All these indicate that it is important to think of security much beyond the device.

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HP Printer Tech Support Number Have you encountered an error B0605 with HP Printer? And you don’t know how to fix it then you must read this post. HP Printers are brilliant devices which suits the requirements of households and offices also. But sometimes when this printer tends to cause errors, the users become baffled. You have the option of trying troubleshooting or even you can reach out to HP Printer Customer Service Number for asking the experts about the solution. This error specifically depicts that the firmware has been crashed and it needs to be fixed immediately. You can refer to these enlisted methods for the solution. Make sure that the troubleshooting is done wisely. There are two cases – Case 1: Printer software driver previously installed on PC Place the printer in boot code mode by holding down the cancel and ok buttons. Power on the printer and continue to hold down buttons which will lead into boot code mode. Ensure printer is connected via USB to PC Select the HP Printer from the drop-down list and click send firmware button Case 2: Printer software driver not installed on PC Insert printer installation CD Go to start settings printers and faxes Click add a printer to start add printer wizard and then click next Check local printer attached to this computer, uncheck automatically detect and install my plug and play printer, click next button Select file and click have disk button Browse to the CD drive in the which the printer installation CD is inserted previously, then click ok Highlight the printer installation CD and click next button Specify the printer name and click on next button Select no and then click next followed by finish button Verify that the printer is listed in Printer and Faxes window In the printer and faxes window, right click on the printer select properties Click ports tab and view the USB port Close new hardware found the wizard The second case is quite complicated but it is to mention here that you should not get any second thought to get in touch with the experts available at the HP Printer Technical Support Number. They will thoroughly assist you with a solution. Source URL: -

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bigpond email support australia IPhone is the most popular brand of Apple which is used by millions of users across the globe. The reason for this popularity of Apple can be because of its excellent feature of syncing with different email services. Bigpond is one of the prominent webmail which is gaining the confidence of the people slowly and steadily. If we think to use Bigpond email in iPhone then it will enhance the characteristic of both emails as well as your device too. But sometimes users can face trouble while using this email on iPhone at that time they should communicate with bigpond support australia. By connecting with the support team you will be able to resolve all your queries and doubts easily. How to setup Bigpond email on iPhone Users can configure Bigpond email on iPhone either automatically or manually with the help of IMAP or POP settings. Step 1: Automatic Method Open the settings of your iPhone Accounts Tap to ‘Add’ new account in it After selecting Bigpond email from the list of Emails, enter the login credential of your account Then click enter to save the settings Step 2: Manual Method If by using the automatic method you were not able to bigpond email support australia then users are asked to configure it manually: Choose IMAP as the Account type Enter the detail of incoming server and outgoing server. Make sure to use 993 as incoming server port and 465 as the outgoing server port. Keep the SMTP connection on and then enter the username and password of your Bigpond email account Don’t forget to tick the checkbox of ‘Outgoing server requires authentication’ You may Also Read: Bigpond Email Login If you are not able to setup Bigpond email on iPhone using automatic as well as a manual method then it is highly recommended to get in touch with the team of experts by dialing Bigpond Email Technical Support Number. The technicians are well versed in solving every issue related to Bigpond Email. Users will be delivered with exact and effective resolution after diagnosing the cause of the error that is witnessed by the users. The feasible service of bigpond email phone number australia can be availed 24×7 from anywhere at anytime. Source URL :

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In this digital era, a laptop is considered to be one of the essential assets for almost everyone. And, the safety and security of this technical device have become one of the biggest concern. As the capabilities of tech in terms of laptops and the internet continue to grow, the threat of accidentally downloading a spyware or virus tend to increase. Browsing the wrong website or clicking a virus infected email can result in expensive laptop repairs. Also, dealing with a laptop virus can be both time consuming and frustrating. Even though some of the viruses or spyware are harmless, they do have the ability to create a number of problems, including removing or damaging important data and information from your system. Is your laptop infected with a virus or malware? Do you often receive mysterious error messages or get any strange pop-ups on your screen? Well, the top laptop repair experts have shared some of their best defensive tips that you can follow to keep your laptop virus free. Install a Reliable Antivirus Software In order to keep your laptop virus free, it's important to equip it with defensive tools such as a working anti-virus software. So, if there is no anti-virus software in your system, get it installed right away and make sure it is kept up to date. Most of the anti-virus software also offers the auto-protect feature that provides real-time security for your laptop. Make sure that the feature is always turned on. Perform Regular Scans This is important since technology is evolving every day and so the viruses or spyware are. If you want to be sure that your laptop is protected from malware and virus attacks, it's imperative to perform daily scans. In case, your laptop is already equipped with anti-virus software, chances are some viruses or malware can still be found easily. Scanning your system on a regular basis protects it from virus attacks and stop them from slipping onto your system. Ignore Email Links and Attachments Be careful and use caution when you click on any attachments or links that you received, even in the case when you know the sender. Chances are sometimes your colleagues and friends can unintentionally send you an infected file or program. So, avoid opening it unless it has been scanned using a reliable anti-virus software. Download Files and Programs Carefully If you have any kind of doubt about a file or an attachment when it's from an unknown site or source, don't open it and delete it right away. It's worthwhile to commit a mistake on the side of safety. You will find many tempting videos and animations on the internet, it's better not to download them. To end it up, highlighted above were a few important tips shared by the top laptop repair experts that will you keep viruses and other malware away from your laptop.

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Why might you need a voltage and frequency converter ? Because it’s likely you’re traveling with devices with motors that turn or vibrate. These devices will be dependent on power line (mains) frequency (50Hz or 60Hz) to do their job properly—and operating properly means operating at the right speed. Using the correct frequency for powering your device is important because using the wrong frequency will result in a speed error, and a speed error often spells the difference between a clock that keeps proper time or is unreliable, or a clipper or shaver that malfunctions instead delivering a close, comfortable shave, for example. In short, bringing along the right voltage and frequency converter can eliminate potential problems. Now that you know why you might need a voltage and frequency converter, it’s time to consider which one. The compact, reasonably-priced Athena from KCC Scientificstands out from low-quality import products that produce noisy, distorted AC at an incorrect frequency. The difference is clear: simply no other product converts both voltage and frequency with a pure sine wave output. This means you won’t worry about your device malfunctioning or failing. With an output receptacle that accommodates worldwide standards, Athena powers your device anywhere on the globe. Whether you’re on the road or at home, the Athena will accurately and safely power devices up to 40 watts, or even 50-watt devices for short periods. Producing a pure sine wave at precisely the frequency you require, the Athena is simple to operate. Just select voltage and frequency from the front panel as needed - 115V or 230V AC at 50Hz or 60Hz. The abilities of this converter makeit an ideal travel converter for many of your favorite comforts, necessities, and conveniences.Athena is the right choice even if you only need voltage conversion. She’s a super quiet, easily-portable substitute for large, heavy, loud transformers. Imagine having a local mini power plant for the device you wish to power. That’s just how KCC Frequency Converters perform, cleaning up your mains power by reconstructing it. The huge advantage is that you never have to be concerned about the quality of the power source or fear the device you are powering may eventually experience damage. Tags: electrical frequency converter, frequency converters, frequency converter, frequency converter 50hz to 60hz, frequency changer, frequency converter 60hz to 50hz, 50hz to 60hz converter, 60hz to 50hz converter, 120vac to 24vac transformer, best travel power converter, 120v to 24vac transformer, 120v to 24v transformer, best travel converter, 120 to 24 volt transformer

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Technology has come up with many lighting solutions, if you are looking to lighten up your sports arena, lawn or space outside your home then we suggest you to opt for 1000 Watt LED flood light. Not only it offers great lighting solution but also is one of the most environment-friendly solution. Those who are not much aware about LED lights, here is everything you need to know about them: What is LED Floodlights Before we get on to the benefits of this amazing light technology, let's get to know little more about this system. The best part about this lighting system is that it does not have fragile and moving glass components, hence it is safe to use. Also, no mercury or any other toxic component is used in this system, making it environment-friendly. Semiconductor diodes are used to form this lighting system. Benefits of 1000 watt LED light • First and most important benefit of this lighting system is that it is energy efficient and using this LED lighting system does not put pressure on your pocket. It consumes less energy as compared to traditional lighting bulbs. • Another benefit of using 1000 Watt LED flood lights is that it has longer lifespan as compared to the traditional one. On an average, it can replace 50 traditional bulbs. Therefore not only it helps to save cost but also lowers down the cost of replacement and also is beneficial for environment. • Also, it produces less heat which is not only good for environment but plants as well. You can get these LED lights installed in your garden area and it will not harm your plantation in any way. Now, this is what we call an eco-friendly solution. • Apart from being pocket-friendly and environment-friendly installing these LED Lights have one another impactful benefit. Its aesthetic and appealing look makes it more tempting as compared to traditional lighting solution. Choosing right style and right 1000 watt LED lights can help area look more appealing and magnificent. It will help to add charm and beauty to your outdoor arena as well. • Not only these LED lighting solutions are available for bigger and huge lightning purpose but also these are perfect solution for indoor lighting. Best to be used in kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms, and living area. It creates good environment and soothing ambiance. • Last but not the least maintenance cost is very less, and it offers great range of flexibility for both indoor and outdoor lighting. For best 1000 watt LED lights, the best place to go for is LED universe. They have great range of options to choose from. They are one of the most genuine dealers and manufacturers of LED lighting system. They make sure to use latest technology and innovative solutions to bring best to its customers. Their approach of manufacturing LED lighting products is customer and environment-friendly. Not only they provide great variety but also provide pocket-friendly solutions for all lighting needs. Author: The writer is an expert in the field of 1000 watt LED lights. If you are looking for the leading online 1000 Watt LED flood lights in China please visit Leds Universe. Original Source:

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Kaspersky Pure 2.0 is a specialized computer program dedicated to deliver an advanced level of protection for the computer systems connected to a single network. The security software ensures safe data transfers as well as complete protection against the viruses and online threats. It immediately blocks spam, ad banners, and other suspicious websites that may contain hidden viruses. Accessible via, Kaspersky Pure 2.0 comes up with a computer protection module that is available in the main application window. Key features of this computer protection module includes file anti-virus, mail anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-banner, proactive defense, firewall, application control, and system watcher. The security program scans the computer system for viruses and other vulnerabilities in order to take required actions within time. In order to ensure full protection against the viruses, it is always recommended to scan your device regularly. Here is how you can configure scan settings in Kaspersky Pure 2.0: Create a schedule scan Go to the main application window Click Settings Choose Scan and then select the following: Full Scan or Critical Areas Scan Here you can select the settings to configure a schedule scan Enable Idle Scan Open the main application interface Open Settings and choose the Scan section Now, choose General Settings Go to Background scan tasks Here, you can check the box Perform Idle Scan Regular Scan In the main application window, choose Settings Now, choose Scan followed by General Settings Simply check the box Perform regular root scan Quit the window and it’s done! If you find any error while searching for different scan options and configuring them in Kaspersky Pure 2.0 then contact Kaspersky support team for an immediate solution. The team works 24*7 to render the most reliable support services. All you need to do is just give them a call at the official support number. Sourece:

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Are you stuck at the Bugcode_USB_Driver Blue Screen of Death error in your Windows 10 computer after connecting any USB device? If yes, don’t worry just read this article or visit you can likely to fix the issue you’re facing. Why does the BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER Blue Screen Error occur? This error has occurred because of an issue with the winusb.sys, usbhub.sys or usbport.sys system driver file. This error on your Windows 10 simply indicates that it has occurred in a universal serial bus (USB) driver. Microsoft has now started to issue this drive as well. It comes along with Windows 10. Therefore, it is not easy to download the latest version of this driver using your web browser. Thus, should take some necessary steps to try to troubleshoot this issue. Experts always recommend creating a System Restore Point in order that whenever such errors occur, you will be able to just roll back to the previous identified stable condition of your PC. 4 Ways to Troubleshoot BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER Blue Screen Error on Windows 10 However, if you haven’t been able to do it yet, then you need to follow the 4 easy and effective ways given below to fix the BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER Blue Screen error on your Windows 10: Check for Windows Updates Here you have to confirm that your computer system has got all of the latest updates installed from Microsoft. For making sure about this, you need to go to the Check for Updates option in the Settings app on your Windows 10 PC. If you get to see any updates available, download and install them. Otherwise, you may move to another method. Update the USB Controller Drivers To be able to troubleshoot this error, follow the process given below: You may first have to update the motherboard and USB drivers to their most recent version from the official manufacturer website. After doing so, you can try resetting the BIOS. And then, you will need to launch the Device Manager from your WinX Menu. Here, you have to increase the entry labeled as Universal Serial Bus Controller. Now, right-click on all of the USB related drivers. Then, select the Update driver option in the context menu. Thus, you may also try to update all of the other drivers on your PC using the Device Manager. Uninstall the Contradictory Applications & Services Some of the applications and services like Virtual Box, VMware, and Hyper-V Virtualization services may be contradictory and conflicting with your USB Port drivers on the parent operating system. Hence, you need to uninstall Virtualbox, VMWare or any other related applications from your computer. Also, you should also think about disabling Hyper-V on your PC. For doing so: You first of all need to search for Turn Windows features On and Off in the Cortana Search Box. After that, tap on the appropriate entry that you get. Then, you need to remove the tick-mark from the entry that says Hyper-V. And tap on OK. Here, you may have to wait for the process to complete. As soon as the process finishes, you need to reboot your computer for the changes to take effect. Make Changes in the Power Settings Here, you should begin by searching for the Power Options in the Cortana Search Box. After that, you need to select the appropriate search result. On the other hand, you need to search for Control Panel in the Cortana Search Box. Next, you have to search in the top-right section of the open window for Power Options. Then, tap on the appropriate entry. Here, you need to tap on Change plan settings for your selected power plan. Up next, just tap on Change advanced power settings. Now, you have to search for the USB Settings and tap on it. Doing so will expand it. Then, you need to expand the USB selective suspend setting. After that, disable it. At last, you need to tap on Apply button and then tap on OK button for the changes to take effect. Source: