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Live streaming allows you to share your events and connect people near and far. There are so many possibilities with live streaming solutions. What is the new advancement in Live Streaming? Broadcasting your content live is the best way to reach a wider audience. Most live streaming services have you stream to public platforms like YouTube and Facebook. LiveWebView is the only live streaming solution that allows you to stream to your own, custom website, linked to your existing website. Weddings, conferences, business meetings, high school events and so much more can be shared live online. What are the features of Live Streaming? • Distance is no longer a barrier Connecting people, regardless of where they are, is a great advantage of live video streaming. Be it weddings, religious services or even funerals, people can share these moments live, together. With LiveWebView, all live streams are automatically recorded so they can be watched On Demand, a useful feature for those who are not available to watch live. • Easy Set Up Just connect a few components and you're all set to go live!. There is no extra software needed, and nothing to download. You don't even need a laptop! Just press the "Live" button and you are streaming! • Available and Accessible Since LiveWebView provides your own stream-to website, you can live stream at your convenience, with no need to schedule the broadcast. Any web-enabled device such as a laptop, computer or smartphone can be used to watch the live streaming. With LiveWebView's live video streaming service, videos are automatically recorded for later viewing On-Demand. • Control Your Content With public platforms like YouTube, you have no control over what advertisements may pop up during your live stream. With LiveWebView, you stream to your own website, giving you complete control over your content and your audience. Only those with the streaming URL can watch. You can even password-protect your streaming website for added security. • Affordable Solution Streaming to your own website is offered by only a few live streaming services, and the cost can be prohibitive. Only LiveWebView offers an affordable way to stream to your own custom website. They can even show you how to subsidize the cost! • Great Customer Support LiveWebView provides excellent customer support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their live streaming solution also includes analytics, so you can see how many people are watching, where they're located, etc. All this is possible with the live video streaming service from LiveWebView.

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Whether you are a student or a researcher, at some point academic writing will be a part of your life. While writing for some subjects will come naturally to you, but there are certain topics, which becomes pretty hard to write. While writing a paper it is necessary to keep it engaging and intriguing. In this article we have gathered a few tips, which will help improve your academic writing. Take a look. 1. Set up a place Having a writing nook in your home can improve your writing. Set up a clutter free space and make sure that it is comfortable and also your computer has all the tools needed for affluent writing. You can take the help of Grammar checker online, to check the grammatical mistakes or you can try Grammarly trial for error free writing as well. 2. Take help of classes and guides One sure way to improve academic writing is to take help of online classes. Before you start your paper, you can take the help of online classes and guides. There are many websites that offer free guides as to how to improve your academic writing. 3. Write your papers to express yourself Before you start writing, make sure you have a good grasp on my topic that you are going to write. Read your topic thoroughly and then write to express your points. Your points should be easy and easily understood by the readers. You don't have to use fancy words and terminologies, just make sure your points come across clearly to the readers. 4. Proofread Once you complete your paper, it is essential that you proofread. You can take the help of online proofreading tools or ask any of your friend to proofread the article for you. You can also check out the Grammarly trial for free. Once you are sure, that your paper is free of any grammatical error or typographical error, you can give in your paper, not before that. 5. Write like you speak While academic writing needs to have a somewhat formal tune, you don't have to use stuffy and over complex sentences. Your peers and professors should be able to read your writing easily and understand your point of view. Writing your document in the way that you speak can help you achieve writing a meaningful and clear paper. To write more like the way you speak, you can use active voices instead of a passive voice. 6. Read about what you write Reading more and more about the topic you are about to write, increases your grasp on the subject. The more you research, the more new points will come into your focus and you will be able to write a thorough and easy to understand the paper. You can take the help of your textbooks, online guides or internet to research more on your page. Here you have it some of the best tips to improve your academic writing skills and write a more better paper in the future. Take note of these tips thoroughly, to be the best in the academic writing field.

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Apart from making yourself look good for a night out on the town, it is also about making sure you get in. Some nightclub dress codes can be super picky. Girls can pretty much get away with anything as long as they don’t look like they just got out of bed, girls just have to be cautious of more formal clubs, as they don’t want you showing too much skin eg, extremely short skirt. At Bar Advisor we try to have the most up to date info on dress codes for bars and clubs. But they do change all the time. Most clubs have a dress code listed on their website, it is worth taking a look before you go out to be sure that you will get in. Types Of Dress Codes Streetwear Or No Dress Code You are not really going to find many clubs that allow you in wearing streetwear. Streetwear is anything- shorts, singlets, flip flops etc.. Casual This is the most laid back you can get for a club, pretty much anything goes as long as it’s not board shorts and flip flops. Jeans, t-shirt and shoes and you’re in. The one problem is on busy nights as bars casual dress code can turn into smart casual dress code. Smart Casual & beyond After casual there are a couple of clothing items that are a definite NO. 1. Sports shoes and joggers. 2. Shorts 3. Sports shirts or jerseys 4. Baggy jeans, or jeans that hang around your bum 5. Sports hats and beanies. (Exception: fedoras and similar are usually ok.) 6. Brands that relate to trouble or undesirables, if you didn’t know there are brands out there that clubs and bars try to avoid having in their clubs. Just be knowledgeable of your area as you might not be aware that the brand you love may have a past or present history of trouble in that area (sorry we don’t want to mention any brands, but there are lots) Dressy & Smart Casual This is a dressed-up versions of casual clothes for men. This generally means if you’re not wearing nice shoes that look trendy you’re not going to get in. For men pants, khakis, Dark jeans with no tears or holes and a nice shirt no sports jerseys or hoodies and nice shoes leather or trendy. For women it means a skirt or dressy pants. If jeans are worn, choose a dark wash with no holes or fading. Make sure they look neat and clean. Choose blouses, jackets and shirts that are dressier. Club Style Is all about looking good. Trendy clean attire Men- Leather shoes are a must. Nice shirt, safer to wear a collar. Pants, Khakis or dark stylish jeans (check club dress code some say no jeans). Women- Sexy and dressy, jeans are typically out. Dresses and skirts are the safe bet. Semi -Formal This is a club that is a bit more upper-class. The attire is the same as a business or informal wedding. Jeans are out for men and women. Men – Suit with or without tie. Women – not too revealing. Classy is a safer bet than sexy. Wear heels instead of shoes or flats. Formal / black tie Not too many places are formal or black tie, but there are some wine bars, cocktail clubs and gentlemen’s clubs that are. If you are on the list then you probably are aware of the dress code. Men – Modern tux or a dark suit and tie. Women – Cocktail dress, long or short dresses. Heels are a must.

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Go to rs 3 gold your spell book and use the spell "Teleport to Lumbridge" There follow the path I give you to the goblins! Switch your attacks so you will be getting "Strength XP" and then go attack the level 2 spiders and goblins. Make sure to pick up everything they drop and bury the bones. Keep attacking goblins until you are at 22 strength, After this switch so will gain "Defense XP" level this to 5 and then back to Attack and level that to at least 10!. Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Cambridge Consultants says it can see the future of surgical robotics after unveiling a mini machine for operating on eyes which uses instruments that only 1.8mm in diameter.The product design and development firm has been showcasing its Axsis technology, which could be used for cataract surgery as well many other procedures that could benefit from miniature robotics.Traditional surgical robots are large by design, stemming from the need to control long, straight instruments that pass through small holes into the patient. The need for systems to be physically large is heightened by the forces they need to exert on the body during surgery, the requirement to adapt to multiple configurations and the degrees of freedom needed to effectively operate them.Is this Cambridge's next $1bn company?In its prototype, Cambridge Consultants has demonstrated that by using flexible instead of straight instruments novel motor and control configurations can be used, allowing the overall size of the robot to be reduced significantly, and eliminating the need for a large range of motion outside the body. With the right instrument design, the outer diameter of the minimally invasive access point can also be reduced.Chris Wagner of Cambridge Consultants with Axsis"This level of innovation in surgical robotics has the potential to significantly enhance medical treatments and procedures for surgeons and patients alike," said Chris Wagner, head of advanced surgical systems at Cambridge Consultants."Take cataract surgery, for example. Note: As of 19th January 2015, it's been reported that there's a glitch in this step. The Korasi will not automatically walk to the upper deck and watch the Commodore die. The way around this glitch is to turn auto retaliate on, turn momentum off (if you're playing on Evolution of Combat), and click or try to walk away once you take the potion going into Korasi's mind. How will you go through the coming Valentine's Day ! Now RS3gold provides Valentine's Special deal: Up to 9% off code "PCS9" for you all buying RS3 gold,RS 2007 gold or other products on from February 1 to February 15, 2019. with safe and fast delivery. Details: VSG7- 7% off code (for all orders); VSG9- 9% off code (When you order over $100+). And you can use 8% off code "SDM8"for purchasing spring 2019 deadman gold. What's more ,you can snap up RS products from on mobile.

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As most of us are aware of this service now, Netflix is a streaming service that permits customers to enjoy several shows, documentaries, movies and much more. Users can enjoy limitless content without any interruption in between. Delete your Netflix Viewing History Viewers will always have something brand new to discover. Every month movies are also being added. It is a gift indeed. So many people are there who have doing Netflix binge-watching. So it is very usual that you may get some suggestions from your previous history. Ok, so be ready for facing some embarrassments. You left behind viewing history is not a good idea. If you start to watch something, it will leave the movies pinned to screen top till you are done watching it. What if you don’t like the show or the movie, but it still keeps showing you up in suggestions. To get away from this, delete it out of the viewing history. How to Delete Netflix Viewing History for Tidiness? Deleting the Netflix history is straightforward. You will need to do it individually. Users won’t see any batch delete. So here the statement “The older, the better” doesn’t apply. When you have an account for years, then it will be time-consuming to delete everything. Now after logging in to the account, see leading right-hand edge of the display and drag the avatar logo downwards. Now, select at the bottom, Account. Users will get to the account settings by now. Go to the bottom till you are in My Profile section. Tap on viewing activity now. It will take you to list of whatever you have watched. You will be presented with two screens. Screens will show whatever you have viewed and what has been rated by you. Maybe you are getting something in the recommendation not because you have observed something but because you have measured it. Just delete the pieces of stuff from rating section. Change the rating of the thumb. The screen will get clear up from the misconceptions that Netflix thinks you would like to watch. Tap on a Watching tab for deleting a specific show. Users will get to a never-ending list. If you need to remove something, then tap on the right side of the show. You will see the shows split up in specific episodes. You may get the benefit to eliminating the full series if you remove one. If the movie and the show have been pinned to page top, then it is evident that you haven’t stopped watching it. Take this off, and the list will disappear. You will see a screenshot saying that it will get removed in 24 hours. But it will get deleted in no time for sure. It is entirely up to you if you want to delete the history or not. Of course, some people don’t care whatever is being shown in suggestions. You can be ignorant of it. Graccey Leio is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Source: