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Where to Sell and buy used stuff Your Unwanted Stuff for the Most Cash Vintage Bicycle For Sale In case you’re hoping to turn your Used stuff for sale in Dallas—from musical instruments to dress and machines—into money, you have a lot of alternatives for where you can gain as much as possible, either on the web or at nearby stores and merchants. You simply need to know where to look. Discover where to offer your undesirable stuff for the greatest return. Books Check bookscouter to find out which online book buyer is paying the highest price, or list your books on, which is a site that eBay now owns and operates. Or you can sell your books to used bookstores, though you’ll have to hoof it to the store, give the proprietor time to go through your collection, and probably lug about half of them back home or to the next bookstore. Still, it’s a fun way to spend a day if you enjoy visiting used bookstores. Clothing Sort out your best clothes and sell them to a consignment store, at a consignment sale, or through eBay. Group the rest into lots, and post an ad on Sell4bids or in your local classifieds. Sell anything you have left in a yard sale. Another option for selling clothes: List your vintage pieces on Furniture, Antiques, and Collectibles Sell and buy used stuff pieces of exceptional quality on consignment or at auction (online or off). List good-quality pieces on Sell4bids or in the newspaper classifieds. Sell everything else at a yard sale or estate sale, or try an antique dealer for antiques and collectibles. Sports Equipment Sell lightly used sports equipment to a used sports shop like Play It Again Sports, or post fliers where your child or you go for practice. Sell all remaining items to a pawnshop, through Craigslist, or through your local classifieds. Electronics Sell newer electronic items on eBay, through Craigslist, or through the classified section of your local newspaper. Sell old (but still useable) items through Craigslist, a classified ad, or a yard sale. Sell obsolete or broken electronics through eBay (when there’s a market for them), or look into recycling them through ​Best Buy used stuff or another retailer. CDs/DVDs/Video Games Sell newer releases on Craigslist, through a classified, or on eBay. List everything else on or sell them through a site that buys used media. is one to try. Another option: Sell your used games at Sell4bids. Housewares Sell highly sought-after items on eBay, on consignment, through Craigslist, or through a classified. Sell everything else at a yard sale. Appliances List working appliances on Craigslist or in the newspaper. Sell broken appliances to a recycling center for scrap or list them on eBay. You might also consider donating your old appliances to a charity or local thrift store if you are unable to sell them. Jewelry First, have your antiques and good quality pieces appraised. Then sell them at auction, through eBay, or to a dealer or jewelry store. Sell lesser pieces on consignment or through eBay. Sell junk jewelry to a jewelry store for the scrap value. Sell low-end costume jewelry at your next yard sale. Musical Instruments is a great place to sell—and buy—used instruments and audio equipment online. Alternatively, contact band directors at area middle schools and high schools to let them know you have an instrument for sale. If that fails, advertise on Craigslist or through a classified ad. Sell your instrument to a music shop or pawnshop as a last resort. Https://

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Maintaining a boat is not easy. Considering a lot of factors various equipment and technologies are invented to serve the purpose of boat maintenance. Boat lifters, ship lifters are one such machine that has helps a boat in the water in transporting, if it's at two different elevations. It usually moves vertically or in a rotational manner. The tub boat lift was the earliest to be used in a href=""lifting tub boats in mining. The popularity of the boat lift increased with a considerable number of boaters losing money on boat maintenance. And with its reputation came companies like Hydrohoist that served the requirement of boaters at its best. Why should boat lifts be used? - It provides the boater with the peace of mind - With boat lifters, there is lot less maintenance - It keeps off the dirt from the hull of the boat - It prevents the ship from getting hit in the dock during harsh weather conditions - It also keeps the boat safe from electrolysis. It can be regarded as the latest dock accessories that the boaters are finding extremely useful in keeping the boat look good and maintained. That has opened the doors for the boaters to use it without any worries of getting their craft dirty. The boats tend to catch algae as it mostly in the water which could be prevented by boat lifters. Where will the boaters find appropriate boat lifters? Hydrohoist is the company that is trusted by thousands of boaters for various equipment and machines and service for years now. It has a team of experts that completes the process of boat lifting at ease. It is regarded as the largest hydro-pneumatic boat lift manufacturers. Also, an individual purchasing boat lifts from Hydrohoist will be beneficial as it is suitable both for freshwater and saltwater. Even the company has their employees who are credible enough to assemble both fixed and freestanding lifts. They have the appropriate technology, equipment, engineers for boat lifting. The company’s lifts also offer nowan impactful resistant polythene tank, shallow water installations, simple drive-on docking and roll-off launching, and simplified level lifting operation. They even help boats that have issues regarding davit, hydraulic or are impossible for sling lifts. To not let the investment be wasted and keep the vessel or the boat free from damages, it is essential to use boat lifts. Using HydroHoist Boat Lifts can help from time-consuming cleaning after every trip and allows the boater to enjoy much in boating. Hence the boaters must give considerable attention to boat cleaning with the help of boat lifting so that they do not have to worry much while reselling it in the future. The look of the boat may help the owner to resell it at a reasonable price.

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For most students, math is the one subject they dread the most. This is generally due to their proper understanding of numbers and calculations during their early childhood. To ensure the same the subject ought to be taught in a fun filled and enjoyable manner. One effective way used by teachers of CBSE schools in Gurgaon is to incorporate games and puzzles in their teaching methodologies. Discussed below are 8 engaging math games and puzzles that can make learning the subject fun: 1. Place Value Card Game The game is played with a partner and a deck of cards to teach the concept of greater and lesser numbers to the kids. Each kid draws a card and writes down its number on a sheet with appropriate number of placeholders. The objective should draw cards three or four times to make a three or four digit number and the kid with the greater number is the winner. 2. Rapid Rounding Game This game helps reinforce the concept of rounding off to nearest hundred. Several poster boards labelled with hundreds are placed on the floor in such a manner that kids can step on them. Then the kids are asked to choose a random index card from a pack marked with various numbers between 100 and 900. They then need to stomp on the poster board labelled with the hundred nearest to the index card drawn by them. 3. The Graph Puzzle The puzzle game helps the kids to learn the skill of plotting a graph in an entertaining way besides introducing them geometry. Teach the kids to make an X-Y plane on a graph paper and mark each point on the X axis as -1,-2,-3 and so on. On the Y-axis mark each point as 1,2,3,4 and so on. Now, give the kids a list of number pairs such as (1,-3), (2,-5), (1,-4) and ask them to mark the intersection point of these lines on the graph with a dot. Finally ask them to join the dots to create an image. 4. Multiplication War It is not uncommon for children to feel bored after repeating their multiplication tables a couple of times. This card activity can help kids learn tables in a fun way using a deck of cards. Distribute a deck of cards equally amongst 2-4 kids keeping the cards face down and after assigning number values to picture cards. Now ask each player to turn up two cards and read the numbers aloud before multiplying them and providing the answer. The child with the highest number of correct answers wins the game. 5. Hunt The Prime Number As the name suggests, the activity aims to teach the kids the concept of prime and composite numbers. Take one printout of a hundreds chart for each kid and then set up a competition between the participants for crossing out the composite numbers and circling the prime ones. The activity can also be completed using different colour markers for prime and composite numbers. The child completing the activity first in with all correct markings becomes the winner. 6. A Math Builder Game This activity helps the kids to develop the skill of mundane addition and subtraction. Take deck of cards and keep all the aces along with cards with numbers from 2 to 8. Give the aces a value of 1 and place the number cards face down after shuffling them. Now ask each of the two players to pull out five cards. Decide a random number and then ask both the players to place each card down one at a time. The objective of the game is to get the total of cards being placed down as near as possible to the pre-decided random number. 7. Wastepaper Basketball Math This fun game teaches the kids to express the sports statistics as numbers, decimals and fractions. Take a wastepaper basket and place it at a reasonable distance from the throwline. Now ask each kid to throw ten trash balls into the basket from beyond the throwline. Make a note of the result after each throw and when all the balls have been thrown and at the end of the game show the ratio of their hits and misses to each kid. Then teach them to express this ratio in fractions and decimals. 8. Algebraic Tic-Tac-Toe This game exploits the simplicity and fun of tic-tac-toe to teach the kids about variables and equations. Take nine white paper sheets and make the kids draw a tic-tac-toe grid on each sheet. Ask them to arrange the sheets alongside each other in such a way that all the grids are facing up. Now, write a simple algebraic expression in one of the grids and ask the two participating kids to solve try and solve it. The first kid to solve three problems consecutively should mark the grid with an X or O. The kid, who gets three sheets in a row, will be the winner.

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Registering a domain name is indispensable to keep you on the way to securing a piece of the action on the World Wide Web. What is a Business Domain Name? A business domain name registration is an essential act of reserving the name of your website on the internet for a particular period, typically one year. The name you choose for your website will be your address. This chosen name is going to be typed into the web browser every time someone looks you up. One another important thing about a domain name registration is that it provides you recognized identity and personality. domain name People who don’t know anything about you or your company, a search engine helps them decide whether your website meets the requirements of the searcher by looking at the significance of keywords rooted in the name. Thus, once you register a domain name, the details and information about its owner are publicly available. Although selecting a name for your website is tricky, but registering it is quite simple. How to Register a Business Domain Name? If you want to know how you can register a Business domain name, read ahead and follow the guidelines given below: Before you begin, set up a list with quite a lot of domain names because most of the proper names are snatched up quickly. Try selecting the names that are short, unforgettable and contains the keywords that portray your business. However, it is also very obliging to have a website that matches your business name. Now, you should hold a trademark search at the United States copyright and Trademark website. If the name of your business has been trademarked, then the protection will apply to the domain name as well. Then you will need to access the website for a domain name registrar. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a non-profit company by which the domain related issues are inspected and overseen worldwide. Also, a list of permitted registrars that have been approved by ICANN is available on their website. Type the name of the domain in the search tool presented on the registrar’s website. Note: If the name is not presented there, then alternatives will be displayed as usual with different extensions, such as .biz, or .net or with some of the additional words appended. However “.com” is the most universally renowned extension. Try purchasing the domain name if it is not available. Many of the registrars tend to contact the owner and match up the sale. Or, you may think of contacting the owner directly. The information of contact for each domain name is available during a WHOIS search at the website of the registrar or the site of ICANN. Now, you will need to pay a fee and also provide contact information that most probably contains the name, phone number, and address for the owner and technical contact. The domain names may be bought in increments of one year for up to ten years. The cost may vary depending on the registrar you choose. Thanks for reading; I hope that the information provided in this article will be useful to you. John Martin is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Samuel has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as source:

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Now the Facebook has begun rating its users’ credibility in order to let the social network know how much they are supposed to value the reports of users as many new stories have been false. There have been incessant cases taking place when many of the fake stories were disseminated among the people. ec8fdf5335c7eb5af7f0ffe369d20ade.jpg Now Facebook is clearly showing its concern about the role which is being played by it as a leading platform where most of this so-called news is being shared and spread, Facebook is trying to recruit its own users as a campaigner to stop the scams by letting the users’ flag hoax news stories. In a blog post, the company mentioned that is was adding an option to its social networking services that are going to empower its users to flag news stories as hoaxes. The simple plan company says is that the more times you flag a post as false, the less often it is going to show up in News Feeds. However, the Facebook is less likely to delete heavily flagged posts, but they may end up with a disclaimer like “Many people have reported that this story contains false information.” On the other hand, this effort to crowd-source journalistic exactness somewhere carries its dangers. The Columbia Journalism Review had published a report back in April that apparently looked at Facebook’s fact-checking efforts. It got to know that many fact-checkers were annoyed with Facebook’s lack of transparency that not by any means about Facebook’s activities were informed to the users. Thus, the fact-checkers weren’t apparent on how Facebook was trying to determine which stories to show or hide from them and in which order. That clearly means that even though extensively acknowledged fact-checkers have a shot at monitoring these stories — and consequently a direct impact on users’ flagging or trust scores — it still depends on Facebook to pick out the right stories to rank them in the first or last place. John Martin is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Samuel has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as Source:

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Facebook and Instagram have announced their latest feature that will help you know the time you spend foolishly scrolling through the feeds on your IG and FB account. 0f84ed81d4adc4a79ff5a2951f08d65a.png Note: As per the blog announcements, this feature is soon going to be available on Instagram and Facebook. However, both of these social media platforms have been planning to support their users to spend more time connecting with people off-screen than spending the whole time in the virtual world. The new “Activity Dashboard” is going to show the daily time and the average time spent on the app over the last week. If you are concerned your addiction of using Facebook and Instagram more than it’s required, a time limit can be set now by using the Daily Reminder feature. If you want to know how you can check the time you’re spending on Instagram and Facebook, read this article and follow the steps mentioned below. STEPS TO CHECK HOW MUCH TIME YOU ARE SPENDING ON FACEBOOK Launch your Facebook app and go to the Settings. Click on the “Your Time” option. Then you will get see a bar graph giving a picture of your average on Facebook on that device. Here you can tap on any of the bars to see your total time for that day. Note: If you wish, then you can also set a daily reminder that is going to alert you when you are around the time limit you set for yourself for that day. STEPS TO CHECK HOW MUCH TIME YOU ARE SPENDING ON INSTAGRAM Launch your Instagram app and go to the Settings. Click on the Your Activity option. Tap on the Your Activity option. Very similar to Facebook, you are going to see a bar graph giving a picture of your average on Instagram on that device. Click any of the bars to see your total time for that day. Note: if you wish, a daily reminder can also be set that will alert you when you are the amount of time you have set on that app for that day. You must note that this feature is only going to tell you about the time that has been spent on that application just for that device. It is not expected to reveal the gross total numbers of hours that have been spent on Instagram or Facebook across the devices including your smartphone, desktop or tablet. Thank you for reading this article. I hope this information will be helpful to you. John Martin is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Samuel has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as source:

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The system updates for the console are not difficult, they can be done smoothly. But sometimes it can be possible that you face an error code “E” when your Xbox One console restarts after a system update. But you do not need to worry, most of the times this error code can be resolved by reinstalling the system update in offline mode. Besides this, you can troubleshoot this error code by using the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter on your PC. in this post, we will discuss how to resolve Xbox One startup errors or E error codes. 9f5c1d78de3edf8370b4635f4736af77.jpg Open the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter To start this process, you will need to open the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter, if you don’t launch it on your PC. However you can get it easily, but in case if you are not able to access it, then the below-given process will help you to save your time. Xbox Startup Troubleshooter will guide you reset to update the Xbox One. Power off your console by removing the cords from the power supply. Then please make sure the Xbox is completely turned off. Wait for few seconds, and then plug the power cord again in the power supply. Next, press and hold the bind button, and the eject button, and then press the Xbox Button. Go to the Bind button, it is located on the left side of the console. It will help you to pair the new controller with Xbox. Then move to the eject button, it is located on the front of the console If the Xbox Starts, then hold the Bind and Eject buttons together for 10-15 seconds. You will hear power-up tones two times. After that, release the buttons when you hear the second one It will open the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter. Method to Fix Xbox One startup errors or E error codes:- To solve E100 / E200 / E204 / E206/ E207- Restart your console For this process, either you can restart from the option that you see in the screen “Restart this Xbox” or you can press and hold the Xbox button for nearly 10 seconds to turn off the console. To Solve E101 / E205: Update your Xbox in offline mode These two error code will indicate that the update had some issue during installation. So to solve this issue, you have only a single that is update it offline. For this solution, you will require for a Windows PC with a good internet connection. It is compulsory that you have USB flash drive with a minimum of 4GB free space to copy the installation file. Please make sure to format it in NTFS format. Please Note- Kindly make sure to create backup of all your data on the USB drive because it you may lose all the data while formatting it. Connect your USB flash drive into a USB port with your computer system. Then download the Offline System Update — OSU1. This file will take 4GB space as a ZIP file. Go to the file and right-click to Unzip it. Search for extract all of the option when will you right click on it. Move to the .zip file to your flash drive and copy the $SystemUpdate file. You have to make sure to copy the file in the main directory. Here, you will get no other files apart from this. Disconnect the USB flash drive from your computer system, and plug it in the console. Then select the Offline System Update. Select the source of the update, and then update. To Fix E102/ E105 / E106 / E203 error code: Restore your console to factory defaults If the above-given methods will not work then it is the last option. In this process, you will need to reset the console to completely restore your console from its factory settings. However, in this process, you will lose all of your saved data such as games, settings, etc. If any of your game progress has not been synced back to the cloud, it will be lost. Go the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter that we have already explained at earlier. Use the D-Pad and select Reset this Xbox option. Then press the A on your controller to confirm. Then select the Remove Everything. After that, if you have lost the game installation, then it will be better to install or move the Xbox One games to an external drive when your console is up and running. When you reset the Xbox One, it will automatically identify all of those games which are connected with your account. So we will suggest you to follow this process because it will save you lots of time. tags:, Xbox, Error Codes, source:

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We have no words to say thanks for ever-increasing the dependency on the internet, and we all spending enough time on our Windows PCs. But no doubt, it is getting annoying to see the same wallpaper on the computer screen especially when we are doing the same work every day. Well, you can refresh yourself by auto changing the wallpaper. It is an excellent concept to turn attention to pictures that you will like. Now the concern is how to change wallpapers on the Windows PC. But no need to think anymore about it. Wallpaper Change Scheduler will help you to complete this task. One more thing about this app: it is free software for the Windows 10 PC. So in this post, we will talk about some simple steps that will help you to change wallpaper automatically in the Windows 10 PC. More about the Wallpaper Change Scheduler It is free software that will help you to change your screen wallpaper automatically in Windows 10 PC. It’s some of the amazing features will help you to schedule wallpaper changes on your desktop on the daily or weekly basis. With the help of this, you can also change the wallpaper on the movement of the mouse. On best thing is, it will support all of the Windows versions and needs the basis .NET. Framework 4 to be installed on your Windows PC. Memory and storage of this feature is also basic so you have no need for more space to install in on your Window PC. It will hardly need a disk space of 1MB and 512MB of RAM to operate on your Windows PC. Steps to install Wallpaper Change Scheduler in Windows 10:- You can download this feature from its official website. To use this app, you need to install this app first. To download file setup and execute it, and you will need 849 KB. It will take maximum 5 minutes to complete the installation process. After installation of this app, click onto the system tray at the bottom right-hand corner of your computer screen to locate this installed icon of the Wallpaper Change Scheduler. Know about the User Interface The simplest things about the UI that it’s very simple to understand and no need to knowing where to begin with. However, all o the task is very easy as you move ahead. Let’s discuss how to use this feature on the Windows PC. Steps to use Wallpaper Change Scheduler on the Windows PC:- First, click on the “Add Event” option; it will open a window with a pop-up on your screen. Then select the Trigger that you want to see on your Wallpaper. Each of the triggers has its’ own particular settings. You can choose the below given some options:- At login On mouse move Weekly On mouse idle Daily Now, select the Day and Time when you want the trigger to happen. Select the Wallpaper Style as per your choice from the following options:- Fit Center Fill Tile Stretch Click on the Browser tab to choose the wallpaper as per your choice and then click on the Create option. Now, your event will create and execute as you have selected. This feature will allow you to change multiple events on your computer screen. With the help of this feature, you can easily edit the events by moving to the primary interface with their Name, Trigger, and Image path listed. Some of the shortcoming of this free app that you are not able to trigger multiple wallpapers for a single trigger. However, it is not offering anything else except wallpaper refresh. But no doubt, it is a perfect choice to keep your desktop fresh each day and save time and you can tinker with your wallpaper whenever you want. source:

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