By: on September 2, 2020
Discord is known as one of the most efficient communication platforms on the web. Two of the significant problems players face during video games are how to talk to other players and how to organize people for such a long time. Discord resolves these two major issues by providing a free platform with a unique blend of video and voice chat features. In this article, we will mention some best tips and tricks you can follow to make the most out of Discord if you are new to this platform: ...
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By: on July 28, 2020
Annoying are the moments when you sit down on a relaxed chair, switch your Windows PC, connect to Wi-Fi successfully, but there is no trace of internet connection. The yellow triangle over the internet connection icon leaves you up in arms. This situation is manageable when it only happens for a few seconds. However, if your Windows computer is habitual of such experiences, then you surely need to do something. Well, you are reading the right blog, as it will tell you all the quick fixes you can...
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By: on June 22, 2020
When camping, there are two things that people believe that will absolutely ruin their camping experience. If it rains, even some of repeat campers will pack it up and head home. If it gets cold, many people choose the comfort of the indoors compared to the great outdoors. I’m here to tell you, I’ve weathered the bitter cold and pouring rain, and those have been some enjoyable camping experiences. You may be asking, “How could you enjoy yourself when you are wet and freezing?” The answer is s...
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By: on February 7, 2020
Did you Google an unknown word recently? Did you WhatsApp your long lost college mate to catch up some time? Or use a Band-Aid to cover up that cut you got while playing a high-spirited match of football? Do you notice anything shared in the above questions? That’s right, a brand’s name replaced the actual verb for the action to be done, yet had the same connotation. In the above examples, sending a text message was replaced by the name of a popular instant messaging service, i.e., Whatsap...
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