By: on September 13, 2019
We have combined forces with Eight Yards of Edinburgh & the Keith Scott brand lives on in our new Whitehall Crescent store, things are changing at Keith Scott’s, we are still a family owned store here in Dundee, trading since 1890, but now we stretch to Edinburgh, Musselburgh & Eskbank, Dalkeith. We have offer a friendly service with quality and good value for money. Our staff have years of experience & can advise & guide you through the process of investing in a kilt outfit. We are the ex...
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By: on August 22, 2019
“Our mission is to continue to lead the casual-kilt revolution by providing customers with high quality casual kilts and accessories, at exceptional prices, accompanied by outstanding service.” How It All Began: (History) Founded in 1995, Sport Kilt is the very first company to begin making casual kilts in the USA. We took the traditional kilt concept and crafted a casual kilt using modern materials. It is a perfect fit for the needs of Highland Athletes and casual-kilt aficionados alike.
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By: on August 5, 2019
Welcome to our range of Utility kilts. These Modern Utility Kilts feature adjustable straps and side pockets, they are hard wearing and practical for use throughout the day. Find great deals on Kilt Master for high-quality Utility Kilts (Utility Kilts, utikilt, utkilts) at Low Price. Simply scroll down to view the entire range. While the tartan kilt is a symbol of Scottish heritage but a traditional kilt is not suitable for all occasions. Utility kilt could be a perfect fit for those who are wan...
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By: on May 24, 2019
Scottish Kilt Shop Reviews was founded as a return to the traditional method of Kilt making. All of our kilts are made by hand by our team of 10 tailors out of the absolute best materials. Like the artisans of the past, we make our kilts to measure to your exact specifications.When kilts were first made back in the 16th century, there were no factories or manufacturing plants. Each kilt was made by hand by a tailor specifically for the man or boy who was going to wear it. Great care was taken to...
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