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By: on January 30, 2019
Netflix which has created its own niche in the entertainment with its incredible stories, the variety of shows and of course enormous fan base across the globe. Without a doubt, it has blurred the class, regional and language barriers when it comes to storytelling with its close to reality, intense and fresh shows. Always being in the news for good or bad reasons, Netflix has moved a notch up with its latest update in the iOS version of its mobile application. You can share what you are watchin...
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By: on February 12, 2019
Earlier, smartwatches used to be only for the grown-ups. Fortunately, now smartwatches are even available for children. Most suitable smartwatches for your kids 1. Vtech Kidizoom DX2 The maker company of Vtech Kidizoom DX2 is famous all over for its long-lasting technical stuff for children. The best feature of this smartwatch is that it is waterproof. This smartwatch is very helpful as it helps to make kids learn time reading and they can spend their free time playing interesting games. I...
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By: on March 5, 2019
These days it has become compulsory to install an antivirus in your computer. Without it, your computer is open to all kinds of threats and attacks. You can find many brands of antivirus in the market. Good and strong antivirus software should be able to give maximum protection to your system. Therefore, you must make the choice sensibly. Modern day devices come pre-loaded with antivirus software. You just have to activate it and you can get started. You can do so by just clicking on the link mc...
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By: on March 12, 2019
www.mcafee.com/activate A hearty congratulation to you! You have finally decided to invite computer security into your lives. While the internet is an unsafe and unusual place to be, it is best to have an anti-virus and anti-malware in your system. There are many products out there, which claim that their software can protect your system from harmful viruses and malware. But, most of them are false claims and it is best to trust the leading computer security software. One of the best anti-virus ...
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By: on January 29, 2019
For most of our children, School Wi-Fi is more like a digital playground than a classroom for studies. As long as their internet uses limits to playing games, surfing, shopping or even chatting with friends, everything is fine. However, school authorities must keep an eye on whatever contents they share or post on their social media accounts. As a parent, we are liable for it too, so better to visit mcafee.com/activate to ensure the security of our devices. But, what if they divert to websites ...
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By: on February 7, 2019
Vulnerabilities and threats are out there, and you are not able to see them with your eyes. While we take care of our own people, ourselves and our belongings, the computer, mobile phone and even laptops require protection. They need to be saved from viruses, malware, identity theft and other malicious activities. Buying a mobile phone or a laptop does not mean you do not need to make any further investment. After you purchase these tech gadgets, it is your responsibility to invest in a mobile s...
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By: on February 14, 2019
It can Secure, repair, clean, optimise and speed up your computer with this all-in-one PC toolkit. AVG Ultimate boost up your system by removing junk files. It controls your startup programs, clean and repair the Registry, extend your battery life, update installed software and more. With AVG Ultimate you also can protect your personal privacy with its security tools. The latest version AVG Ultimate 2019 supports UNLIMITED devices to helps the users. AVG Ultimate will best work on Windows 10, W...
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By: on March 7, 2019
mcafee.com/activate -Protecting your computer, phone and laptop is a necessity in today’s world! There are multiple threats out there in the online world. When you click an unfamiliar online link, it is possible that viruses and malware can enter your system. Identity or bank detail theft is also a possibility. In such cases, you need to get an antivirus and anti-malware software for your system. There are many internet security and antivirus software out there, but choosing the right one is the...
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By: on March 20, 2019
Searching for the best antivirus program in the market? Living in a society where internet threat has become a common phenomenon and viruses creep inside your system easily, it is best to protect your system. How do we do that? Get the best antivirus software today to bid adieu to viruses and malware. When you click on an unfamiliar link, it is possible that a virus is waiting to infect your system. Getting tempted to click on a link is a common habit. When it comes to the best antivirus softwa...
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