By: on September 24, 2018
Microsoft has added a lot of new features and settings in its operating system. Windows 10 is the unique and most advanced Windows as compared to its other versions. Microsoft has added a new option in the Settings panel called Gaming under which a new function is located. Game Mode is an option which helps the user to revamp the system according to the requirements of a game. It helps to run the game smoothly on the computer. The gamers can use the resources of the computer by using the ...
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By: on September 24, 2018
Microsoft Corporation has replaced its signature internet browsing software, Internet Explorer, with Microsoft Edge. The new Microsoft Edge is faster and safer and was released with Windows 10. No doubt that Microsoft Edge is the default web browser of Windows and its other processes run on the system before the browser is launched manually. These processes are preloaded in the system which further helps the Edge browser to load quickly as compare to the other web browsers. Prevent Windows 10 f...
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