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It has been seen that most of the women feel exhausted as well as conflicted from being a mom. They sometimes feel trapped because they want to make decent money, but are not satisfied for fulfilling their personal responsibilities. The worse thing in the case is that they do not have enough money. This makes them feel stressed. They can now learn to get rid of their stress with the expert’s advice, who has been working with some of the top companies. These experts facilitate them with some of the practical solutions, so as to help such women: • Stay healthy • Balance mom see-saw: she must learn to make a balance between her office as well as personal life. • Gracefully exit corporate America by just starting their own business or doing something that they love. They suggest them to do something that can benefit them and take a little time to come out of it. So, the persons interested can read online articles on their official websites, so as to learn more about handling stress at work. It has often been seen that most of the working individuals go through stress. In the short term one may feel depressed for meeting the deadline or fulfilling a challenging obligation. But this stress is not too common. Several studies have been conducted and the results have shown that only 37% of individuals are able to excellently cope up with stress. The stress at work is cause because of many reasons. Some of the reasons of stress at work are listed below:  Excessive workloads  Lack of social support  Excessive workouts  Low salaries  Few opportunities for growth or advancement  Work that it is not challenging or engaging  Not having control over enough job related solutions  Conflicting demands or unclear performance expectations and many more. It is considered that the work related stress does not just appear even when they head the home of the day. The interested persons can also learn about appropriate time management with the help of time management tips given by the experts,so as to get rid of stressful situations. These experts give them numerous tips on time management, so as to make the individuals achieve their goals. This is considered as the most effective as well as powerful tool for managing stress. It is considered that if one is failing to achieve her goals, she has to avoid distractions as well as activities that make them become too immersed in the bad habits that they are required to quit. One can find the best time management system and can work on it. It is also helpful in making improvement in one’s quality of life. It is a system that helps a person to learn prioritizing her work as well as family.