Resist Mist is an online seller of innovative mold, mildew, algae and stain remover products. Its solutions are organic, safe-to-use and budget-friendly. They work on composite decks, pavers, docks, concrete, wood decks, and fencing. Each product comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Special discounts are available for regular users and professionals. Homeowners from the U.S., Canada, and other countries can purchase the products from either Resist Mist's official website or Amazon. All transactions on the official website are protected by Norton.
EZELINK outdoor access points help maximize WiFi throughput with
EZELINK introduces EZEACC technology in its point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions. The technology is based on time division multiple access (TDMA) and eliminates hidden node conflicts and maximizes airtime utilization. EZEACC technology is ideal for high-performance outdoornetworks. How EZEACC helps reduce network latency When access points (APs) using Carrier Discovery Multiple Access (CSMA) transmit data, they need time to ensure that the data stream is not interrupted by a conflict with another AP. This causes network connectivity delays. As network coverage grows, these delays increase. And if several APs transmit data in the network at the same time, then the delay increases even more, since APs must again and again check if a conflict occurs. EZEACC technology is based on the patented TDMA technology, which helps to avoid conflicts between APs in the network and thereby increase the speed and efficiency. TDMA distributes the signals from each access point into time intervals (time slots) and schedules data transmission time for them. And EZEACC technology provides coordination of the order of data transmission from several sources to achieve higher speeds by reducing the time delay that occurs when conflicts are detected. Why EZELINK Access PointsAre Great for Outdoor Networks EZEACC technology is a powerful solution for networks with large coverage, optimized for outdoor installations - in which EZEACC maintains a high and stable bandwidth. EZELINK outdoor access points use this technology along with 11ac Wave 2 and IP55 protection to provide high reliability in harsh weather conditions. A convenient means of centralized management and control that can be used by installers for easy deployment outdoors is the WiFi application. It allows configuration changes, monitoring, firmware updates, as well as setting up backups for groups of devices on the network quickly and conveniently. EZELINK Introduces EZELINK's EZEFI Compact 4G Mobile Hotspot EZELINK Wireless Devices, one of the world's largest manufacturers of wireless hardware, is expanding its line of modems and routers and introduces the compact EZELINK EZEFI mobile hotspot with Wi-Fi MIMO 2 × 2 support. The novelty will be an excellent solution for traveling or trips out of town: keeping its compact size, it allows you to connect up to 32 devices to a wireless network at the same time. With the EZELINK EZEFI, the user will receive a universal solution, which is convenient to take, for example, to the cottage to use the high-speed Internet as a family. When leaving, the router can be taken with you: it weighs only 90 grams and fits in the breast pocket of a shirt. The novelty allows you to create a reliable connection to the mobile 3G / 4G-Internet for smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles. At the same time, it retains long battery life: thanks to the 2000 mAh battery, the gadget can remain in active mode for up to 6 hours. Using a hotspot is easy and convenient. It is equipped with intuitive LED indicators that show the presence of a network connection, Wi-Fi activation, battery level. The user will have options for restricting traffic, controlling connected devices and sending messages.
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hind pharma
Hindpharma is the world's leading water purification tablets brand & manufacturers of NaDCC & Chlorine tablets ,disinfectants, topical medicines, ointments & creams,healthcare & hygiene products, powder & generic medicines. Exporting to more than 45 countries across 6 continents.
Hind Pharma
Our Belief & Journey so far – BabyStaples is an effort to build a community of new-age mums who believe in not giving artificial food to their lil ones. We know that coming times are going to be not easy for and Kids will need a stronger and unadulterated start to life, where their guts grow on stronger nutrition to build stronger immune systems and eventually strong minds and healthy bodies. It all started in the year 2015 when the founding team got together after the first-hand experience of how artificially formulated products can do harm than good due to the harmful additives that are used in them. BabyStaples founder’s daughter had to face some complicated health issues and when nutritionists advised switching to natural nutrition which solved the problems for her. It was then that we found about such clean products, though not easily available, can do real good to the new life. And this was the genesis of the mum movement called We collaborated with Nutritionists, Chefs and Septuagenarians over a period of 18 months to develop and then test the recipes extensively among the extended circle of friends and after complete satisfaction launched it for the new mums who believe in adulterated nutrition for their child. Thanks for our community we now cater to thousands of regular customers We see ourselves not as a company but as a community of mums and reach out to them to carry this idea forward. If you are also passionate about this then do join our Mum community and contribute through your question, ideas, and advice. We will bank on you to proliferate this idea in your circles. Our promise – We will not bring anything for sales to our consumers that we can’t give to our own kids at home. Most of the recipes that are shared here are regularly being used between our founding team, their close friend circles and customers who are with us from the start. As a second step, any new product before launch is validated with customers who are with us for some time and then only brought to our website for delivery. We are in the process of creating city-specific chapters of mums who wish to be part of this circle and can share how they liked our future products that we are working on
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Supermining is one of the most leading free bitcoin mining cloud. Supermining is established in 2017, and now it has more than 3 lac currently active users. It allows you to participate in cloud mining business with high-quality hardware. It 100% Secure, Legit & Transparant bitcoin cloud mining website. Join
Porvoo Home Healthcare
Porvoo is a home health care center in New Delhi, India, offers the highest standards of medical health care within a home-like setting. Porvoo home health care offers thorough home care services for patients who need care to recover fast. At Porvoo Home Healthcare clinical expertise is defined by international standards and supported by a team of well-trained professionals at all levels including physicians, nurses, and doctors.
Porvoo Home Healthcare
Kangaroo Kids Preschool Gurgaon
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KKEL owned, Kangaroo Kids is the pioneer in new format schooling and learning methodology, have initiated a movement that has changed the face of pre-school education in India. KKEL's vision is to ignite human greatness in each child by identifying and nurturing each child's unique gift, foster in them a love of continuous learning, to develop their talent for creative thinking and build respect for hard work. As an innovative, vibrant, agile and energetic organization, KKEL is committed to enhancing the social fabric and creating enduring stakeholder value for every life it touches. At KKEL, we strive towards self-awareness, curiosity, innovation, perseverance, passion, adaption and courageous learning (SCIPPAC) TM, the same values we aspire our students to achieve. We work seamlessly as one team to ensure every learning moment for our children is joyful and meaningful, geared consistently towards holistic child development.
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