Executive 7 Day Detox
Executive 7 Day Detox provides highly individualized treatment plans for those seeking customized treatment options. Our medical and clinical team members will provide in-depth assessments that will provide the baseline for your specific detoxification needs.
Patty Bell
Golf Drug Rehab
Golf Drug Rehab, Providing specialized rehab programming for the busy professional who loves golf and is seeking alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Golf Drug Rehab at Capo by The Sea is a premier, all-inclusive recovery program for patients of means battling addiction and dual diagnosis conditions. Executive detox is a special situation with individuals who can’t just walk away from everything in order to get treatment. Our executive alcohol detox is done in the care of medical professionals that help you to take that first difficult step to recovery.
Patty Bell
Next Level Recovery
Next Level Recovery is an outpatient addiction treatment program that keeps real life in mind along the road towards a lasting recovery. Next Level Recovery is customized to the individual needs of those involved with addiction. Our professional team puts their experience with addiction treatment to work, helping clients implement effective strategies for a life-changing experience.
Mike Brown
Ken Seeley Communities
Ken Seeley Communities provides an individualized treatment approach to ensure long-term recovery. Our programs are uniquely tailored to each patient. The primary goal of our day treatment program in Palm Springs is to continue to identify the underlying issues that may influence drug or alcohol use and develop a plan for recovery.
Ken Seeley
Solutions 4 Recovery
Solutions 4 Recovery is a premier addiction, medical & residential detox, and dual diagnosis treatment center. We offer custom addiction and dual diagnosis treatment options for individuals looking to get out of the chronic relapse cycle, or who are looking to solve their problems of drug and alcohol abuse once and for all. We offer a variety of different treatment elements that incorporate both traditional and innovative, combining the best possible options in addition recovery.
Patty Bell
LifeSync Malibu
LifeSync Malibu is Malibu’s premier drug and alcohol detox, dual diagnosis, and residential treatment center. It is the only physician owned and operated detox and residential treatment center in Malibu. The dedicated and compassionate team at LifeSync Malibu has created an exceptional environment for starting the journey to health and wholeness.
Geoffrey Booth
BNI Treatment Centers
BNI Treatment Centers for Teens is a comprehensive residential behavioral health treatment program for ages 12-17. BNI is dedicated to empowering teens who are struggling in various facets of their lives due to their specific conditions or issues. The treatment team develops individualize treatment plans to overcome these challenges to get their lives back on a positive trajectory.
Arastou Aminzadeh
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