Physio Salisbury
Advance Allied Physio Salisbury therapist have experienced a wide range of disabling conditions including cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Our treatment approach is simple yet effective. We carefully assess, diagnose and treat you using evidence-based practice.
Oscar Smart
I Got U - Mental Health Therapist
I GOT U is a clinical social worker platform and it is for those who are trying to get rid of their mental health problems through proper counseling and therapy. Through a supportive environment, we can explore life challenges that have created road blocks for you and assist you in gaining personal insight and awareness. We have the best therapist who is working to overcome their patient's problem and help them to live their life happy again. Our main aim to get client satisfaction if a client is happy with our services then we are also happy with that. We have many success stories and happy clients.
Audrey Maria