The Goddard School
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Address: 14106 Spector Rd, Lithia, FL 33547, USA || Phone: 813-603-1530 || Fax: 813-333-7362 || Website:
Shekar Laveti
Mari Samsan
Croydon Guitar School
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South End Music School boasts five fully air conditioned and professionally equipped teaching rooms. ALL instruments and equipment – including keyboards, electric pianos, guitars and guitar amps – are provided for every lesson. Guitar lessons Whether acoustic, electric or bass, guitar is the most in-demand instrument we teach. With a highly skilled and dedicated team of eight guitar teachers, we offer guitar tuition in Croydon seven days a week in many styles including Classical, Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Metal, Country and Folk. Meet the team We've got 15 of the best musicians in Croydon offering music lessons in guitar, piano, violin, clarinet, saxophone, vocals and music theory. Our staff are passionate about teaching and love sharing their knowledge of music with our students. See about our guitar lessons:
Seb Gates
BGS Vijnatham School
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BGS Vijnatham School, Noida is amongst the top ranked schools in Greater Noida. Experience our world-class Curriculum...In sync with our mission & philosophy, BGS VIJNATHAM SCHOOL integrates spirituality with science and technology into curriculum alongside the traditional core subjects through : Creativity and innovations, Communication and collaboration, Problem-solving, decision making and critical thinking skills..The schools in Greater Noida West has been adding brilliance to knowledge by following activity based teaching approach, having highly trained and certified teachers, modern learning spaces, exceptional global exposure, positive environment for holistic development. Call Us- +91-9999096820, +91- 9999096870, +91-7510008686 Follow Us on Facebook - Follow Us on Instagram - Follow Us on Youtube -  Follow Us on Quora -  
BGS Vijnatham
Sapphire International School
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Sapphire International School is amongst the best school in Noida. The school is committed to raise future ready global citizens, who are innovative and courageous to venture into unexplored territories and we shall achieve this through creating a perfect blend of infrastructural ecosystem, passionate faculty and a unique parental inclusion program. We have always been firm believers in the fact that project-based learning is the key to developing the skill set of the young buds and preparing them for the world ahead. Besides, we also believe it to be a crucial factor in acting as a bridge connecting academics with the real world. With that in mind, we make sure to offer group projects and assignments to our students on a regular basis. The students learn to organize information, work together, analyze their findings, and deliver the results under the careful supervision of their mentors. The successful accomplishments of the projects by our fledglings make us feel truly content, knowing that they are being aptly prepared to carve out their names in the world of tomorrow. Complete with maximum modern facilities, an experienced teaching staff, state of the art infrastructure, high-tech lab,  libraries, and so on, the school includes everything you need in a private school for your child. Sapphire International School observes the international teaching standards and maintains high quality education for all students, making it the best amongst all Play school in Noida. Call Us- 9560600016,  Visit Us-   ;  ;  ; . Follow us on Facebook -  Follow Us on Twitter -  Follow Us on Linkedin - Follow Us on Instagram - Follow Us on YouTube-  
Tanya Sharma
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