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Code and Pixels Interactive Technologies Private Limited is an E-Learning service provider based in Hyderabad (India). We provide end-to-end E-Learning solutions and specialised in the innovative use of technology. We strive towards creating exciting and innovative e-Learning products. What differentiates us from competition is our ability to handle unstructured situations with ease, give life to ideas and concepts that have never been implemented previously, and manage large and complex projects without slipping on delivery deadlines; all the while maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency. The reason behind our success is our emphasis on understanding and analyzing the real needs of the client's business and providing solutions that are cost-effective in the long run. Clients come to us because they have heard good things about us from our existing relationships. They recommend Code and Pixels to others for the value addition we provide in the form of ideas and insights. CLP (Canvas Learning Platform) CNP Canvas is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS). After Successful execution of the project SAMARTHYA, we have initiated the development of Learning Management system as a product. We have formed a panel of LMS experts and decided to use Moodle as a base framework for Learning Management system. (Why Moodle) A team of Moodle certified programmers have designed and developed CNP Canvas Learning Management System. We have also served many small and larger corporates (Visit clients section) and addressed their learning and training needs successfully.
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Essential Skills Software Inc.
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Essential Skills, located in Washington, DC, and Aurora, ON operates in the US and Canada and is one of the top online learning providers for K-6 Reading, ELL, Math and Science. Essential Skills programs are an ideal supplement for general K-6 classroom instruction, special education, English language learning, older remedial students, and even adult basic education. Our research-based learning software will provide your students with a personalized learning experience, guaranteed to boost confidence and improve outcomes. Every program includes a variety of activities designed for auditory, visual and tactile learners. This helps to ensure standards mastery for all students, regardless of learning style, or ability level. More than 20,000 schools use our software today because it truly works. We have been helping teachers and students see better results for over 20 years. Our goal is to make a difference in education by providing affordable, technology-based solutions that motivate students, build their confidence, and allow them to achieve success. Whether your students need extra help, or you just want to provide a more personalized learning experience in your classroom, Essential Skills can help. For more information, contact us today. Email: or Call: 1-800-753-3727. Website:
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Truck Pulse
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Truck Pulse is a white label trucking app solution for logistics businesses and startups of all sizes who want their own Uber for trucking app that connects shippers and nearby truck drivers at the push of a button. Along with a user-friendly design, this freight management solution allows feature customizations according to the business requirements. The on-demand trucking app solution suite includes Android and iOS apps for shippers and truck drivers, plus a powerful web panel for transporters and admin. Top Features of Truck Shipper App - 1. Easy Registrations 2. Real-Time Shipment Tracking 3. Seamless Payments 4. Rating and Review Options 5. Notifications and Alerts Top Features of Truck Driver App - 1. Truck driver Registration 2. Real-time Requests T 3. Availability Button 4. Built-in Navigation 5. Report Emergency Our state-of-the-art truck dispatch software is feature-packed including functionalities that can optimize the freight management process.
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Advantages and classifications of Asus laptops Asus company appeared in 1989 and started its activity with the manufacture of computer equipment. The products were tested on the Mir space station. There, engineers noted the performance of Asus laptops in extreme conditions. The Corporation works daily to improve laptops, developing new technologies. Laptops are manufactured in various design solutions, depending on the purpose. In the U series, you will find thin laptops with a cover that is made of aluminum. ROG gaming laptops are made of durable and stable matte plastic with a challenging and aggressive design. They are equipped with an ergonomic keyboard. The keys on the keyboard panel are separated from each other and operate silently. In some versions, the keyboard is equipped with a backlight. Advantages of Asus laptops: Reliability. High-quality Assembly guarantees a long service life. Guarantee. The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty that covers even minor damages. Affordable price. Despite the high quality, ASUS laptops are available to a wide segment of the population. Wide range. The range includes models for business, study, games, entertainment, and other tasks. Types of ASUS laptops: For home and office. Presentable laptops with compact dimensions. They are equipped with a large amount of RAM. The graphics core in the devices is weak. The best option for programmers, editors, photographers and designers. Universal. Suitable for most tasks: web surfing, working with editors, games. Gaming. They are distinguished by a productive video card and a roomy SSD drive. They are characterized by bulky dimensions and rich design. Multimedia. They are distinguished by high-quality sound and good graphics. Designed to play media content. Asus laptops are presented in the following model series: VivoBook. For entertainment and performing standard daily tasks. VivoBook series laptops are characterized by an attractive design solution in various colors. The screen is made with a diagonal from 11.6 to 17.3 inches. They are equipped with high-performance chips, video adapters and support the launch of resource-intensive applications. The series is divided into such internal categories depending on the purpose. Pro. Reliable devices with aluminum cases and Quad-core processors. With the help of 12-16 GB of RAM, they perfectly cope with many tasks. Manufactured with a compact and portable size. Slim. Inexpensive category of products with thin cases. They are characterized by an original design and are equipped with chips from the manufacturer Intel, whose productivity is enough for games and work on the Internet. Max. Category of office products. They belong to the average price category. Equipped with 14 and 15.6-inch screens with Full HD resolution. ZenBook. Laptops of the elite class with an impressive set of options. They are focused on solving business problems and belong to the category of ultra-thin devices. In the model range, there are devices with polished drawings and edging. They are equipped with a discrete video card, so they become universal devices. This series is divided into the following subcategories: Deluxe. Premium laptops with a 14-inch display and Intel i7 and i8 chipsets. Equipped with an SSD drive with a volume of up to 1 terabyte. For high-quality music playback, they are equipped with a powerful audio system and four speakers. Pro. They are equipped with powerful chipsets and graphics, as in the game laptops of ASUS. The housing material is solid aluminum with limited edges. The display supports 4k resolution, so they are perfect for editing videos Flip. Category of transformers. Manufactured with a touch screen that rotates 360 degrees and the user gets a tablet. The display opens at any convenient viewing angle for the user. The technical filling is also pleasing: a gaming video adapter and a storage device with a volume of up to 512 gigabytes makes the device functional and technological. ROG. Flagship gaming devices. They are considered as powerful and effective as possible. Innovative technical solutions allow you to work without failures with any demanding games, and the ergonomic keyboard provides comfort during use. TUF Gaming. Another series of reliable devices for games that run on Windows 10. The manufacturer has equipped this series with a patented cooling system, so they are not afraid of any long-term loads. The keyboard is equipped with a backlight that can be adjusted to your preferences. Asus Drivers For proper work with different programs you need to download Asus drivers. Diagonal and screen resolution. Available with displays with a diagonal of 10 to 17 inches. The screens are equipped with the following resolution variations: HD, Full HD, WQXGA+, UHD 4K. the IPS Matrix provides image transmission with high detail and high-quality color rendering, so that the game structures are clearly visible. Screen type. LED technologies and anti-glare coatings are used for the production of displays. They provide good clarity and contrast even in bright lighting. A matte screen coating is also used. A laptop with this coating is convenient to use at any time of the day and it makes your eyes less tired. Battery. Asus laptops are equipped with lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of up to 90 W/h. Devices with such batteries work for a long time in offline mode without recharging. RAM and built-in memory. Depending on the price, the amount of RAM varies from 2 to 64 GB. HDD and SSD drives with a volume of up to 512 GB and up to 1 terabyte are embedded in the product. For storing large audio and video files, a drive with a volume of up to one terabyte is suitable. Processor and video card. They are equipped with processors from the manufacturer Intel. Most models are equipped with Intel Core I3, i5, i7 chipsets for 2 and 4 cores with a frequency of 1.5 GHz per core. GeForce video cards from NVIDIA and AMD Radeon with a capacity of up to 8 GB are installed in laptops. Additional option. Optical drive. It is intended for recording and playing data from disks. Fingerprint scanner. Protects the device from unauthorized access. Web camera. Used for video conversations. Bluetooth. For data transfer and wireless connection to gadgets. Asus laptops are an example of an optimal price-quality ratio. By purchasing such a device, you will get at your disposal a long-lasting and productive computer that is suitable for performing any tasks.
Avg Antivirus Support UK
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My name is Anele Wilson; I am a native of London. If you ever feel the need of fixing your AVG antivirus then for that it is advisable that you ask help from me I am available at your service 24*7.
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Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.
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Payroll Accounting Software
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Sage is a top accounting software for (small, and medium) businesses. Growing your business with easy-to-use SAGE desktop accounting software. Manage payroll and bookkeeping services. Includes professional accounting, billing, invoicing, inventory, analytics and cash flow. Sage connected with Microsoft Excel, Outlook and Word.
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Moneypex - Free Accounting Software
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Moneypex is an affordable and powerful free accounting software solution for business owners to keep track of their business finances. Through smart invoicing and high impact solutions, Moneypex Saves business owners time that can be reinvested into business growth. It is simple to use and can manage multiple businesses.
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