Myofascial Pain Syndrome: When it comes to the myofascial pain syndrome then it relates to the muscular pains as the word myo indicates towards muscle. It is the chronic pain whose intensity may vary from individual to individual. The sharpening of the pain is due to the pressure on the muscles at the sensitive points. The pain can be widespread to various other parts and is known as referred pain. It is because it originates from one point and spreads at the far off areas in the body. Most often it occurs due to muscle tightness, continual muscle stress, injury etc. Treatment of Myofascial Pain Syndrome: People having this syndrome live with compromised quality of life. Medical science strives hard to come up with the most exciting and beneficial ways to improve the quality of patient’s lives. Physio Pointe Claire offers the remarkable services to optimize the quality of life of patients through the excellent medical techniques. When it comes to the myofascial pain syndrome then most often people rush to medication along with supportive treatment methods such as: Dry Needling Physical Therapy Dry Needling Needling procedure to treat myofascial pain syndrome includes the use of needles. The therapist uses these to relieve the pain through stimulation of the triggering point. The main mechanism of action of these needles is to break the tension in muscles. These are penetrated in the muscular skin around the triggering point. Dry needling differs from other needling techniques because other needling techniques utilize steroid or numbing agents to relieve the pain. Dry needles use just the needle with oblique insertion at the right location to cause effective outcomes. Physical Therapy Physical therapy for treatment of myofascial pain syndrome varies from dry needling. It is because it does not include the use of needles but a variety of tactics and techniques related to body movement or others. Physical therapists most often consider to use multiple techniques rather than single one to enhance the rate or prognosis. These include: Massage – Visit Best Physiotherapy Montreal for having the splendid massage to relieve pain for longer. They utilize long hand stroke and pressure at specific areas to release muscle tension. Ultrasound and Heat – In this technique of physical therapy, the therapist makes use of sound waves for offering warmth to the affected area. The warmth helps in promoting the healing of muscle pain. Soundwaves also lead to the enhanced circulation of blood throughout the body which ultimately speed up recovery and movement of affected parts. Physical therapy includes use of heat to diminish the pain and tension in muscle. They use hot showers or hot packs for this. Posture Training – The professionals at the Physio Pointe Claire take the prognosis graph of patients to the height with right use of posture tactics. They implement muscle strengthening exercise and posture training especially for the neck. Stretching – Strenuous exercise of stretching may lead to harmful outcomes. The gentle stretching exercises will help in resolving the issue. The therapist may use a numbing agent to relieve the pain during stretching.
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