Narrow Security - Fire Guard Services
Narrow Security has a separate Fire and Life safety training division. Our aim is to provide clients with comprehensive emergency preparation services. Narrow Security works with every type of venue and is always agile to provide effective safety for any type of event. We maintain a close relationship with federal and local law enforcement agencies, fire officials, and emergency personnel. On top of it, most of our instructors are formal law enforcement officers.
Nabil Nadim
Houston Video
Houston Video make affordable, effective, and creative videos for corporate and business marketing campaigns. We have proven results with both traditional or creative video for product marketing, communications, or PPC media. Contact us for more information.
Houston Video
James Fletcher Law
James Fletcher, JD has joined Hamilton Grant law firm as Senior Trial Attorney at the Austin office. He is in the unique position to be able to provide effective legal representation for criminal cases, especially DWI, at affordable rates. He knows exactly how to handle a DWI case from arrest to verdict and has worked hard to establish a reputation as a tough, adamant, and creative trial attorney who fights for his clients throughout the process.
James Fletcher
Carr & Weatherby, LLP
Carr & Weatherby, LLP is an Atlanta, Georgia civil trial law firm that was founded in 1973. Our experienced personal injury lawyers specialize in helping clients injured in truck accidents, pedestrian collisions, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and more. We also handle class action lawsuits, wrongful death cases, product liability, and premises liability claims. Our firm's mission is to provide our clients with expert legal representation in a cost-effective and timely manner. Working alongside our estlablished network and legal team, our skilled personal injury attorneys develop unique strategies that prompt successful resolutions for each case. Please don't hesitate to contact our firm for a free personal injury case consultation today.
Alex Weatherby
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