Mumm Products, Inc
on November 2, 2020
Are you wondering how to open a wine bottle🍾🍾? All you need is a perfect corkscrew to uncork your wine bottle🍾 and follow these simple steps: 🔸 Remove the foil from the top of your wine bottle. 🔸 Insert the corkscrew into the center of the cork and twist the top handle to insert the corkscrew farther into the cork. 🔸 Press down the wings or levers of the opener with your hands towards the center of the bottle. 🔸 As the levers go down, the cork goes up! Pro Tip😎: If it's not out completely, twist the corkscrew a bit farther into the cork and press down on the wings again. Grab the bottom of the opener with one hand and the bottle with the other and gently wiggle out the rest of the cork. Find the one, right for you: . . . . #SixPackRings #MummProducts #BottleStopper #WineLovers #Restaurants #PartyEssentials #BarAccessories #BarOwners #RestaurantEquipments #Brewers #liquorstore #bars
Dimension: 554 x 555
File Size: 153.87 Kb
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